Infodump: List Of Public Officials Who Endorse Scientology Or Any Of Its Front Groups

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    great - thank you
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    will do this at some point - very busy at the moment -anyone else feel like having a go please go for it
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    Denver scientology cult building opening was attended by these public servants who should know better than to endorse a criminal organisation:

    City Councilman Albus Brooks, police chief Robert White, LoDo Neighborhood Association president Josh Davies, Historic Denver director Annie Levinsky, and Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives director Leon Kelly
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    Biased news report on Denver Chief of Police Robert C. White and City Councilman Albus Brooks blindly endorsing scientology here:

    Contact details:

    Police Headquarters Building, Chief of Police Robert C. White
    Phone: (720) 913-6527

    Denver Police Department Headquarters

    1331 N Cherokee St
    Denver, CO 80204-2720
    more discussion on Denver Police Chief Robert C. White being hoodwinked by scientology 'anti-drugs' front group here:
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    Sorry - fucked up the quote on the last one. Trying again:

    I didn't think the report was too biased. I'll grant you it wasn't "scorched earth" against scilon, but it gave enough info for thinking people to use their hatrack to put 2 + 2 together. The comments there pretty much bear that out.
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    fair comment - thanks
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    Congresswoman Maxine Waters:

    Congresswoman Maxine Waters promoting scientology school/L Ron Hubbard's study tech.

    Congresswoman Maxine Waters has not researched what she is spouting about and uses her public office to endorse an organisation that harms people and that is committed to destroying doctor's careers and democracy. She is being used by a criminal organisation.

    More discussion here:
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    UK Conservative Politician - Minister for Climate Change Charles Hendry in 2005 when he was a shadow minister:

    2008 Article by John Sweeney - BBC
    The Church's credibility in Britain was given a gesture of political support in 2005 from Tory MP Charles Hendry, who is now a climate change minister.
    Mr Hendry's Sussex constituency borders the church's estate at Saint Hill in East Grinstead and as a shadow minister, he told the House of Commons, "although Scientology may be very controversial… undoubtedly, as human beings they do a great deal of good…certainly as an organisation it has gone through serious hoops in terms of making sure it has the right to broadcast on television, satisfying the broadcasting commission that it isn't a cult."

    John Sweeney - Independent - June 2012 article here Mr Hendry is distancing himself from his remarks
    Then there is the energy minister, Charles Hendry. The Conservative MP, whose Sussex seat borders Scientology's UK base in East Grinstead, told the Commons in July 2005: "Although Scientology may be very controversial, undoubtedly, as human beings they do a great deal of good… It isn't a cult."
    Mr Hendry said yesterday: "I am absolutely not a friend of Scientology. I have no connections with them except for the fact that 500 to 1,000 of them live in my constituency or just outside the border. I was speaking on their behalf as a constituency MP. My words were very selectively quoted by John Sweeney in the Panorama programme."
    Mr Hendry said he was not expressing a personal opinion and that his comments were intended to represent the views of his Scientology constituents.

    For clarificaton - The exact debate in Hansard:
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    True. No direct mention. However, there are statements that more than suggest that Barker is a cult-apologist.
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    It's a list of Scientology-influenced officials, not general douchebags. Cult apologists are dime a dozen.
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    Eileen Barker isn't independently funded - She received large amounts of public money. LSE is a state university. She was also funded by the home office for her research. She has influence.

    This is a thread to list anyone in a position of influence or power who is/was paid out of public money who has Scientology involvement or affiliation of any kind. That includes people who validate the cult as part of their work .

    Google is your friend
    Here Eileen Barker asks:

    "Why is Scientology considered a problem in Germany but nowhere else?"
    Google is your friend (you lazy gits)- 2 seconds found this interview with Eileen Barker regarding scientology:
    Becoming mildly frustrated at the manner in which so many of my straightforward ideas about cults are being swept away into the sociological undergrowth, I relapse into vulgarity. 'Yes, I'm sure there are some charismatic leaders who depend for their position upon complex negotiation with their followers, but let's face it, over the years we'e heard about a great many downright nutters who've visited their delusions upon vulnerable followers, as well as an army of charlatans who set up a new religion as a way to make a fat financial killing. You seem too easy on them.'
    She stays perfectly calm. 'People do get very upset about the amount of money that Scientology takes, and people did get upset about the Children of God when they were doing their flirty fishing', going out and having sex with potential recruits to show how much Jesus loved them. People get upset about the Brahma Kumaris, or at least the husbands do when their wives join, because they have to become celibate. People get annoyed because of this group's attitude towards women, or this group's insistence that its followers renounce their family. But this doesn't mean that these people have been deluded. It certainly doesn't mean they've been brainwashed.
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    Bump for any journalists visiting the site
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    Wrong address. The interview you quoted is from

    She is a cult apologist, no doubt. But as much as I would like to see all cult apologists of her kind go play on the freeway, she does not seem to be a particular scientology chill. If anything, she's a Moonie chill (see ) She also does not specifically defend scientology, giving praise to Urban for his book:

    With the many politicians who let them selves be used by the cult, either through ignorance, greed or fear, people like Barker would just clog up the list. It would be better to have a separate list of cult apologists, but such lists already exists on other sites.
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    No problem - please do create another list. I do feel she is the one UK apologist that should be on the list because of the amount of public money she has received over the years. Anyway - lets not clog up the thread discussing this.

    Anymore politicians, police, lecturers in state schools or universities, NHS funded psychiatrists, etc etc who have or are shilling for scientology on any level that we haven't listed here?
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    Done. :D
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    Charles Hendrey MP wrote a letter in the Independent today again distancing himself from the scientology cult and sayingJohn Sweeney mis-quoted him.

    Here's the Hansard record of his statement in full:
    Charles Hendry: I am grateful to my hon. Friend for clarifying those issues and for explaining more of the thinking behind the amendment. Certainly, as an organisation, Scientology has gone through serious hoops in terms of ensuring that it has the right to broadcast on television by satisfying the Independent Television Commission that it is not a cult. It is a not-for-profit organisation, and that is well recognised.
    The huge flaw in the Bill that my hon. Friend highlighted is the lack of a definition of religion. The Minister has set out certain guidelines that cover that, but it is not clear on which side of the boundary Scientology would fall. It is right and proper that we should have a debate about whether it is a religion, but the lack of clarity makes the Bill unworkable.
    I hope that when my hon. Friend considers the issues raised in this debate, he will understand why the inclusion of Scientology in the list has caused offence and take that into account.

    Further representation for the rights of scientologists from Mr Hendrey (ignoring the rights scientologists deny others)here:

    He's definately defending the cult's interests in these 2005 remarks. Charles Hendrey was not fully informed on the subject he was talking about and appears to be blindly shilling for the scientology cult with these remarks.
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    Las Vegas Police being befriended by scientology:

    Scientology teaming up with Las Vegas Police to spread Scientology books!


    Let's all e-mail the Las Vegas Metro Police to let them know it's Scientology.

    Here is how to contact them:
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    38 seconds in he says "The representatives of the Church, with whom I've had the pleasure of working with over the past several months, ...".

    Alderman Ian Luder (who just missed out on a knighthood - the man who 38 seconds into the video says "The representatives of the Church, with whom I've had the pleasure of working with over the past several months" has said this in response to a FOI request directed at him: to Thackeray EA 2011 0082.pdf

    "I can confirm that I have had no meetings with any representatives of the Church of Scientology or the various organisations referred to, most of which I have never heard of, the only exception of course being the meeting to which the correspondence in September referred".
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    All we know is that CoS has yet again tried to hijack legitimate community efforts by forging an association, which is par for the course for the cult.

    We have no idea whether the awards were accepted by any of the unlucky 'winners' - hell, from the way the PR release is worded, it sounds like none of the 5 were even present that night. There is no quoting of acceptance speeches, or even mention of the 'beaming faces of the winners' orsomesuch.

    And none of them seem to have connections to CoS outside of this one Sci-produced piece-of-shit PR release.

    Please do due diligence before posting peoples' dox itt, or at a minimum post a disclaimer that the information you post is unsubstantiated :)
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    Carol "Carlotta" Miller, President of the Ethics Committee of Jacksonville, FL. This is a new case and we have not determined if she is in the cult, out as an independent or just plain out. We do know that she was in the CoS in 2007 when she took office and started writing the city's ethics laws. It was mentioned that she is free zone and was fair gamed pretty hard by the cult--which, if is true, puts her in a potentially dangerous position of blackmailing.
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    Carla's thread
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    Israel officials taken in by the scientology organisation. These people have not done their backgroung reading:

    Meital Lehavi, Tel Aviv-Jaffa city council
    Dr Rimon Kasher Barlian University is clearly drinking buckets of the Kool Aid.

    Israeli academics and politicians attended the opening ceremony for the controversial religious movement, frequently attacked as a cult, at the former Alhambra theatre, a 1937 Art Deco building, in Jaffa.
    But Meital Lehavi, a member of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa city council, said: “Jaffa is a house for everyone, accepting everyone.
    “I am confident that by sitting together, thinking together and working together, we keep Jaffa the home for everyone. This new centre will have an important part in leading the way."
    Dr Rimon Kasher, from the Department of Biblical Studies at Bar-Ilan university, said the centre made an important contribution to the region.
    “I believe Scientology is the only religion that can create a connection or even affinity between the different faiths and the only one that can relieve the tension between religions.
    “It is my hope that this will mark a turning point for not just the entire Israeli society, but for all of the Middle East.”
    David Miscavage, Scientology's chairman of the Religious Technology Centre, spoke at the opening ceremony.
    Israeli architect Eyal Ziv worked on the centre’s Alhambra theatre and called it a “Jaffa jewel.”
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    More officials blindly endorsing scientology in israel. Piece by Ruth Eglash in the Jerusalem Post 27/8/12.
    Foreign guests and an array of local civic and community leaders welcomed the Scientologists to their new home. Among those who attended the opening were Tel Aviv City Council member Meital Lehavi; Prime Minister’s Office Director for the Beduin Sector Muhammad Kaabia; Prime Minister’s Office Senior Coordinator on the Status of Minority Women Rania Pharyra; biblical scholar and author Dr. Rimon Kasher; and Jaffa Arab Christian Community chairman Peter Habash.
    In her welcoming address, Lehavi said the goals of the new center fit well with the history of Alhambra Theater.
    “It is a house for everyone, accepting everyone,” she said. “It is my great hope this house connects, integrates, welcomes and advances the hopes that exist in Jaffa. I am confident that by sitting together, thinking together and working together we keep Jaffa the home for everyone. Your new center will have an important part in leading the way.”
    Kasher also spoke at the ceremony, saying that he believed Scientology “is the only religion that can create a connection or even affinity between the different faiths and the only one that can relieve the tension between religions.”
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    Latest scientology visit to House of Lords:
    This cult pr piece written by scientologist Sam Butler:
    Television presenter and Anglican clergyman Rev. Peter Owen-Jones signs a "pledge for freedom of religion or belief & equality," flanked by Graeme Wilson and Tracey Coleman of the Church of Scientology.
    Religious leaders, academics and parliamentarians discussed "Religious Freedom in the 21st Century" at a discussion hosted by Lord King of West Bromwich at the Houses of Parliament in London.
    Solicitor John Halford in discussion with television presenter and Anglican clergyman Rev. Peter Owen-Jones.
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    Any of these people charged with fraud yet?
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    Politicians charged for selling favours and peddling influence?
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    Or connected with a ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes seem to be the scilons favorite, so far, from what i have seen.

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