Information about "Access" A Scientology offshoot

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by milanalt, Jun 7, 2009.

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    The million dollars is waiting for you, bro:
    Come back when you've won and buy us all a round of drinks!
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  2. I think it depends on the desperation of the people that get involved.

    Surely you have the choice to contribute as much or as little as you choose to? You can choose the level you get involved to?

    I think that anything like this can be beneficial if you have the brains to work out what works for you and what doesn't.
  3. Hey, I'm curious about the classes as I have had some moderate involvement. Did he appear completely naked for the class? Because these are the things you don't hear about from other members..
    Did you see any sort of sexual indicators?
    Would really appreciate the info :)
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    For anyone who needs an additional outlet or more information on Access, I found another site with good info.

    can I post a link?
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  5. Hi everyone,

    Thought I'd come in and write about what I learned about Access back in 2009. milanalt - I think I might actually have met those very same people you were talking about in Seoul!

    I had a conversation with someone I'd known for several years who became a newly converted Access practitioner, and the person talked at great length (something like 10 hours, I wanted to make sure I heard everything) and they showed me the texts (easy to read filled with lots of unexplained and uninformed fluffer material), explained the training (lots of brainwashing) they went through. They then explained that the founder basically read "The Game" by Neil Straus and went into Pick-Up and made this whole group around NLP and Reiki head-massage. And from what I was able to see, it is essentially a brilliant ploy to create environments for people of any relationship status to have sex with whomever they want, when they want, to their advantage and making those people (either unaware or equally delusional & pliable) around them easy to control. They target people who view themselves in particular ways (overcompensating with low self-esteem etc.), and their motivations are purely selfish and despite the guise of trying to better themselves, it tends to make them delusional. The cult encourages self-deception, lies and destroys relationships as they raze down several people in one go - whereas people who are in well-established or healthy open relationships work at open discussions, work through potential issues, tell the truth, communicate all the time and are respectful to one another and require a lot of work to maintain.

    BTW that aforementioned person also put his hands on my cat (certainly not at my request), and the cat still pretty much died the month after. It's good to know what Mantras to watch out for, just to keep an eye out on who's practicing Access Consciousness and perhaps avoid them - because they're only looking out for themselves. Fair enough if that's the way you want to improve yourself and if you believe that it's helping you, but at least be aware of the manipulation involved...
  6. I met a woman in a book group last night who is going through the Access Consciousness training. Thank you for this forum, as I wanted to do some research on it. She offered to "practice" on any of us who wanted to try it, since she said she needs 2 more classes before she can actually charge money for it, and our practice treatments would be free. She said we have like 13 parallel universes and that this helps to release the karma from the past lives, present, and future...I had no idea that it may have scientology origins. I appreciate the info as I don't want to waste my time while she allegedly uses my own energy to improve me, LOL.
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    Opinions are like a**holes everybody has one.
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    Let's just say she would have lost me at the first parallel universe, scientology connections or not...
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    Gary Douglas = HERRO
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    Thanks for posting that. It's good to be aware of how these things are spreading.
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  13. Hello everyone i have just been to a course and done the bars,i found it has opened my mind to my conciousness,the code referred to above is a clearing statement,so you bring up any old energy that is hanging round either from programming or from past lives and clear,the old limiting enegies,there is no dark magic ,the price i paid was not a big amount, they have further courses and you can change your energy vibration simply with touching the head in certain places,i didnt see any orgies etc,oh well maybe next time,i had a headache,when i got back but that could be the stress of the journey or the wifi here at home,my head feels clearer and i want to share this with others and become a facilitator myself,it is about personal empowerment.thank you.
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  14. I suppose that it is an utterly pointless waste of internet space to tell you that you are well down the slippery slope to becoming a perverted, disingenuous manipulative asshole. However, I shall put this here for the benefit of others.

    I am an ex cultie. Waking up to the fact that an abusive and broken childhood proved the seed ground for my susceptibility to idea of an all embracing system to which I would happily submit all my energies, hopes, altruisms and dreams. In return for this I got a bunch of vague, fabulous promises and a wasted life.

    Let me just state here, none of these cultic operations - look at Tony Quinn or Joe Coleman - empower the individual, they are parasitic on the individual, and you, my friend, seem to be quite to join the ranks of the parasite.

    On a broader note, it seems that our culture and education systems are churning our more and more credulous ninnies, swathes of fodder for this burgeoning snake oil industry.

    Fuck it, what a waste of time you are.

    Try to remember this from Steve Hassan:

    Every cult can be defined as a group having all of the following five characteristics:

    1. It uses psychological coercion to recruit, indoctrinate and retain its members

    2. It forms an elitist totalitarian society.

    3. Its founder leader is self-appointed, dogmatic, messianic, not accountable and has charisma.

    4. It believes 'the end justifies the means' in order to solicit funds recruit people.

    5. Its wealth does not benefit its members or society.
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    Do they offer a course in punctuation? Perhaps a course in keyboard typing? Sentence structure? Paragraph conceptualization?
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    I dub thee Sir Nothing, of Value.
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    You sound like an advertisement written by a baked 14 year old.
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    Wow,did a google on Access Gary Douglas,and found myself here.
    Thanks to Anonymous for your valuable input.
    Here's my experience with Access.
    I had heard Gary on a local radio station and as a seeker of truth,thought I'd check
    them out.
    I had went to a bars class and had my bars ran and felt nothing.
    I found out that to get to higher 'levels' in Access,you have to spend more and more money
    taking get to the next 'level.(this is bullshit)
    Any time any person or anything keeps you on a money 'treadmill' it's a scam.
    I DID hear Gary Douglas mention on the radio show that He openly admitted He is a former
    member of a cult,and this was word-for-word.(warning sign).
    Access tells us to,"Ask the question" and quit looking for the answers.
    (how does it get even better than this?)
    But they never remind you to be in a state of gratitude.
    I had been to maybe one or two workshops,but got put off by the 'more money' thing.
    I never spent much money....simply because I didn't want to.
    And by the way,the goofy saying they keep repeating is,
    "All nine,pod pocs,shorts boys and beyonds."
    What ever that means,I havent a clue,but hey,it's gonna clear 1000 lifetimes of negativity!
    In order to REALLY receive the 'riches' you're after if you join Access......sorry...
    that's only reserved for Gary and're just a treadmill slave,so keep giving us more
    of your time and cash.Only Gary and Dain get the good life......They run the scam,remember?

    Dain is a phony,you can tell just by looking at the slick,glossy,expensive looking postcards they send you in
    the mail,by the look of this guy.....he's preying on middle aged,bored,lonely women who are
    desperate and lost.
    I had my doubts about these crooks...and now after reading these posts....I will stay even farther away.
    There may be a few 'truth nuggets' to what they have to say....but it's not worth the price you will have to
    pay....and that's the taking of your soul.
    And yes,I have hung out at BPI and SRF,too.Both are to be looked at with close scrutiny...and avoidance.
    Eckankar also.Stay away.
    Also look out for and stay away from MAUM meditaiton group and gnosticweb.
    Never underestimate the under handedness of these groups.
    They are very slick and deceiving,offering ordinary folks a better way of living.
    The last group I looked into,MAUM,was particularly disturbing.
    They insisted they are a non-profit group,yet want me to sign up for a dues-paying membership,
    and spend all my free time at their 'spiritual center'.You will ship up now,won't you?
    No,I will not,goodbye.
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    Sheesh... why didn't I tell him to get lost?!?

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    Thread necromancy! Sometimes it surprises you with its usefulness.

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    Anything that uses the woo definition of quantum is stupid. So, nothing important.
  26. I lost my boyfriend to Access. I am very upset, but he is soooo gone. Head in the clouds, seduced by this ego based group. Desire to receive for one self alone. To Feed the ego and ego only. Sounds like a breeding ground for sex addicts. I am sick to my stomach. But thank goodness I am grounded enough to see the signs of this crazy group. I will miss him.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    I'm sorry for your loss, but grateful for your own grounded self.

    Perhaps the loss of your boyfriend to such a batshit crazy cult can give you some insight into some lack of character in the person?

    Maybe you now be way better off?
  28. agree.jpg
  29. prac_gary.jpg
    Gary describes the creation of Access Consciousness® as a series of revelations and insights. "What we now call Access Consciousness® started coming through in about July 1990 when I was a successful realtor in Santa Barbara, California, I began channeling information about points on the head that act like a computer bank for all our thoughts, feelings, emotions, considerations, attitudes, decisions - anything that we decided that was important at anytime in this life or any other lifetime. I felt that maybe this could be a class for massage therapists or bodyworkers. I came home and called four friends to come to a class on energy work. That was the first Access Consciousness® class."
    "Since then, it's been a co-creation with the more than 2,000 people who have come to the classes. The process keeps getting more simple and yet more powerful every time we conduct a workshop."

    Gary Douglas is the father of 4 children and has 3 grandchildren. He lives in Santa Barbara, California.
  30. "I suppose that it is an utterly pointless waste of internet space to tell you that you are well down the slippery slope to becoming a perverted, disingenuous manipulative asshole... Fuck it, what a waste of time you are."

    I wonder if any members of this "cult" are as angry and hate-filled as you? The person to whom you directed this rant was quite polite in offering their experience. If an alternative opinion makes you explode in this way, perhaps YOU should join a cult - any cult will do. Whatever education you have has simply turned you into... well, this post suggests something not very nice.

    I don't know anything about Access Consciousness, but its pretty obvious nobody is going to get anything but a tirade of abuse here for trying to balance any discussion on any subject matters at hand.

    The quote above was not to me, by the way. This is the first time I've come to this site. But I wonder how it is that people can be so blind to the fact that their own "reality" is extremely twisted, intolerant and aggressive, and yet believe that only "the evil other guy" has been brainwashed into a sick view of the world.

    This site is enough to make a person want to join a cult, just to get away from the kind of people here. Can't see how it would be any worse than the mindset many posters here have.
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    Well then, thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!
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  32. Anonymous Member

    We are not the hugbox.

    There are plenty of 'exes' sites of all flavors and Rick Ross forum for those who wish to have support and a cry on the shoulder.

    We're more 'crazy-wisdom' than 'Oprah' around here. Sorry.
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    Thanks for trying. But, no more than 0/10
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  35. Has anyone managed to locate online any of Access Consciousness' source material, eg. the books/manuals and DVDs they use? I'm hoping that there are ex-members out there that have uploaded any such material, but I have yet to find it.
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  36. I have lots of material in my house. My partner is deeply involved in all this and she loves it. We live in New Zealand and Access Bars seems to be getting traction here. She is in Greece at the moment helping to set things up there. The reason I became suspicious was due to the updated material that always needs to be paid for. What also concerns me is the involvement of friends (and their money) from the community where we live. On the upside, they do 'Bars swaps' that are free to those who are in the know. In the meantime I'll keep an eye out and let you know when she leaves me for a bunch of other, more enlightened guys :)
  37. I am not all that into the Access Consciousness thing besides what I have read on different critical internet sites - I have not myself been into this. As I understand, it was formed by the previous Scientology member Gary Douglas as their primal leader and later arrival of the second leader Dain Heer (I cannot get myself to call him Dr). As I understand the ideology behind AC is pretty much the same as Scientology, just with other words.

    On the outside this looks like a harmless organization but from a personal knowledge I know that it somehow possess the power to twist the minds of innocent people with personal issues and a wish for personal change, to keep spending all their hard earned money and to distance family members and dissolve relationships.

    Does anybody have knowledge of people who have had problems leaving this group?

    As an offshoot of Scientology, who collect deep personal "secrets" that is not supposed to be leaked, I wonder if somebody knows if AC uses the same techniques to twist the arms of their innocent members not to leave?

    I know that people leaving Scientology have been terrorized, threatened with horrific things and stalked with the purpose to keep them in the group with force by Scientolgys own kind of "law force". I wonder if AC and Scientolgy are the same in thís regard?

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