Independent Scientology Milestone Two: Tolerance

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by CommunicatorIC, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. Independent Scientology Milestone Two: Tolerance.

    Milestone Two: Tolerance

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    By Lana M.

    L.Ron Hubbard is not and never was a God.


    It also concerns me that I have run into a handful of Scientologists who have a “holier than thou” attitude, and view “wogs” as some lower life form. It is simply not the case and certainly not reflected in LRH’s writings. I consider it just bank dramatisation, or unhandled overts and witholds that have led to such critical views.

    And I also cannot think with Scientologists who are outside the church and point the finger at those who are still within the C of S – blaming them for cooperating, agreeing, supporting the current scene within the C of S. There are many who are under the radar, and there are many “still in”. They are good people. They are doing the best they can, operating off the information and data they have, and making decisions based on what they feel is best for their dynamics.

    I make all efforts to be tolerant. We don’t have to agree. We don’t have to have the same reality. But let’s be tolerant, listen and understand the realities of others.

    It is only with that basic TR 0 in, that you have the foundation for a comm formula, which is the underlying basic that must be in for any auditing (and thus any case gain) to occur.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  2. amaX Member

    Is tolerance within this Milestone Two group a new thing?
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  3. BLiP Member

    You're assuming the tolerance is genuine and not just an acceptable lie being told as part of a dissemination attempt. Read further into the article and you will see all manner of other "acceptable truths" such as . . .

    . . . <sigh>

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  4. ''Danny's not here, Mrs. Tolerance........Danny can't wake up, Mrs. Tolerance.''
    ''Some Scientologists can't wake up, Mrs. Tolerance.''
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  5. amaX Member


    I was not CLEAR (pun intended because I'll never be cult-clear) about what I wanted to ask. I know it's just more BS from indie sci's.

    Let me try again please.

    Is the mention of tolerance a new thing for this indie group even though we know it's bullshit and they don't really have tolerance for anyone or anything?
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  6. anon8109 Member

    The author is self-deluded. Until they can completely understand that there are no such things as homo novis or wogs, that this imaginary distinction was created as part of the trap to keep people enslaved to Hubbard, thinking that they were better than anyone else, they are not truly being tolerant.

    There are no homo novis, no wogs, just people all equally valuable.
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  7. BLiP Member

    Heh! My bad, I shoulda guessed.

    I am by no means an expert on Milestone Two, the better person to answer would be CommunicatorIC. Still, since you asked and from the position of a casual observer and risking the assumption that the 'tolerance' sentiment is genuine, my answer to your question is 'no'.

    Apart from the inane success stories, there are two 'voices' at Milestone Two, Lana's and Jim Logan. So far as I can tell, its Lana who voices such things as tolerance and understanding, while Logan is more about appealing to the LRH-chauvinistic bogan tech-heads. This latest call for 'tolerance' was written by Lana and is new in that it mildly chides those thinking with the Scientology mindfuck for being intolerant of homo saps and cult Scilons. In essence, she is calling on ex-cult LRH acolytes to apply a filter of reasonableness through which to view both 'wogs' and those Scilons who remain within the cult; that's heresy!

    You will note, though, that while she states LRH never said to deem 'wogs' as lesser beings, she does cast aspersions on those who do not agree with the fact that LRH was a true family man and humanitarian. According to Lana, that 'datum' is . .

    . . . so us unfortunates who disagree that LRH was wonderful also have little knowledge about how the universe works and have trouble seeing outside of life's problems. As a Xenu duplicator, on the other hand, Lana is not afflicted with that ignorance of the universe and social myopia. And this in a post which states there should be no consideration of 'them' as being inferior.

    Such startling unconscious hypocrisy is a hall mark of the Scientology mindfuck, but her suggesting tolerance, or at least being reasonable, indicates a shift in her thinking. Being tolerant of others who do not share the same values as a 'proper' Scientologist is hardly KSW.

    There are a few other posts over at the Milestone Two treehouse which also indicate 'tolerance'. One in particular, also written by Lana, takes a definitely non-KSW approach because it supports people who have either lost interest in Scientology or who otherwise might be labeled as 'dilettantes' for dabbling in the tech here and there. Again, this is a less ferocious attitude than is typically the case amongst those trying to free humans trapped on this mudball prison planet by Uncle Xenu.

    I am the first to suggest that the 'tolerance' posts are more about the application of that sneakiest of all dissemination tactics, ARC. Reducing the tenor of communication down to the supposed 'reality level' of prospective PCs in order to reach agreement (i.e., lying through your teeth about what you really believe in order to procure customers) is standard KSW dissemination. With Lana's contributions coupled with Logan's dribblings, there's this sort of good-cop-bad-cop patina which may be designed to provide all things to all people who might be interested in crossing the Bridge to Xenu. (Are they that clever? Prolly not.) Further bolstering the idea that the 'tolerance' approach is ARC bullshit is Milestone Two's recent cosying up to the Religious Liberty League dingbats and their First Independent Church of Scientology. Mind you, Milestone Two doesn't have a multitude of friends in the ex community so the cosying-up may be more about laying-in comm-lines rather than a sharing of ideals. Replacing Miscavige and, thus, obtaining Scientology's loot rescuing Mankind just as LRH intended has been a dilapidated trope handed around amongst the ex-comminity for decades.
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  8. amaX Member

    Thank you for the laugh.

    And thank you for the explanation. The thing that bothers me most about reading your helpful take on what's going on with this Milestone BS is that I understood what you wrote. :(
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