Info on Narconon: We put the CON in narCONon

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    Re: Info on Narconon: We put the CON in narCONon

    I am thinking about paring down the OP and including direct dox and links. The overlap on some of these is too great, and I want to centralize all the info for easy reference, then I can copypasta to other boards for decentralization. This subject is not a major front for us, but requires some very specific information. I do not frequent the exscn/clambakes/ars boards, but I'm sure they have something similar to this.

    Any suggestions?
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    Re: Info on Narconon: We put the CON in narCONon

    Got a response back from Narcotics Anonymous Re: Their position on Narconon:

    I wasn't aware of their Tenth Tradition. It looks like they'd be willing to make a statement that there is no link between NA and Narconon (info which is already pretty well-known... though a direct statement to that effect could still be useful).

    Doesn't look like they can do much more than that though. Not surprising -- their charter isn't to debunk other treatment programs. Understandable.

    Oh -- and PLEASE stop referring to Narconon as "NA." NA is the common abbreviation for Narcotics Anonymous!
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    Re: Info on Narconon: We put the CON in narCONon

    I thought we cleared this up?

    It's probably for the best that their program wants to distance themselves from the drama and take care of their own business instead of propagandize. I approve.
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    Re: Info on Narconon: We put the CON in narCONon

    ^ That is... really... strange.
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    Re: Info on Narconon: We put the CON in narCONon

    2 March 2006


    In 1975, I became the ED of Narconon (NN) Connecticut. I was 21 years old and my only qualification for the job was that no one else wanted it.

    I had no idea how to run an organization but Narconon had a full set of OEC volumes and I had been told that those OEC volumes contained all the information anyone needed to run a org.

    So I dug in and started reading and running NN as I was supposed to i.e., just like a Scientology Org.

    By Scientology standards I was a very good ED. I was a ruthless, heartless bitch that pushed for stats and money and PRODUCTS. I was completely "unreasonable" and got much accomplished including getting a 10 bedroom house so that Narconon could be a live in facility. The funding continued flowing in and I got a friend of mine named Patty O'Neill to be the PES and PR person for NNCT. Patty was very good at getting good PR for Narconon. She had grown up in New London and had a lot of "comm lines". She went on to become the ED NN Int and now runs a group called the Friends of Narconon. Patty is a very good woman, but due to my insistence she became a Scientologist and is still heavily indoctrinated in the cult mindset.

    I also recruited Bobby Wiggins, who went on to become a Scientology Freedom Medal Winner and but back in the 80"s he was Narconon Connecticut's premier "tech terminal" / auditor.

    and yes I am in fact, the one that is responsible for getting Love Goddess Maureen O'Keefe recruited to be the NN CT OES (Organization Executive Secretary) Maureen has moved on to be one of the most indoctrinated Scientologists I know and unfortunately, she credits me with "putting that fixed dedicated glare" into her eye.

    Hopefully, some day I can assist her in removing it.

    Maureen is currently the Invest Dir for OSA Boston. She is the main reason why I have chosen to tell my story. She was once my very best friend, but unfortunately, my relationship with her depended on my adherence to the Scientology rules of conduct. Since I no longer agree to behave as I am told, Maureen has decided that she will be the one to put my "ethics in" She will tells me she really loves me all the while she is sneakily investigating me because she believes I am an enemy to her world view. But more on Maureen later. Much more.

    I was having lots of fun working at Narconon. None of us really knew what the hell we were doing, but we were all Scientologists and we were out to save the world and play the game called Scientology. It was a recipe for lots of laughs and tons of failures.

    I can emphatically and truthfully state that they only people that completed the Narconon program and "stayed off drugs" were those that became Scientologists. It was always one of those never written about but completely understood by Narconon staff, that unless the person became a Scientologist and did the Scientology Drug Rundown, then there was really little chance that they guy would permanently stay off drugs. The unwritten final step of the Narconon program was to acknowledge you were a Scientologist. At that point, you were considered to be rehabilitated, but up until you acknowledged that you wanted to be a Scientologist and study Scientology it was considered that you probably revert.

    Per LRH, in order for someone to be completely handled from drugs he needs to do both the Scientology Drug Rundown and the Dianetic Drug Rundown.

    Narconon does not deliver these Church rundowns so per the LRH technology The person will not be truly handled on his drug addiction until he gets these Services at the Church.

    Per LRH, the Scientology Drug Rundown must be done first to "release" or "destimulate" the person from Drugs. Per the Church's own web site:

    This rundown opens the route for all future spiritual gains on THE BRIDGE. Release the mental mass associated with drugs and fully regain your vigor and power to live! Do the SCIENTOLOGY Drug Rundown.

    Ability Gained
    Released from the harmful effects of drugs, medicine or alcohol.

    The next step in handling a persons drug problem, per LRH is he must do the NED® Drug Rundown

    The church's website says this:

    On this rundown, the harmful effects of drugs are erased and a person is freed from the compulsion or need to take drugs. This service handles drugs and the real reason a person started taking them in the first place.

    This means that every Scientologist that works at Narconon KNOWS full well that the addict doing the Narconon Program will not be fully handled until he does his NED Drug Rundown and the NED Drug Rundown can not be delivered by Narconon's they can only be delivered in a Church of Scientology.

    Narconon will proudly state that they have a 76 to 86 percent success rate, but we all knew in our hearts that this was not true. The fact is, Narconon only works if the person becomes a Scientologist and even then, there is still a lot of drug reversion.

    I remember only two times that we were sent a survey from Narconon US or from the Guardian's Office asking for some kind of information on the # of NN grads and follow up to see if they are still off drugs, but it was a joke. It was just a bunch of questions with a blank space to write in a number. No request for evidence or back up was to be included.

    When I first took over that job as ED NN CT, I was still very new to Scientology. I had very little experience with an org and had only visited a Church of Scientology a couple of times. I had only experienced Scientology from Narconon and from the local missions. The mission people were extremely nice and very un "org" like.

    Narconon US continued to be the management organization and after a few weeks of letting me get used to running NNCT, they started up on wanting 10% of all the government money.

    I wrote up a very long and very clear report explaining to them that they could not have a percentage of the government money because it would be illegal. The money can only be spent on those line items for which the allocation was approved.

    Those line items that were approved by the grant were for:

    Rent Salaries Utilities Travel expenses (mileage) Administrative Supplies Telephone

    I could not just spend the government grants any which way I wanted, I had to follow the contract or risk breaking the law and being denied any future government grants.

    I thought I finally got this duplicated by the people at NN US (which was being run by the US Guardians Office) and then I got an order to pay the 10 % out of the Salary allotment. Narconon US wanted me to write each staff member a pay check and then each staff member, was supposed to donate back that amount that would equal 10 percent.

    I was stunned. I was a 21 year old kid and even I knew that this was completely illegal and profoundly stupid.

    I replied with an "Orders, query of", a Scientology policy on how to handle "illegal orders" and again explained why I would not comply with the order.

    They backed off and left me alone, at least for a while.

    Right around this time, I got a call from the Guardian's office in Boston. The AG (Assistant Guardian) Boston was a man named Bill Bromfield, and he needed to see me right away. Boston is about a 2 hour drive and I grew up right outside of Boston so I didn't mind going up and seeing this guy.

    The AG Boston was terribly upset because he had recently found out that there was a "splinter group" established called New Directions. New Directions was the corporation established by Pat Healy, the former Executive Director of Narconon CT. Pat set up New Directions in order to fend off Narconon US from demanding a share in the government grants.

    I had no idea what a splinter group was and calmly explained to the AG Boston that we had to do this because NN US was trying to get us to do illegal things and this way we could protect Narconon CT from those idiots. Of course, still being a fairly green Scientologist and not knowing much about what Scientologists consider to be "natter" I just went on and on about what a bunch of idiots they were and that we were not splintering at all but trying to protect Narconon from the idiots running Narconon US.

    I can only imagine what was running through Bill Bromfield's mind as I was saying these things!

    Bill was a nice man but he had his marching orders from his seniors at USGO and so he pushed aside what I had to say because he had to get a certain "product" out of me. He did not have time to "handle my ethics" or my "natter" because he had to get me to agree to dissolve New Directions and transfer everything back to Narconon. He couldn't risk alienating me at that point because legally, I owned all the cards i.e the funding, and I was the Corporate President of New Directions Inc.

    However, Bill lucked out because I was a 21 years old girl and was very gullible and naïve when it came to playing with Scientology.

    Bill convinced me to dissolve New Directions and get all the funding back through the Narconon Program. I don't remember the specifics but at the time it all made sense and I was interested in doing more Scientology and not pissing off their top dog in Boston so I went along with the dissolution of New Directions.

    Right around this time there was some sort of reorganization and the Guardian's office established a new bureau (B6 for Bureau 6 of the GO) called Social Coordination. The SC Bureau was responsible for "getting LRH tech out into society." and did this by managing and controlling Narconon, Applied Scholastics, and the Apple Schools and ran and controlled CCHR and other C of S "social reform" groups.

    The first AGSC Boston (1975-1978) was a man named Larry Byrnes. Larry was a recent OT 7 completion (back in 1975, OT 7 was what is now called OT 3 X) and he was a former executive from some computer company. So he was the ultimate "upstat" Scientologist in those days.

    Larry and I immediately hit it off. He was your classic "Boston Irish Catholic guy" with a wicked Boston accent. At this time I was truly impressed with him because he was my idea of what a Scientologist was supposed to be like.

    Larry was a very, very nice man, but he had a crusty edge (that goes with growing up in Boston). He was the "old type of Scientologist". The guys that just wanted to expand Scientology and let everybody have wins and when "Purpose" was still senior to "Policy".

    Unfortunately, Larry is now running the "Policy" is senior to "Purpose" program that DM insists upon and now the wonderful man named Larry Brynes has become an unthinking robotic Scientologist and he's damn proud of it. Larry is a big player in Scientology and has always worked behind the scenes with OSA. I'm sure he still does to this day.

    At our first meeting, Larry informed me that he, as AG SC would be taking over the management of the Narconon's in New England. He would be the senior management terminal for both Narconon CT and Narconon Boston, and if I recall correctly, Narconon US was now going to be responsible for opening more Narconons and training the staff for them.

    I was completely fine on this because I thought Narconon US were a bunch of jamokes and wanted nothing to do with those guys. Larry told me he was trained in all the Hubbard policies so I figured he'd make a good senior.

    And as it turns out, Larry was a good senior. He basically left me alone to run my organization. We spoke once a week on the phone, if the stats were up he'd congratulate me and if the stats were down, he'd help me work out how to get them up. I never had to ask his permission to do anything because he allowed me to run the group without all the micromanagement that currently goes on in Scientology.

    Things were going along just fine when Larry forwarded an order to me from the Dir of Rehab SC WW, which stands for Director of Rehabilitation, Social Coordination World Wide. This was my senior counterpart in the Guardians office that was responsible for managing all the of Narconon, Applied Scholastics and schools that use LRH tech world wide. The order stated that all government funding proposals had to go up through the command channels and get final approval from the DG SC WW (Deputy Guardian Social Coordination World Wide) who was the senior most person In the Social Coordination network.

    This meant that I would have to write the proposal for funding and send it up the "command channels" for approval to the list of people below:

    DG SC WW <----------------7
    Dir Rehab WW <------------6
    DG US <-------------------5
    DG SC US <----------------4
    Dir Rehab US <------------3
    AG Boston <---------------2
    AG SC Bsn <---------------1

    From: ED NN Connecticut

    So it had to go, to Boston, then to LA, were the US GO was located and then to UK were the GO WW was located. We are talking 1975, there is no FEDEX and inevitably someone would have a question that needed to get cleared up so it would be routed back down the lines to me for an answer and then back up. This could take months! The government and private grantors operate on a tight schedule. Proposals could only be submitted between specific dates. For example the Funding Source might say all proposals for this program can not be received before July 1 and the final submission date is July 31st.

    There was no way I could adhere to this schedule and comply with orders from GO WW on getting their approval before submission. But I did give it a try. One try.

    I sent the proposal up with a Big RED A on the top of it which meant alert read and handle immediately HOT HOT HOT, and it made it up to Dir of Rehab US and then was immediately sent back down to me with a order to add 10% of the total amount of the grant to pay for "Consultancy Fees" to the Social Coordination Bureau, of the Guardian's Office of the Church of Scientology.

    I should have had the smarts to walk out the door right then and there. But I didn't recognize this as problem with Scientology, I thought that it was a problem of morons working for Scientology.

    I now had a huge dilemma. I had to get this proposal submitted by a certain date and there was no time to write an "orders query of" or get into explaining to the US GO why they couldn't have a percentage of the government monies. I decided that the "greatest good" was to submit the proposal to the government funding agency without adding the 10 percent and without getting approval from the USGO. I figured it was best to just get funding to keep the Narconon Program going and worry about the internal politics later.

    I was fairly disappointed in finding out that the people at the USGO were just as clueless and moronic as the people running Narconon Int. I was still fairly clueless myself as to what Scientology as an organization, was all about. I had not yet learned to be afraid of Scientology. That piece of indoctrination happened years later, when I joined the Guardians Office. As ED of NN CT, I was fearlessly clueless of both the C of S and any perceived suppressives. I was having the time of my life and just figured that the only reason these other Scientologists in management were so inept, was because they didn't really understand Scientology in the first place.

    A month or two after I submitted my proposal for government funding, the monies were approved and a new fiscal year of money flowing into Narconon continued. I contacted the AG SC Boston, Larry Brynes, and told him that we received our grant. Larry was thrilled and congratulated me for a job well done and then asked, "Did this get approval." I told him no, that US GO wanted me to add the 10% "consultancy fee" and there was no way that would fly due to it being illegal and then I was worried about not getting approval back in time so I did what LRH said to do, which is to present solutions to seniors not problems and so I just went ahead and got the grant. Larry laughed and thanked me for doing what LRH would do and told me not to worry about it and that he'd protect me because I was an "upstat". And in fact Larry did keep them off my back for a long time.

    In Sept of 1976, I received a commendation from Dir of Rehab WW, Sara Brendel, for all my good work and was awarded the ED Full Hat to be delivered at GO WW which was located at Saint Hill Manor, in East Grinstead, UK.

    And so in Oct 1976, I left for the UK to receive my award. Little did I know that the real reason for this award was to get me to GO WW and pick my brain on how to get government funding.

    Unbeknownst to me, Scientologists were not allowed to enter the UK in 1976.

    I was contacted by someone from the US GO, sorry, but I don't remember who, and was given instructions on how to get into the UK.

    I was not to have anything on me that would identify me as a Scientologist, including any LRH books.

    I was never to admit to being a Scientologist or talk to anyone on the plane about Scientology nor was I to mention that I was going to Saint Hill or to East Grinstead. It was explained to me that evil SP's were trying to suppress Scientology and while the GO was working on this to handle it "terminatedly", I, in the meantime, had to get into the UK covertly.

    I flew to the UK and was greeted by their officials. In 1976, it was still somewhat uncommon for a young woman to be traveling to a foreign country all alone, and so I was stopped and questioned as to where I was going and why I was alone. I told the official I was heading for London and was supposed to meet friends there in a few days. He obviously bought my story because he allowed me to enter the country.

    I stayed in the UK for 6 weeks, the first four weeks were spent at Saint Hill doing my full ED hat and debriefing on how to get government funding. The last 2 weeks were spent at a Narconon in Reading, where the NN UK was located.

    Part of my time at Saint Hill was debriefing on how to obtain government funding which I was very good at. It became apparent that the management in GO SC WW did not understand that it was illegal for the government to include monies for GO consultancy.

    I had to clear up the Church/State issues as it related to government funding. I believe they only thought that the Government was not supposed to "interfere" with religion but that funding was OK. But apparently this was a complete revelation to them and they now understood why they could not get government funding.

    Let me jump ahead and say that I believe that this problem of the C of S not being able to get a cut of the government grants is exactly why ABLE was formed. But more on that later.

    Saint Hill, UK
    Being at Saint Hill was a real treat. The Guardian and the GO WW staff had their offices in The Manor and the SC Bureau was located in what was once a greenhouse attached to the The Manor.

    Security was very tight and I was only allowed in the SC area. Saint Hill was a very busy place and full of people from all over Europe. I rented a room from a woman named Mary Gaimen, she was an elderly woman and the mother of David Gaimen who was the DG PR WW, and at that time she rented rooms to Scientologists that visited the UK.

    In the Guardians office there were 6 Bureaus-Service Bureau, Finance Bureau, Public Relations Bureau, Investigations Bureau, Legal Bureau and Bureau 6, Social Coordination Bureau.

    The head of each Bureau was called the Deputy Guardian.

    DG SC WW [Deputy Guardian Social Coordination World Wide was Shelia Chaleff.

    The DG SC US was first Laurie Zurn then Sally Jensen. The DG SC Boston was first Larry Byrnes and then Joe Francis.

    Each Bureau had 3 Branches and the heads of the branches were called Directors.

    Branch I SC Rehabilitation Branch II SC Social Reform Branch III SC CIC — Command Information Center (stats and files)

    The Dir of Rehab (Branch I Director) at the World Wide level was Sara Brendel.

    The Dir of Rehab at the US level was Cora Asplund and I was the Dir of Rehab Boston.

    Some of my debrief was with Sara, but there was also a young woman that was recently posted with a title (not positive of the name) Director of Grants and Funding.

    I think the girl was German and completely "unhatted" and utterly clueless about government grants. I told her what I could but explained that in order to obtain grants, it's really important that you get involved with local politics. Scientology finally did catch on to this because I see that now, 30 years later, they throw real hobnobbing parties for the local politicians and wine and dine them and even assign certain celebs to work on certain politicians. Granted it sucks but it's how to play the game of getting government money.

    I tried relaying to this girl who probably had no more than a Comm Course under her belt, that local politics or even State politics were very important. It's not just writing proposals, but it's hobnobbing with the hobnobbers. She didn't get it. Probably because there wasn't an HCO PL in her hat write up to tell her this was a good thing to do.

    I twinned on the ED Hat with a young fellow named David Rivera. David was formerly the Qual Sec of NN US and I hadn't had many dealing with him but the few I did have were not that unpleasant.

    David was at GO WW and he was also doing the full ED hat and then was getting shipped of to Narconon Berlin, which at that time was the biggest NN in the world. I don't remember the details right now, but David was going there because NN Berlin was in shambles and the ED blew or reverted or something awful and David was being sent in fully hatted to "restore order".

    The last two weeks of my stay were spent doing an "internship" at Narconon UK. This meant that I was to go to NN UK with "mission orders" or in this case "project orders" and accomplish certain things at NN UK, by getting certain LRH polices applied.

    There was quite a bit to accomplish in two weeks because NN UK was more like a bunch of ex hippies and druggies sitting around drinking tea and doing TR's.

    Those guys had no idea that the winged warrior of admin (me) was about to swoop down on their asses and get policy IN.

    I had just spent 4 weeks being intensely indoctrinated in the LRH admin tech and I was there to get it applied!!!

    However as soon as I got there and saw that these were just a bunch of hippie kids wanting to help out, I calmed down and pitched in and helped them get better organized and "with the program". I did it nicely because being heavy handed was unnecessary.

    I completed my project orders and returned to Connecticut.

    There are lots of stories about my time as Executive Director Narconon CT, and from time to time I will post them.

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    Re: Info on Narconon: We put the CON in narCONon


    Thanks for being so truthful.

    I'm glad you are now out and I can have respect for you that you are letting the world know this dirty game on the backs of vulnerable drug users who just want to improve their lives.
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    Re: Info on Narconon: We put the CON in narCONon

    A bump and a reminder that I am extremely lazy so nothing has been done with the OP.

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