Independent Scientology Milestone Two republishes LRH reform survey and creates reform website

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  1. Independent Scientology Milestone Two republishes LRH reform survey and creates reform website.

    New Milestone Two Scientology Reform website: Scientology Needs Reform


    Milestone Two: In a gentle way you can shake the world

    * * * * * BEGIN QUOTATION * * * * *

    Posted by Lana M.

    June 14, 2015

    by Milestone Two crew

    In August of 1968, L.Ron Hubbard issued an international questionnaire from Scientology organizations.

    Hundreds of thousands of surveys were sent out, and the purpose of the questionnaire was to find out what the international community felt would make the conduct of Scientology and its organizations more acceptable.

    Over a period of several months the results of the international survey were tabulated, reviewed and then acted upon by LRH with the issuance of what came to be called “the Reform Codes”. Details are given in Ron’s Journal 68, which was issued to all public on New Year’s Eve of 1969, and this was followed shortly by a number of new policy letters giving details of the reforms.

    We want to thank RV for providing us with the original Ron’s Journal as well as the LRH instructions leading up to it, and the policy that was consequent to it.You can listen to RJ 68 here. It is interesting to hear LRH state there are to be no public events and no fundraising. It is also interesting to hear him describe how we must cease to individuate, must carry our message to the world, and not get into witch hunting or hurting our friends. “There is no reason we should do it to others — ever”.

    The list of policy letters that make up the Reform Code are significant and include the cancellation of disconnection, fair game and security checking, as well as the issuance of new projects and initiatives to deal with what came up in the survey results (such as lack of community involvement and engagement, invalidation of auditors, blocks to training, ethics protection and so on). LRH details these in a policy issued in February 1969:

    “This check-list of HCO Bs and Pol Ltrs is referred to directly or indirectly in Ron’s Journal ’68 and the list should be available to Org Executives. Any of these may be distributed to the public.”


    1. HCO B Dec 26, 1968 The Third Party Law

    2. HCO Pol Nov 24, 196 8 The Group Officer
    3. HCOPolDec 2,1968 Gung-Ho Groups
    4. HCO Pol Dec 3, 1968 Gung-Ho Groups
    5. HCO Pol Dec 14,1968 How to Register Gung-Ho Groups
    6. HCO Pol Dec 14,1968 Gung-Ho Group Courses
    7. HCO Pol Dec 18, 1968 Warning Gung-Ho Groups
    8. HCO Pol Dec 26,1968 Gung-Ho Group Tech
    9. HCO Pol Dec 30, 1968 The Public Programmes Officer
    10. HCO Pol Jan 29, 1969 Public Division Org Board Revised (Corrected)
    11. HCO Pol Jan 31, 1969 Humanitarian Objective and Gung-Ho Groups

    12. HCO Pol Jan 14, 1969 OT Orgs
    13. HCO Pol Jan 16, 1969 Targets, Types of
    14. HCO Pol Jan 18, 1969 Planning and Targets
    ls~ HCO Pol Jan 23, 1969 OT Orgs Correction
    16, HCO Pol Jan 24, 1969 Purpose & Targets
    17. HCO Pol Jan 24, 1969 Target Types
    18. HCO B Jan 25, 1969 Targets & Computers

    19. HCO Pol Aug 26,1968 Security Checks Abolished
    20. HCO Pol Oct 21, 1968 Cancellation of Fair Game
    21. HCO Pol Nov 15, 1968 Disconnection Cancelled

    22. HCO Pol Oct 14, 1968 Auditor’s Code AD 18
    23. HCO Pol Nov 2,1968 Auditor’s Code


    24. HCO Pol Feb 5, 1969 Press Policy-Code of a Scientologist

    25. HCO Pol Mar 29,1965 The Fast Flow System Issue 11
    26. HCO Pol Feb 6, 1968 Organization-The Flaw
    27. HCOPolFeb 7,1968 Ethics-Fast Flow and Ethics
    28. HCO Pol Feb 24, 1968 Fast Flow for SHSBC Students’ Preclears
    29. HCO Pol Mar 14, 1968 Policies Governing the (Re-issue May 8, 1968) Qualifications Division
    30. LRH ED 82 Int Attestation Reinstated
    31. HCO Pol Jan 28, 1969 Addition to Pol Mar 14, 1968

    32. HCO Pol Feb 13, 1969 Ethics Protection Conditions, Blue Star, Green Star,*Gold Star

    Unfortunately the majority of these reform policies were either never implemented, or were cross ordered at some point since. The current management of Scientology uses sec checking and disconnection as ways to control parishioners. Gung-ho groups don’t exist and instead Division 6’s have become walls of video screens with no actual community engagement. Target policy has been used in oppressive ways to set suppressive (off-policy) targets and then force them through, using heavy ethics. Third party law is a lost technology. The fast-flow system is no longer in use, superseded by Golden Age of Tech drills.There is no such thing as Ethics Protection any more, and the list goes on…

    For those who have been in and around the C of S for the last 20 – 30 years they will find LRH’s message in RJ 68 very different from what they have witnessed and experienced within Scientology organisations.

    In LRH’s instructions to the orgs in 1968, he stated the following about the questionnaire:

    “The Questionnaire is designed to apply the Liability Formula to the community (Scientology’s entry into the community). We are asking them what they think would make the conduct of Scientology and its organizations more acceptable. We will then put together a Code of Reform from the answers which we will publish. The Questionnaire is as follows (leaving space for answers).

    “Dear ,

    “Scientology is new.

    “It contains many answers to the behavior of Man and is a practical philosophy which can be applied to make changes for the better.

    “But it is new, and being new it has had somewhat of an impact upon the community.

    “We desire to establish a Code of Reform which we will publish; and being an active member of the community; we request your help in establishing this Code. You can do this by kindly answering the following questions and returning it to us in the self-addressed, return envelope enclosed.

    “1. What reforms if any would you like effected in what you may have heard of or know of Scientology organizations or policies?

    “2. What changes in conduct or what conduct would you suggest to Scientologists?

    “3. What services would you like Scientology to perform in the community?

    “4. How could Scientology better fit in with the aims and purposes of your area of interest?

    “Thank you for your assistance in this project. We shall mail you a copy of the Code of Reform when all results to this questionnaire have been tabulated and the Code of Reform published.

    “Sincerely yours,

    “Organization Secretary”

    To get this questionnaire distributed widely and the results collated and back to LRH, there was an exact project that was issued to all orgs in 1968, and you can see the details here:

    LRH ED 14 INT, 1 August 1968



    You will be sent a Public Questionnaire and a Short History of Dianetics and Scientology with which you are to do the following:

    1. Get these printed separately in sufficient quantity to mail to all the addresses required, the Questionnaire and the Short History to go to every addressee.

    2. Get the envelopes readied for it, fully addressed with address stickers and with a return address envelope included. Prepare another set of envelopes for a second mailing.

    3. Obtain addresses of the following (such as from Classified Telephone Directories):

    a. All members of the National government and governmental agencies. (These are only to be collected by the Continental Org, or if no Continental Org, the Org present in the capital city or nearest to it.)

    b. All members of the State or Provincial government.

    c. All members of the local city government or council.

    d. All newspapers.

    e. All press agencies.

    f. All public information agencies.

    g. All local civic groups.

    h. All doctors.

    i. All psychiatrists.

    j. All members of mental health groups.

    k. All churches and ministers.

    l. All reform groups.

    m. All political party headquarters and their members.

    n. All tradesmen.

    o. All business associations.

    p. All schools, colleges, and universities.

    q. Police.

    r. Lawyers.

    s. Children groups – Child welfare, NAPCC etc.

    t. Womens’ groups, garden clubs etc.

    u. Mens’ groups, Rotarians etc.

    4. Mail out the Public Questionnaire and Short History of Dianetics and Scientology with return address envelope enclosed.

    5. Keep an accurate and correct count (statistic) of all mailed.

    6. All replies are to be counted as they are returned and carefully kept.

    7. The results and answers are to be categorized and summarized as to results.

    8. After a 4 weeks’ period has elapsed since the mailing of the Questionnaire, the summaries and Questionnaires are to be mailed to the Public Exec Sec WW, who will check them over and then mail them to the Sea Org.


    LRH Communicators are to keep a compliance project file on this activity and are to report to the LRH Comm WW all compliances to this ED as they occur. The LRH Comm WW will keep a progress CIC (Command Information Center) Board on each of these nine steps for all Orgs.

    Any non-compliances or no reports are to be severely dealt with.


    The Publications Org WW will be responsible for supplying the printing platten to all orgs at the greatest possible speed. The orgs will individually be responsible for getting them printed.

    The make-up is to be excellently and superbly done.

    Anything less than perfect will be considered sabotage to the whole project.

    … (questionnaire listed) …

    When the Code of Reform has been summated at the Sea Org, it will be published and the final and last step will be done.

    9. The Code of Reform is mailed to all orgs, the number being the number of questionnaires mailed and the second set of addresses will be used for this purpose.


    So why do we bring up this questionnaire and Ron’s Journal 68, almost 50 years on?

    There are several reasons:

    1. Many years ago, management of the Church of Scientology did not implement, cancelled, or cross ordered LRH’s 1968 reforms (even though this meant continuing with activities and conduct that was proven, by survey, to cause upset and have a negative impact on individuals, families and communities). Ron’s Journal 68 has not publicly available for decades and is not included in any of the newly released lectures or materials. Most current-day parishioners have not known it exists. To hear LRH explain what was happening and what he wanted done in 1968/9, and then see the direct contradiction in the C of S’s actions, makes the publishing of all this information important.

    2. People’s upsets (ARCXs) lower the affinity, reality and communication of Scientology and of Scientologists, and in truth, an ARCXen field and community are the only real products of the Church of Scientology for the last several decades. Case gain is not possible when there are out-rudiments, and on a broad basis while there are continued upsets being created by the Church of Scientology, the worse off the international “case” becomes. The only thing people have in common is their bank – and out-rudiments prevent resolution of such.

    3. There are barely a handful of ‘old timer Scientologists’ who are still “in good standing” within the C of S. Those who studied under LRH, worked with him personally, or were part of the Reform Code project are no longer around to speak up.

    4. The disgraceful state of international “public relations” of the Church of Scientology reflects poorly on LRH and on his incredible body of work, as the C of S continues to insist that they are following his policies and principles, when in fact what they are practicing does not resemble LRH’s philosophy or anything else.

    5. We have a broader responsibility, past our 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dynamics to help destimulate communities locally and further afield. Scientology includes simple technologies that assist communities and one of the simplest way to handle upsets and bypassed charge is to use the two-way communication formula. By actually wanting to talk to people and find out what is troubling, worrying or concerning them, you can bleed off charge and get relief. LRH’s questionnaire was effective in doing that in 1968, and now in 2015 it is badly needed again.

    6. By republishing LRH’s Reform Questionnaire and getting it distributed widely by using our vast international online communication and media lines, we can find out what the international community needs the Church of Scientology to change in terms of their ongoing policies, programs and activities, so as to not only be accepted within communities, but also to then contribute to them. Yes, we too will be adding our answers to those questions, and we ask anyone and everyone to do the same.

    So… here is a project that each and every one of our readers, followers, subscribers and supporters can be involved in.

    We have created a new online survey, using LRH’s original survey questions. We have also created a website at, which gives details of the survey, why it is being done, who we want to hear from, who we are, and what the survey results will be used for.

    We need the link to this site sent to as many people as possible – both Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike. We want people who have never read an LRH book or done a Scientology service, to fill out the survey. We want members of communities around the world, who are not Scientologists, to fill out the survey. We want people who have only heard of Scientology in the news, or through friends and family, to fill out the survey. We want former Sea Org members and staff members to fill out the survey. We want former and also ex-Scientologists to fill out the survey. We also want current Scientologists to give their responses to LRH’s questions.

    We want to get the survey published in media, online, in magazines, newspapers, and anywhere it can be distributed and made known. If you are a journalist, or have friends or family who are, ask them to run a story on this, and include the survey line. If you can afford it, have a small ad placed in a local or regional or international newspaper, giving the link to the survey, and simply asking for public to take a few minutes to fill provide their views. If you have networks, lines or connections that can get the survey onto media channels of any kind, please assist us and get the survey promoted.

    If you are a professional, in any field, please send the link to all your contacts. You need not say if you are for or against Scientology. Simply ask that they take a few minutes to answer the survey, and forward it on to their own personal and professional contacts.LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many more channels can be used. Please share the survey to all you know and ask them to do the same. It can even be done “chain letter” style, where each person who fills it out then sends it to another 5 or more people.

    We need people to post the link to support groups for families, women, children, etc, and we need to send it to online groups and professional directories.

    If you can assist us to translate the survey into French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Mexican, etc. please let us know so we can get the survey distributed to non-English speaking persons as well (and for those countries that routinely speak 2 – 3 languages, please help us to get the online survey made available).

    If you can spend a few hours every week, helping to find new ways to distribute the survey, your assistance on this would be appreciated.

    Our target is 1 million answers. And we are in no rush. The project will take many months, or even a year – and we are quite content with that, as long as the survey continues to circulate.

    And tabulation is going to be an arduous but vital part of the project. Volunteers are needed (will all be done on-line).

    Once we have at least 1 million tabulated responses, we will publicly present the results to the Church of Scientology, and insist on reform. By using the LRH Reform survey and following the exact steps that he took in 1968 to find out what the international community felt would make the conduct of Scientology and its organizations more acceptable, the C of S can only but comply. And we will use public media lines to insist on reform.

    The process of the survey will bleed off charge, which has been steadily building now for several decades.

    It is a simple project. It is using LRH tech to handle the situation we find ourselves in. And it is something that WE, here in the field, can personally do about the current scene.

    Please help us to get this disseminated as broadly as possible.

    Here is the link.

    * * * * * END QUOTATION * * * * *
  2. Must...conserve scorn and ridicule reserves...for mockery of main cult organisations.

    Can only spare a chortle. <Chortle>
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  3. Random guy Member


    You do? For real?

    Well, disconnection for starters. Stop keeping tabs on people. Stop having people signing legal waivers for everything. Stop trying to pretend all your front groups are not Scientology.

    Stop pretending it's not all about them money.

    Pay all former "volunteers" proper wages for the work they've put in for you.

    By packing up and leave my country.

    My pleasure.

    a concerned citizen that could actually be arsed to take the survey.
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  4. The Reform Code was a sham. Fair Game, Disconnection, and Security Checking were never discontinued. These foolish people are just compounding the lie.
  5. Compounding Hubbard lies is kind of their raison d'etre.
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  6. This Lana M. is delusional. Her target is one million surveys?? LOL!

    Get real girl. You'll be lucky to get a few hundred. The tek still is mushing your brain whether you're still in the church or out.
  7. RightOn Member

    The indy 500 list has yet to hit 500 and some of the names on it should be removed since they are no longer practicing the woo.
    They are continuing the mind fuck and fraud and charging people to do so.

    A while back they mentioned something about "helping" veterans. This should not happen.
    When their group starts shrinking even more, they will become more desperate and nasty. IMO
    They need to drop this shit and stop preying on others.
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