Indiananons, Attn!

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by xenubarb, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. xenubarb Member

    Indiananons, Attn!

    Patty P. of Radio Ontario fame posted this to ARS yesterday. It's a hype regarding the grand refitting of the Freewinds. As an enticement, besides the usual Come To The Event bolshoi, they included this Big Win from a woman who just completed New OTVIII.

    "My name is Judy Swanson and I have just attested to New OT
    VIII! I am very thrilled and proud to have completed this level. Truth
    Revealed is truly truth revealed and it's totally set me free! I now can
    totally operate in the future. I feel so light and wonderful! The
    auditing is so easy that it's really somewhat deceptive to one when one
    starts. It seems like 'nothing' has happened and then, WOW, it hits you
    and you're totally blown-away! It's quite amazing!!!

    I've had wins on my level of responsibility. It has totally soared, and
    I want to handle my town and my planet even more than ever before. I now
    have a pan-determined viewpoint, which I had tried to have before, but
    which I easily have now. I realize now that it is my hat to set a good
    example as an OT and to do whatever I can to keep Scientology working.

    Because of New OT VIII, I have decided to get myself trained so that I
    can actually help the people I know with auditing. LRH intended that we
    ALL be trained and deliver the Tech, and I'm going to do my part. I live
    in a small city in Indiana, and I want to make it a Clear city soon!

    I have always been a staunch supporter of CCHR and Criminon, and our
    family recently became Patrons with Honors of the IAS. I will continue
    these activities in the future with even more resolve after doing New OT
    VIII. These are important activities on this planet.

    I have completed all the wonderful Basics Books while I've been here on
    the Ship. Knowing that data has made New OT VIII so much deeper and more
    wonderful than I could have ever imagined. I had no idea what they
    contained before now. Now, I KNOW. I am an educated Scientologist! And
    the really great thing is now that everybody is studying the Basics, we
    all have a tremendous common reality. These times of the Basics are
    like no other times in Scientology.

    Thank you to COB and RTC for giving us the Golden Age of Tech, and the
    Golden Age of Knowledge, because now Scientology is totally pure and
    absolutely correct.

    I also want to thank all the Ship crew who has taken good care of my
    well-being while I've been here.

    And most of all, I thank Ron for giving us this delightful level! So
    simple yet so important, I thank him from the bottom of my heart." -
    Judy Swanson"

    So I did some snoopin around online and found this:

    "Partnering with Friends of Narconon®, Judy & David Swanson completed sponsorship of The Truth About Drugs Videos Series into ALL of the elementary, middle and high schools in their City of Anderson, Indiana where they live.",_indiana_did_it!/

    Anderson Indiana. Time for Indiana Anonymous to start educating local leaders and educators. We kicked Narconon OUT of our public schools. So did Hawaii and Massachusetts.

    This little happy scilon is infesting your state. Time to pull the plug on her lies and PR bullshit.
  2. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Indiananons, Attn!

    I think I puked a little.

    4/10. East Germany's propaganda didn't suck this badly. Did the CoS borrow Pol Pot's writing team or something?

  3. xenubarb Member

    Re: Indiananons, Attn!

    Nah. They's usin Chinese defectors who left teh PRC in a hurry.
  4. anonitard Member

    Re: Indiananons, Attn!

    Any idea if they're trying to push it into other counties?

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