Independent Scientology Milestone Two Second Anniversary and Statistics

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  1. Independent Scientology Milestone Two Second Anniversary and Statistics.

    Milestone Two: Two years old

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    Posted by Lana M.
    April 17, 2015

    by Milestone Two crew

    It is our birthday.

    Milestone Two was formed two years ago as a not-for-profit charitable company to provide a safe place for Scientologists, outside of the Church of Scientology. It has been an interesting journey to date. Here are some basic statistics:

    Milestone Two Blog: 240,000 views, 387 individual blog articles/posts (average of 1 every 2 days), 8300 comments. 159 followers by email, with more than visitors from more than 40 countries around the world.

    Milestone Two Website: Upgraded 6 months ago, with 100 unique visitors daily and 35,000 visits since that time.

    Technical Delivery Network: We have 35 registered technically trained Scientologists, all Classed auditors, C/Ses or trained Supervisors, and located in various locations around the planet including the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe and Israel. Scientology delivery is happening on 5 continents, with daily wins.

    Community Connect Newsletter: We have 102 subscribers who stay connected with our regular e-bulletins.

    Though there is noise and attacks on Scientology by a handful of individuals in the USA, this does not have an impact on us, and does not change the certainty that so many individuals have that LRH’s tech DOES work — as so many individuals HAVE experienced the wins and gains of Scientology.

    Milestone Two will continue for another two years, and then another two years, and another, and another and another. We aint going anywhere. It is important that there is a community of Scientologists who want to carry the banner for standard tech, to see that Scientology is available, and is being delivered.

    Milestone Two is not Big Brother or a new Dave (as the anti-Scientologists try to promote). We are Scientologists who are moving up both sides of the Bridge and helping others to do the same, without the arbitraries, out-tech or cost of the C of S.

    Thank you to everyone who is part of this community; providing support, auditing, studying, applying tech in life, helping others, contributing to our blog and website, disseminating to others, making a safe place.

    Happy Birthday everyone!

    Help yourself to some cake (and a beer while you are at it)!

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  2. RightOn Member

    Still all about statistics :confused:
    "LRH’s tech DOES work"
    PROVE IT! Show me ONE person who has control over MEST? Show me one clear? Show me on OT that has powers?
    tap tap tap… waiting…….

    Stil continuing the mind fuck for a buck. :mad:

    and BTW, They still haven't hit 500 names on their Indie 500 List and a lot of names should be removed because they are no longer independent scientologists and have woken up completely.

    and one more line that really is a head scratcher :
    "Though there is noise and attacks on Scientology by a handful of individuals "

    WTF??? LOL!!!
    This sounds just like DM who says only a handful of disgruntled people have left and spoke out.
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  3. DeathHamster Member

    Good luck with that charitable status.
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  4. So it seems that the number of people even remotely involved in this is somewhere between 100 and 159 of whom 35 are trying to get paid for their involvement.

    If you look at the CoS exit survey, it indicates that a modest percentage of people leaving the CoS try some flavour of freezone practice afterwards but a very small percentage is still involved two years later.

    Have they released their month-to-month statistics?

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