Information about "Access" A Scientology offshoot

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by milanalt, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. milanalt Member

    Information about "Access" A Scientology offshoot member here. I joined this site as I've had many friends recently get involved with a group called "Access." Apparently they are an offshoot of scientology. I haven't been able to find out much information about them but know that my friends (well, they aren't my friends now...they told me I had too much "resistance" whatever that means) have lost their jobs, thousands of dollars, their friends, etc. Does anyone have any more information on this group? The only things I know as that the leader of the group is "Gary" who used to be a higher up in the COS. Also, they don't do the e-metre thing. They have something called "the bars." This is quite a worrying group. I am a Canadian living in Seoul. In the past four years I have seen this group really take over the lives of dozens of people. Any information would be appreciated.


    Canuck in Seoul
  2. auchraw Member

    Re: Information about "Access" A Scientology offshoot

    Dox plz.

    Which, being translated, means, please supply some concrete evidence that such a group exists, the URL of its website or whatever.

    Otherwise no-one will believe you, me included.

    Edit: I should have lurked moar. I thought this was something to do with electricity. What next? Clones.
  3. basil Member

    Re: Information about "Access" A Scientology offshoot

    Could it be this lot? Access Energy Transformation

    Called "Access"... check
    Leader - Gary Douglas... check
    Mentions "The Bars"... check.

    .... sounds just like Hubbard crap?
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  4. milanalt Member

    Re: Information about "Access" A Scientology offshoot

    Yes, that would be exactly the one. They also have the same idea of "Thetans" but just call them "entities." What I am curious about is that the people I know who are involved in it have some funny phrase they say every time they speak a negative almost sounds like they say "pod-pocket that." But, not sure. One friend has lost his job, thousands of dollars, and now is going to have an arranged marriage. Seems odd, as they flat out don't really believe in marriage...but more in an atmosphere of open love and sex. This is only rumour, but the story goes that they participate in a lot of orgies etc. Who knows. Anyway, thanks for the info. At least I now have a name and a face to put to the group.
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  5. basil Member

    Re: Information about "Access" A Scientology offshoot

    I don't know anything more about them, just a few minutes advanced google-fu came up with them eventually. At least now we know what we're talking about, others may wish to chip in.

    It looks just like another kooky, but expensive, well meaning sounding but ultimately scam, new age crap that preys on the gullible.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Information about "Access" A Scientology offshoot

    More information: Access energy and
  7. Re: Information about "Access" A Scientology offshoot

    Sites on the same server as this Scientology wannabe Access:

    Tells you something doesn't it? Sorry about your friends, Scientology isn't the only cult unfortunately.
  8. basil Member

    Re: Information about "Access" A Scientology offshoot

    Another Oliver Schaper?
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Information about "Access" A Scientology offshoot

    Scientology is more into discouraging sex or outright forbidding it. I don't think it's an offshoot. Might be another cult, though. Sounds weird all right.
  10. milanalt Member

    Re: Information about "Access" A Scientology offshoot

    Maybe not...but I was told by a member of the group that "fearless leader Gary" was actually some big-whig member of Scientology ages ago. Of course it is only hearsay...but although the whole free-sex-love issue is different, a lot of their belief system is incredibly similar.

    Anyway, they also seem to have their own "lingo". These are just some of the phrases my former-friends started using on a regular basis. Don't know what they refer to exactly, but was wondering if there are any similarities with Scientology:

    "What's it going to take?"
    "What are the infinite possibilities?"
    "How good can it get?"
    "Surrendering makes everything easier!"
    "Are you ready to receive?"
    "Perceive, know, be, and receive!"

    Anyway, about the whole open-sex-love thing, another time I may tell the story about how one of them answered when asked "So, if my dog is humping my leg, what should I do?"
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Information about "Access" A Scientology offshoot

    There are a lot of Scientology offshoots. There's one called Ekencar (not sure about the spelling) that even uses the terminology that would be familiar to many of us here. The irony is it's more active than Scientology in my particular neighborhood.

    Hubbard started a mindfuck for the ages. Even after Scientology itself is long forgotten, the ideas and concepts found within it will rear their ugly heads for decades and centuries to come.
  12. Ann O'Nymous Member

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  13. JohnnyRUClear Member

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  14. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Information about "Access" A Scientology offshoot

    Yeah, L Ron Hubbard actually did a really good job of setting up his cult so it doesn't surprise me that some unscrupulous people will copy it for their own gain.

    Likely "Access" is not an official off shoot, there are none, nor a front group for the original. It is however another serious mindfuck.

    Hopefully by continuing our inoculation campaign against the organisation calling itself the church of scientology more people such as yourself will be able to spot the copies.
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  15. xenubarb Member

    Re: Information about "Access" A Scientology offshoot

    Why isn't Scientology suing Access for copyright or other infringements?

    Like, "they stole our scaaaam!!! Bawww!"
  16. xenubarb Member

    Re: Information about "Access" A Scientology offshoot

    Why isn't Scientology suing Access for copyright or other infringements?

    Like, "they stole our scaaaam!!! Bawww!"
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  17. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Information about "Access" A Scientology offshoot

    Thetans = Entities? Sounds like "Avatar". Check that link out and there has been some discussion on avatar here as well.
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  18. NotMike Member

    Re: Information about "Access" A Scientology offshoot

    @milanalt - You can probably find out more information if you ask around on the forums at ExScn.Net. There are a number of exscientologists & freezoners there.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Access Consciousness was created by Gary Douglas, a former Scientologist who did not have the predispositions to climb the Church of Scientology's hierarchy. As a result, he left the Church and created his own movement called "Access."
    Access Consciousness is more than an offshoot of Scientology. It is a pale copy. They base their content on the one that is offered by Scientology, simply by changing the wording.
    They record all their classes and make sure to edit what is really obvious and that could present an infringement of copyright. They also cut from the editing process all the anger and resentment Douglas spews about the Church, because it could certainly cost them a pricey lawsuit.
    Access is a cult led by two homosexual lovers (Douglas and Heer) who employ heterosexual sex to attract inside their organization women who are emotionally lost. Then women are implicitly required to use sex to attract men inside the cult. As soon as an indoctrinated adept does not have anything anymore to offer (money, connections), the entire cult turns against him and his life becomes a living hell.
    They promote the necessity to stop judging everything and everyone. And, in their doctrines, that includes sex regardless of the age of the individuals. They call that "playing" in order to eliminate all senses of accountability, especially from the adult who may desire to "play" with an underage individual. What you and I denounce as being a "pedophile behavior" is nothing more than "playing" to them. Several people who have left the cult remembered the gurus say during seminars that as long as the teenage (therefore underage) boy or girl does not judge him/herself nor the adult who want to "play," there is nothing wrong with... playing.
    They promote the idea that "the body needs to be nurtured" which has led to sexual orgies (involving one of the two gurus) with parents while the kids were in the vicinity.
    Cult business as usual...
  20. Anonymous Member

    i actually have a LOT to say about this scam of a cult. it's developed by two horny men that want to have group sex and speak in code. i swear- just go to you tube and you can find all sorts of videos of these weirdos. they make no sense. oh- and did you know that they can wave their hands over your body and it pulls out bad energy, or whatever, and it sounds like 1. an orgasm 2. a dying horse. it's pathetic. really- i encourage all to go on you tube, google acces+bars (i think that works),grab some popcorn and enjoy. it's laughable.
    also- please know that a TON of these people are middle aged and divorced from rich areas. this is who they seek out, or more appropriately said, prey upon. got a couple thousand dollars to drop on ONE trip (out of about 20 you'll be taking that year) to costa rica so you can have sex with everyone and come back, somehow, with 30 horses and a corner of an island and a mysterious itch? by the way, on average you can expect to spend about $200,000+.
    look- i'm not knocking the idea of being a part of a group- we all seek out to be a part of something. but paying for your friends and acceptence? no thanks AND it's pathetic. these people (dr. dain...who does not attain a doctors degree and gary) are robbing the vunerable BLIND and worse, isolating them from those that truly love them. it's gross and offensive. i despise the ground that dain and gary walk on. you have robbed me of my precious family members AND had the nerve to have one of your cohorts try and take me to the dark, yes dark, side. eat s**t.
  21. Anonymous Member

    I have to agree with you. My wife have been involve with it for years and I thought it was a great thing for her, but know she is taking about going off on her own and file for divorce because I had concerns of the money being spent and the fact that I would not join the “group”.
    I am now devastated and can’t believe that she had falling for this so hard that she would leave. Here a man that love’s his wife enough to support her wishes and this is what the outcome is. I never had a good feeling about that “group” but I do agree, I to despise the ground they walk on. Dark, very dark and yes eat s**t.
  22. Anonymous Member

    good work Basil
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  23. Anonymous Member


    Would be good to have a sort of Cult family tree diagram.....with founders, dates, places and influences/rip offs

    Jim Jones, Landmark, Access Seoul, Eckhart Tolle, Nation of Islam, The Family, Alpha uk, NLP could all be in there

    lovely big project
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Dose anyone believe this crap works? Is there any science to back it up, any proof, anything? or is it just a money making market to those people. How long can one go on doing what they do. Are there that many lost folks out there looking for some kind of hope. Damn, I'm in the wrong line of work.
  25. Anonymous Member

    There are a lot of people looking for hope and this is what these people feed off. I was involved until 4 years ago until I realised it was a load of crap that just took all the money I was prepared to spend. As a facilitator (!) I was more than encouraged to get each new thing that was "discovered" at a cost of at least $500 for a cd! Yeah, I was that gullible and taken in. Took a while to get out and get my head straight after leaving but I'm good now! So-called classes that continually tell you you're a mess, you're fucked up and the only way to get clear is to go to more classes!
    Just a money making exercise in my opinion.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Reminds me a lot of the Children of God and that 'flirty fishing' shit.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    I went to a few of those classes and I never got anything out of it. The tools they talked about are everyday survival skills and anyone in the right frame of mind could very well make choices, be right or wrong, that can still land you in a world of trouble. Take that dive, believe you can do it, quit your job, leave your friends and family, they are all human, be you.
    Access has followers thinking they can help heal pain, release the bad energy from within one’s body, and make money appear from…, what, others that falls prey to there cult like madness. How much did you give them? I lost just under two grand.
  28. Anonymous Member

    complete and utter BULLSHIT scam cult!
  29. Smurf Member

    He's another Werner Erhard wannabe creating his own special brand of cult from what he learned in Scientology. Alot of info on him on these blogs. He also claims to have the ability to talk to horses.


    Douglas is listed as the owner of 4Elf Films, Access True Knowledge, Access LLC & Enspacon LLC.
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  30. DeathHamster Member

    Big deal, I can talk to horses too! (Just like I can call spirits from the vasty deep.)
  31. Anonymous Member

    We wish you would quit doing that. You call us up, waste our time, we go back down and....


    We think you probably owe us a case at least. Until it's paid, we highly recommend you stay out of the water.
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  32. xenubarb Member

    Werner Erhart: Ex-Scientologist. Founded EST, and The Forum
    James Arthur "Death" Ray: Ex-Scientologist. Just killed a bunch of people in a sweat lodge.

    These are the guys who learned Hubbard's real to enrich yourself at the expense of seekers for your particular flavor of spiritual enlightenment.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    How can people be so compelled to follow such an organization that clearly has a shady feel to it. Don’t they read some of the blogs and why are there only ladies in most of these classes. I get the feeling some poor suckers bank account is going dry, or maybe it had happened before hand….
  34. specialsauce Member

    I had the opportunity to experience these goons first hand several years ago. Luckily I didn't have any $$ to offer or they would have taken it. I am surprised it has taken off the way it has, it is pure BS. We can convince ourselves of anything I guess. I feel bad for poeple that are truly seeking something different and end up in access or any of the other multitude of scams. Even some of the big names are nothing more than sex and money scams. Lets hope people open their eyes!! Did I mention I live in Sedona . . . home of a shaman on every corner and James Ray's Death Lodge????
  35. Anonymous Member

    If you live in Sedona, you must have a strong stomach. LOL
    It is so truly breathtakingly beautiful. I just wish people could just be kind to one another without playing such backhanded games.
  36. specialsauce Member

    I am learning to have a strong stomach, it took some major disappointments and betrayals, but the iron guts are kicking in.
    It is an amazing place to live. I guess I am wondering why more people like the access people don't get exposed for their behavior. I know of some very big names that are, shall we say, low down dirty dogs. I am talking about NY times best sellers and prominent people in the community. Maybe I am just taking off the rose colored glasses and seeing the truth about this industry . . . guess its probably been that way since the beginning.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Yeah. Sad and/but true.
    you can see folks discussing some of these groups / individuals on a site such as this one:
    That site is one of the more comprehensive. I don't actually really know much about the "Access" group, though.
  38. Anonymous Member

    I have a friend involve with this access and the funny thing is, I can’t seem to get through to them to just check out the info on the web and just weigh the pros and con of access before investing a lot of money to this out fit.
    Convinced that they have the power to heal and release the energy through the light touch on the head, they are so brain washed into this belief that they have on blind folds to the real word, to believe they have the power to change the people and the world. The biggest threat access is unleashing to the world is these so called humanoids. Twisting the definition of words, these folks truly believe they are above the rest of the world.
  39. Anonymous Member

    It is called delusional thinking. We all do some of it to some extent with our imaginative faculties.

    We are free to systematize our own delusions any which way we want to. Most of us discover the necessary inherent boundaries.

    I can be silly and tell you about having lunch last week, with the easter bunny, the tooth fairy and satan. And then tell you a joke the tooth fairy told to me. Delusional but complete with boundaries.

    Some people are incapbable of recognizing or even defining boundaries. When they go deep into any of the whacko delusional territory, it's adios, from me.

    Simply stated, they are insane and I'm not a doctor. End of story.
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  40. ToSSico Member

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