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  1. AnonID_hat10 Member

    Do you know indonesia?
    Yes, indonesia is a country where biggest corruption case!
    Semakin hancur saja kepemerintahan di indonesia,
    Korupsi dimana-mana,
    Mencari kerja Susah,
    Kuliah Tidak Murah,
    Untuk itu, Mari kita 'Rebuild' Indonesia, kita beri Pesan-pesan untuk para Pejabat dengan aksi Defacing,
    Ketika tanggal 17 Agustus 2012 saja, biaya HUT ( Hari Ulang Tahun) Indonesia mencapai 7 Miliar !
    Saya ingatkan sekali lagi, mari kita 'Rebuild' Indonesia! Agar menjadi bangsa yang besar,
    Mari Kita Berantas KORUPSI!
    Sampai-sampai, ada Seorang/Sekelompok dari indonesia membuat website: Yaitu, suatu website, tentang Korupsi di indonesia...
    Baiklah, mari kita bersama-sama memberantas Korupsi! Beri Mereka Pesan!

  2. Anonymous Member

    OP are you on meth?
  3. AnonID_hat10 Member

    What are you mean?
    'meth' ?
  4. AnonID_hat10 Member

    My ability of english language is low..

    Sorry before..
  5. AnonID_hat10 Member

    Could you tell me, what is OP?
    Im new here...
  6. Anonymous Member

    OP= Original Post or 1st post
    Meth= is a drug the person was asking if you were on drugs
    Just a thought do you speak other languages as well, French, German or Spanish
    Or a suggestion: Try to write your Post in your Own Language than use Example; Google Translate
    Then Translate your post to English you might get better results using this method
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  7. hushpuppy Member

    Welcome to WWP AnonID_hat10

    In this section you can post in Indonesian or any other language - it is specifically created for non-english speaking activists.

    And Google Translate is useful but not perfect. You can find it here: Google Terjemahan

    Layanan terjemahan bahasa online gratis dariGoogleakan menerjemahkan teks dan laman web dengan cepat. Penerjemah ini mendukung: Bahasa Indonesia, Afrikaans, Albania ...
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  8. AnonID_hat10 Member

    I will Do what do you write Moderator...
    An thanks fo Anonymous too...
  9. anonymouz99 Member

    well, i'm new and i'm indonesian. can i have Anonymous Indonesia site ? Thx before
  10. AnonID_hat10 Member

    Sorry, I think indonesia haven't an Anonymous Site,
    but I have a Site Anonymous Region, that is :D
    Im Admin Here, if you want be a moderator, Never mind..
    There's Nothing a Member on that site, because im study in Boarding School..
    And the site is Still bad,,
  11. anonymouz99 Member

    well, boarding school where ? FYI i'm in Bandung
  12. AnonID_hat10 Member

    Pandeglang, Do you work? Or still study at school? or at University?
  13. anonymouz99 Member

    still study at public school, Maybe i'm a lot younger than you think i am ...
  14. AnonID_hat10 Member

    What the name of your school?
  15. anonymouz99 Member

    I'm sorry, could we talk in another way ? It's too open to talk here, dangerous. Any Y!M or another instant messenger contacts ?
  16. AnonID_hat10 Member

  17. weanyone2 Member

    nice to meet you all in here. Im from Jakarta.
  18. AnonID_hat10 Member

    Ok.. Im too
  19. k1n6k0n6 Member

    Hello guys, I'm from Indonesia too
  20. Nano-Nymous Member

    can you explain what is the situation in Indonesia ?
    have you example of Indonesia government corruption ?

    I am not Indonesian
  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Glaceon Member

    hello indonesia , are you agree with AFTA ?
  23. White Tara Global Moderator

  24. Gh0st_Ind Member

    hello to everyone
    I am from Indonesia
  25. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hello Gh0st. Stay safe, Indonesia Anons have been arrested
  26. Gh0st_Ind Member

    thanks you
  27. dadapkudap Member

    Hello guys, I'm from Indonesia too :)
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  28. Welcome here. Start a discussion or re start a conversation. We'd like to know more.
  29. anon0P Member

    hi guys.. nice to meet you here #anonIndonesianoperation
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    anyone know whats goin on?
  37. hi guys be very careful around here lot of trolles trolling around
  38. dovankhanh Member

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