infiltration of media

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Why hasn't anonymous recruited journalist in all major cities in the united states and around the world? It would sound like a good idea. If you can change something,change it from the inside. then we could awaken the minds of thousands. imagine reading a newspaper in the morning with your coffe and actually contain valid truthful stories! . imagine the people we could touch.
  2. Anonymous Member

    By all means, get on with recruiting journalists in your local area. Its not like Anonymous HQ hasn't delivered . . .


    "Very weird cult, but big, big money . . . something creepy, maybe even evil, about these people"
  3. Didn't know anonymous had an hq
  4. Anonymous Member

    There are > 9000 things you seem to know nothing about.
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Yeah important working on that so keep the crankyness down a little could ya please?
  7. Anonymous Member

    You work on the retarded parts and the crankiness will work itself out.
  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous is not a certain group. Anonymous is an idea. So there cannot be a hq. And for you to even say there is, is retardedness at its finest
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  10. I can't wait until Huffmaster gets trolled.
  11. Already has happened. Important just saying. Idk what the big deal is
  12. Anonymous Member

    What if huffmaster is actually Beau Griffis, infiltrating WWP in ultra-seekrit anonymous disguise?

    double facepalm.jpg

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  13. Anonymous Member

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  14. Random guy Member

    See, you found out perfectly well on your own!

    But seriously, we don't know how many journalists have at some point considered themselves an anon. It seems to be some, and the number will likely increase.
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  15. Maybe i should become a journalist.
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  16. Random guy Member

    I would be extremely surprised if you were the first anon with that idea. But go on, everyone need to find something to do, and journalism is as good a profession as any.
  17. Well at least i would focus my topics on things that actually matter, not weighting about the zimerman trial, or what the queen of England is eating for Sunday brunch but actual stuff that matters like the Egypt revolution or the other revolutions happening. The truth
  18. Anonymous Member

    Journalists rarely get to decide what to work on or what stories get published. For that you have to become an editor.
    Editors rarely get to do as they please because they have to make sure people want to read the stories or else the advertisers will disappear and the publication will too.

    Ultimately it's the readers who decide what stories get published.
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  19. Then forms a problem. How do you get those who don't see the light, see it fir what it truly is?
  20. PresidentShaw Member

    Educate yourself before attempting to educate others
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  21. Asheera Member

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  22. Thanks but im already educated. Far more than you people can understand. I have reached self actualization. The highest of the hierchry of life. I have been in the national honor society since i was in 7th grade, i took several business classes (accounting,international business, business fundamentals) i have taken many many clases in the history department such as current events,physiology,world history world cultures, I've studied everything possible about the world wars, I've been certified in photoshop, adobe flash. I've taken everything from pre algebra to triganometry. I built a program for a cnc machine that was used to manufactured the plates that mount a 50 cal in a military humvee(my father owns a cnc machining business were he is the production engineer. And i havent even graduated high school yet. So i don't want to hear you tell me to educate myself because i have spent my entire life trying to gain all the knowledge i can. I believe in things you do not believe in because i use my common sense. My family has deep ties with the military so i know just how the operate. My grandfather was on the uss pegaisus during the Reagan era(this ship was top secret classified, to this day he won't tell me how fast it went). So important very well educated.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    # of people that give a fuck.gif
  24. Anonymous Member

    And yet you're not able to spot a blatant troll article like the one you posted a few days ago?
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  25. I'll bet at this very moment you rate high enough to SCOHB, our nation's highest honor.
  26. That's because i am not 100% sure about all this rolling and code words on here. Rember im semi new. So cut me a little bit of slack please. Just correct me and ill learn from it. ;)
  27. PresidentShaw Member

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  28. Yay! i love prizes. Especially the one i get from the box of cereal mommy gets me !!
  29. Anonymous Member

    We wrote an introduction to WWP to help with that. Did you bother reading it?
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  30. veravendetter Member

    Huffmaster would be better suited here in 2025 when he's lived through the crushing of his idealism which he thinks will never come.
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  31. veravendetter Member

    This one time I infiltrated the media and it turned out they wouldn't let me run any of the stories.
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  32. The media loved my stories. Especially the funny ones.
  33. Huffmaster is making me lose IQ points.

    In journalism, if you have an objective story based on facts, that might be up to their standards to republish or report on said story. It is an honest thing, and the source or credit to the source may be irrelevant.
  34. Kilia Member

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  35. Anonymous Member

    I left some errors alone in your diatribe, to give you more practice opportunities for self-actualization and your burgeoning career in journalistic writing.
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