Infant shot through mother's womb (unconfirmed)

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by RadioFreeGab, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. RadioFreeGab Member

    Story Not Available

    Pretty disgusting and disgraceful nonetheless, but no idea if it's actually following an attack by Basij.
  2. skollie-IRAN Member

    May they rot in hell if that picture is real.
  3. When that picture showed up on iReport a few nights ago (same night Neda video was released I think), a comment stated that the photo was from Iraq. The comment also had a link to a website that had the photo dated as 2007, but I'll be damned if I can't find the site now :/
  4. I saw this first almost a week ago. I don't want to see it again, but I am skeptical about it being from Iran.

    It's fucking disgusting wherever it happened tho.
  5. Runa Member

  6. This may have happened in Iraq in 2005 - here are some references but don't follow the links if you don't want to see that photo again
    Yahoo! Groups

    It's unfortunate that people are passing around old photos as current ones from Iran. It could cause people to doubt the ones that are legit.
  7. hangerhead Member

    th baby photo is NOT from Iran
    it's from Iraq, aug 10, 2005.
  8. Neda Member

    Whoever said this photo is NOT from Iran?
    This photo IS from Iran and shows the corpse of Davood Sadri.
    This photo was taken by a doctor at a hospital to which Davood was brought in.
    There is a video showing Davood having been shot twice in the torso and the crowd laying him on a white board that we can see in this picture.
    He died several hours later at a hospital and the basij militia men used a carpet-cutter knife to ruthlessly take out the bullet from his body.
    Go to this facebook page to see some videos and pictures of him:

    Login | Facebook

    You can just google his name, "Davood Sadri" to see more photos of him. It is clear that this corpse belongs to 25year-old Davood Sadri by just comparing the similarities and facial features in his photos taken before with this one. Also in this picture he is wearing the same necklace that we can see him wearing in the video recorded after he was shot.

    Those of you who know nothing about what's going on in Iran and have no information about the dead, please keep your mouth shot instead of claiming all these pictures and videos are fake and coming from elsewhere without actually providing a source or any proof.

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