Independent Scientology Milestone Two political article on those who support a "demagogue"

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  1. Independent Scientology Milestone Two political article on those who support a "demagogue."

    I will note the article does not mention Donal Trump by name. I will also note that that the comment thread on MS2 may be of interest.

    Milestone Two: Forever victims

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Forever victims

    Posted by Lana M.July 24, 2016

    *This article was provided to MS2 to address the growing political divide in the US — and was written to also communicate to both Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike – Administrator

    by Bruce C

    This writing began as a personal attempt to better understand the people who flock together in support of a demagogue, especially one that inspires hatred, violence, and death. Authoritarian, even despotic leaders throughout history have always had a strong appeal to certain individuals in our society, and the remainder of our society has always dealt with them with considerable difficulty.

    Twists of truth and outright lies, denial or justification of even the most heinous crimes, vilification and character assassination of people of goodwill, uncivil behaviors and speech, war and general mayhem are the everyday milieu of the Unchanging Victims.

    They champion revenge in every way; payback for what was done to them is their ultimate goal.

    The utter craziness of their world is not easy to look at, and impossible to comprehend.

    Opinion becomes truth becomes fact is information is a talking point is a talking head is rant. It’s a mish-mash of madness.

    Worship of symbols is a must. Nationalism, Jingoism, and Rugged Individualism, even in their own tight circles becomes a constant game of one-upmanship. Who can wave the flag or spout patriotic bravado the loudest and best?

    Humor, which in healthy minds is a “laughing off” of observable absurdities, is degraded into a gleeful joy of inflicting pain and humiliation in others.

    A most notable characteristic of Unchanging Victims is they will always accuse others of the crimes that they themselves have already committed. (See second paragraph above)

    But of course they are never the guilty. Not ever! They are the victims.

    This is perhaps the most tell-telling description for detecting an Unchanging Victim: They cannot be wrong. While they constantly point the finger at all kinds of supposed wrongness everywhere around us, they themselves are totally incapable of accepting observable facts (reading or seeing) that would expose the fallacy of their claims of victimhood.

    They themselves are completely guiltless; just ask them, they will tell you. And if cornered by facts and forced (they do “understand” force) to confess, their admissions will somehow be backwards, covertly blaming something or someone else for their own sins.

    It’s interesting that the word, “victim” comes from the Latin word “victima” which means, “a beast for sacrifice.” That original meaning actually describes them the best.

    But what is the mechanism that makes the Unchanging Victim fall down to their knees and worship unconditionally their bringer of death?

    Psychologically their mental state is complex. There can be many reasons, both personal and shared as a symptom. Untold significances can be studied and written about.

    But the central factor here is that such a person has problems dealing with their own misdeeds against others. They cannot simply accept or confess that they have done wrong. So they must invent a false past that explains it away. And that false explanation always makes them right; it proves that they were the real victims all along. Dedicated victims.

    They have fully cast their own fate, given it to the responsibility of something and someone they deem greater than themselves, and with this act have become willing victims.

    Being a basically good person, they must somehow cope with the wrongful things they have done. So they must constantly assert that they are the unwilling victim of others.

    In short explanation, they are good people trying to prove they are good people.

    If they did wrong it was only because they were an animal of unwilling sacrifice, a victim.

    So when you attempt to show them facts, try and disprove their misguided rants, you are in essence (in their minds) attempting to prove that they are bad people.

    It’s a sad, sad situation because essentially they are good; they are ethical and sane. And down, down and sometimes very deeply down in what’s left of their tortured souls they know this unequivocally and are desperately trying to hold onto that truth.

    Then why do they flock in support of the petulant and treacherous demagogue?

    In simple terms, the tyrant brings them some forceful direction that they lack for themselves. The tyrant, promising them some form of utopia, is their great hope of redemption in a future life. The tyrant is, in their minds, responsible for relieving their sins. The tyrant, in their thinking, will bring an end to their personal sufferings.

    And if that end of suffering is the demise of all mankind they know for certain, at least they will have been right, and everybody else have been wrong.

    Yes, it is insanity, so don’t get sucked into it. Just shake your head if you must and quietly acknowledge it for what it is. They are the victims, not you.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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    But can you find their ruin?
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  3. Milestone II Axioms:

    1.) Never speak out!

    2.) You....must....comply.....always........


    (For the Record: Petulant and Treacherous Demagogue L. Ron Hubbard was in hiding for many years as an unindicted co conspirator in the government infiltration Operation Snow White and watched like a coward as his wife got sent to prison.)

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