Independent Scientology Milestone Two relies on Lyndon LaRouche group for economic policy

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  1. Independent Scientology Milestone Two relies on Lyndon LaRouche group for economic policy.

    Milestone Two: Global money mess

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    Money Mess

    Posted by Lana M.

    April 9, 2016

    By Peter

    I have been keeping myself abreast of the financial situation in the world and the following is purely my interpretation of that information for people to agree/disagree or deal with as they wish. The relevance to LRHs works comes in shortly.


    From what I have been reading, if another crash occurs, the new idea to save the banks will be a “bail-in”. This is the taking of depositors’ money to prop up the bank. A very good website that details this can be seen here; .

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    Citizens Electoral Council of Australia (CECAUST) is a Lyndon LaRouche group. The Wikipedia article on CECAUST explains:

    Citizens Electoral Council

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    The Citizens Electoral Council of Australia (CEC) is a minor political party in Australia affiliated with the international LaRouche Movement, led by American political activist and conspiracy theorist[1] Lyndon LaRouche. It reported having 549 members in 2007.[2] They have been described as "far right",[3] "fascist" and "lunar right,"[4] as well as "ideologues on the economic Left."[5]


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    5. "The Australian: "Intelligent design to markets"". 1 November 2008. Retrieved 15 July 2010.

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    The CECAUST website currently shows:

  2. The Internet Member

    So let's see... Moonies, Nation of Islam, Sovereign Citizens, Stormfront, naturopathy, chiropractic, antivaxxers, and now La Rouche. Maybe Scientology is uniting the wingnut tribes of Earth like King Arthur united the Britons.
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  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The slime attracts slime. Gah La Roach, I thought he was dead.
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  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    He's 93 now. Here's one section of the Wikipedia page about him:

    1984: NBC lawsuit

    In January 1984 NBC aired a news segment about LaRouche, and in March a "First Camera" report produced by Pat Lynch. In an article for the Columbia Journalism Review in 1985, Lynch wrote that the reports included the allegation that LaRouche was "the leader of a violence-prone, anti-Semitic cult that smeared its opponents and sued its critics."[120] In interviews, former members of the movement gave details about their fundraising practices, and alleged that LaRouche had spoken about assassinating U.S. President Jimmy Carter. The reports said an investigation by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would lead to an indictment, and quoted Irwin Suall, the Anti-Defamation League's (ADL) fact-finding director, who called LaRouche a "small-time Hitler." After the broadcast, LaRouche members picketed NBC's office carrying signs saying "Lynch Pat Lynch," and the NBC switchboard said it received a death threat against her. Another NBC researcher said someone placed fliers around her parents' neighborhood saying she was running a call-girl ring from her parents' home.[121] Lynch said LaRouche members began to impersonate her and her researchers in telephone calls, and called her "Fat Lynch" in their publications.[120]

    LaRouche filed a defamation suit against NBC and the ADL, arguing that the programs were the result of a deliberate campaign of defamation against him.[122] The judge ruled that NBC need not reveal its sources, and LaRouche lost the case. NBC won a countersuit, the jury awarding the network $3 million in damages, later reduced to $258,459, for misuse of libel law, in what was called one of the more celebrated countersuits by a libel defendant.[123] LaRouche failed to pay the damages, pleading poverty, which the judge described as "completely lacking in credibility."[124] LaRouche said he had been unaware since 1973 who paid the rent on the estate, or for his food, lodging, clothing, transportation, bodyguards, and lawyers. The judge fined him for failing to answer. After the judge signed an order to allow discovery of LaRouche's personal finances, a cashier's check was delivered to the court to end the case.[125] When LaRouche appealed, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, rejecting his arguments, set forth a three-pronged test, later called the "LaRouche test," to decide when anonymous sources must be named in libel cases.[126]
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  5. thesneakster Member

    The title of this thread is a gross misrepresentation of the actual contents of Lana Mitchell's article as nowhere in the article is any policy established for Milestone Two or for Independent Scientology and neither Lana Mitchell nor the Milestone Two group have been invested with any policy-making authority by Independent Scientologists. The article only expresses her opinion about how the current global financial crisis came about, how she arrived at it and attempts to correlate with some of Ron Hubbard's remarks on banking.

    None of you seem inclined to respond to the actual content of her article, though.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
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  6. The headline does not say that Independent Scientology MS2 is relying on a Lyndon LaRouche group for economic policy "for Milestone Two or for Independent Scientology."

    The Milestone Two article discusses economic policy. The article relies on the website of a Lyndon LaRouche group. Thus, the headline is accurate. In any event, the headline is not "a gross misrepresentation."

    But, heh, thanks for bumping the thread so more people can see Independent Scientology Milestone Two's reliance on Lyndon LaRouche economic policy.
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  7. The Internet Member

    I have to lol at the Scientologist embarrassed to be associated with LaRouche.
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  8. Lemme see.
    Could it possibly be that when you factor in scientology as a subject/applied religious philosophy is pure poison that creates slaves to hubbard's own case/insanity?
  9. RightOn Member

    Isn't it odd that you can critically think about something else being a misrepresentation, but you can not come to terms with the fact that Scientology is a gross misrepresentation of a religion or that it can not give someone super powers, or that the emeter is nothing more than a lie detector or that Hubbard created Scientology not for the fact that it was geared towards helping people.:confused:
    It was to make $$$$$$$$$$. ONLY.
    Just an observation. Still hoping you are able to leave all together some day!:(
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  10. Hobson-pretzel-logic is a rare species, typically appearing when trying to protect a bias.

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