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    This is to post a list of people who are viewed as 'Missing'. The goal is to create 'Missing persons' posters (because that's essentially what they are) and to circulate these to the press.

    In addition; while no question that most of these people are legal adults, it should be made clear that those searching for them are genuinely concerned for their health and well-being and when last seen, they were either a) not in the best condition and b) Scientology is not known for caring for their own.

    -Any past or present Scientologists that has not been seen or heard from by family/friends
    -Include age, DOB, appearance (photos, of course)
    -Last known whereabouts
    -Known health conditions (cause there are those going into Scientology to deal with conditions such as depression, physical ailments, etc.)
    -A statement from any family, relatives or friends letting them know that said person is missed and waiting for them to come home.

    Please read this link for more info.
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  2. Good idea, Bro, but the link is broken. Cloud Flare sucks.
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