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  1. So glad I found this forum as it confirmed that I am not alone in having a VERY BAD experience attending Access classes. From the moment I laid eyes on Gary "The Guru" Douglas - my creep meter went off the dial & it is very sensitive and I trust it always. Dain - on the other hand sucked me in initially with his pretty boyish looks, nice eyes and 2 day stubble - the perfect poster boy marketing campaign Gary put together to lure the young girls into the fold. (I do feel incredibly sorry for him as Gary got him when he was suicidal and desperate and totally vulnerable)and they have lived together (without female partners) ever since..
    I found the Foundation Manual VERY disturbing on so many levels and my facilitator was a more than middle aged, (old) angry, cold, manipulative bitch – who has lost her own family (including her adult kids) 2 husbands & many of her friends due to her brainwashing/ mind controlled behavior in Access – yet tried to sell us the story that “All of life comes to her with ease, joy & glory” – yeah right – she was a miserable, materialistic bitch who kept herself so busy running around the world taking or doing Access classes – to fill the void. Absolutely NOTHING felt "light" (truth feels light) or fun or with ease. In fact, even dragging myself to the 2nd day was a real challenge for me as everything screamed to me - "Get out and Run, run, run as fast as you can......"
    There were many, many disturbing pieces in the manual - but I thought this was particularly interesting.."call your man a "Stud muffin" or "Lover" – not honey or sweetie as he will have erectile dysfunction" I kid you not... and the acronym for FAMILY is – Fucked up And Mainly Interested in Limiting You. This is a recurring theme in all cults - to disengage you from all your family & friends & support people - making you solely reliant on your new "family"
    I was encouraged to ask questions – but then ridiculed when I did if I had a point of view outside the "Access" concepts. There seems to be a VERY big push for us to understand that we need to make lots of money (I suppose so we can pay for all the courses we need to do year after year. I was told – people don’t appreciate anything they get for nothing – that is an interesting point of view!!! & when I told the facilitator that money has no relevance for me – she said “Get real sweetheart – what reality do you live in???”
    I was encouraged to ask questions – but then ridiculed when I did and made wrong (even though they say there is no right or wrong.) I found the entire experience a comedy of contradictions. When we judge - it is a judgement and wrong. When they judge - it is called awareness.
    There seems to be a VERY big push for us to understand that we need to make lots of money (I suppose so we can pay for all the courses we need to do year after year.) I was told – people don’t appreciate anything they get for nothing – now isn't that an interesting point of view!!! & when I told the facilitator that money has no relevance for me – she said “Get real sweetheart – what reality do you live in???” My facilitator was so excited as she had made enough $$ running the course I was in to pay for another 3 day course with Gary on the following weekend..... OMFG - are these people that fucking stupid that they can't see that they are working their butts off to make enough money to give it straight back to Gary The Guru – so “What reality is she operating out of???????
    I have researched a lot about brainwashing / mind control techniques, MK-Ultra and cults and watched on with horror as some of my friends got lured into Landmark Education a few years ago and saw the devastating effects it had on the family unit and their bank accounts – but that is not a patch on this “Access Consciousness” this takes “ripping you off” to a whole new level.
    **BE AWARE that by getting you on the table to “run your bars” may look and feel like a benign exercise – but it is not. It is to ‘prep’ you into receiving your mind control programming – it is really the most insidious of all and the 1st head hold is called the “Implant Bar” – Be afraid, be very afraid

    Access’s catch phrase & Dr. Dain’s new book is “Being You – Changing the World” and encourages you to assist in bringing more awareness and consciousness to the planet
    What a load of horse shit. They do not promote oneness and community or caring/nurturing – in fact they say if you have to compromise with another – you are divorcing from yourself.

    Gary is a hedonistic misogynist who, at 70+, should be getting a bit too old for all this – don’t you
    think??? We were also told that Gary will not host an event for less than 100 people as it was not worth his while (but he really does want to raise the consciousness of the planet – really he does… so at 100 people @ $2000 for a newbie sucker and $1000 for an existing sucker – that is a good little cashcow for 3 days work.

    But the GOOD NEWS is – AC is declining in numbers around the world – so keep up the good work everyone in spreading the truth about this dangerous brain washing cult

    My facilitator claimed that people are getting more stupid (no judgement there LOL) and not choosing consciousness & that is why AC is on the decline. I would suggest a different point of view – maybe people are getting MORE conscious and more quickly able to spot that AC is a scam/cult/MLM $$ making ka-ching machine and so much more…… and are not buying the bullshit so readily. Fingers crossed

    P.S. – FYI – There is NO Refund policy on the AC website and no mention of it in the manuals or discussed by the facilitator at the beginning of the classes & no satisfactory response from the company via email as to what the policy actually is. But I was able to find that in the Certified facilitators license – it states
    “ G – To refund any and all Access Class fees to students who request a refund should said student be dissatisfied with the services offered by Facilitator”
  2. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the update. Several of your statements mesh nicely with Access being a cult. Glad you are here and not there!

    So we have the stock hyper sexualized male trope and the 'no one will value it if it's free' platitude. Cult.
  3. Random guy Member

    A working creepometer is a very valuable asset, it is perhaps the best thing you can teach your kids if you have. I have a decently working cultometer, and it went off the first time I talked to a scientologist. i am eternally grateful to my parents for insisting that in not believing people just because they say so.

    I think you may be right. At least the increased availability of information has made it much more easy to make an informed choice.
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  4. This is spam - this website only reviews casinos. Thanks for wasting my time!
  5. Anonymous Member

    The site has moved to
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  6. AccessSchism Member

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  7. AccessSchism Member
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  8. My wife is lost in this cult..what can be done to stop or curb them ?
  9. Anonymous Member

    There are numerous cults in this world, Robert. Some large, some small.

    WWP Anonymous targets the cult of scientology.

    Those forums are here: Anonymous vs Scientology
  10. This is one good starter resource.
  11. Anonymous Member

    More exposure - media coverage, lawsuits, activism, etc.

    The webmaster of the AccessSchism website can probably offer you better advice than we can. There is a contact form to reach out to them here:
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  12. muldrake Member

    Thanks. I'd just noticed this and was kind of worried about Rick. I guess he just got a juicy offer on the domain name. Frankly, it kind of bums me out because that domain was ranked very highly on Google, and a lot of the linked articles are now ranked much more obscurely.
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  13. He makes a lot more money since switching careers though. Fair play to him

  14. DeathHamster Member

    I thought it went to auction. A "Rick’s Picks" casino site doesn't seem too attached to the name.

    (I knew someone who had and and sold them before the dot.bomb. I'm sure that he got good money for those.)
  15. Anonymous Member

    There used to be a thread over there that compared and dissected the techniques of all those MLM-style cults including access and scientology. I haven't seen it since the admin accidentally the site, but that doesn't mean that a bunch of it isn't buried somewhere. I found one commenter's (IIRC) take to be very interesting in that while deprogrammers are often good at decompression from religious cults, sales (and by extension, the personal achievement) cults are their own ball of wax and seem to take longer to come out of. This is partially due to our own society's acceptance of single minded buisiness-like drive with an emphasis on sales and personal achievement, it's harder to see when someone is in trouble with that.
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  16. The Internet Member

    A while back I came across an MLM involving sales of DVDs. What was on the DVDs? Information about how to sell the DVDs.

    Lol. It's like a computer virus. Or a chain letter.
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  17. someday Member

    There are a lot of Scientology offshoots. There's one called Ekencar (not sure about the spelling) that even uses the terminology that would be familiar to many of us here. The irony is it's more active than Scientology in my particular neighborhood.
  18. muldrake Member

    Unfortunately, the mutating mind-virus that is Scientology usually isn't as self-destructive in its offshoots. Also, it's Eckankar. It sucks, like most Scientology offshoots. You don't hear about it as much, because it does less attention-getting acts of idiocy. Sort of like EST, or Landmark Forum, or whatever it's calling itself now.
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  19. The Internet Member

    I know right? I wish we had a word for all that "I'm high on my own awesomeness" crap. For now I'm just calling it Scientology, for lack of anything better.

    The down side is I get trolled by people who say, "Oh no, that is not Scientology blah blah blah." But I just troll back, saying, "Yeah there are a lot of ego worship movements out there. However I think Hubbard created the most recognizable brand."
  20. AccessSchism Member

    Hey Canuck,

    I'm Andrew, the administrator of the Access Schism web site and wanted to send you over our latest post relating to Access Consciousness. It may be helpful for you or your friend. It is NINE HOURS of lectures by a former Church of Satan preacher named Mark Passio and he breaks down, if you are interested in doing the necessary work, "truth", "consciousness" and the world we live in as well as how and why groups like Access Consciousness and Scientology seek to control and manipulate.
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  21. The Internet Member

    I watched part of Mark Passio's talk. He does a few annoying things. For one, he appeals to neuroscience to give his moralisms an air of authority.

    Mr. Passio said something like, "too much R-brain activity with too little limbic activity is unbalanced and leads to bad things and vice versa." He might have used a more traditional metaphor to express that same idea, like, "too much intellect without heart might result in hurting people, and same thing with too much heart and not enough thinking." The only reason he tarted up this old cliche with "brain science" was to sound more impressive and authoritative.

    Everybody agrees that intelligence ain't just book learnin'. Why even bother to say such a thing out loud? Well sometimes this meme is used to put critics of one's own fallacious arguments on the back foot. Critics can be framed as "unbalanced" for focusing on some intellectual failing within a presentation.

    The "heart-mind divide" meme can also be used to encourage an audience to suspend critical thinking. Get people to agree that too much intellect, whatever that means, is bad sometimes, and it follows that maybe it is bad right now while trying to understand this particular speaker.

    That was just one annoying thing. The other was his framing of "New Agers" as "submissive." As a Satanist or prior Satanist, he knows that the Left Hand Path is a rejection of "slave religion" aka Christianity.
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  22. There really are some ridiculous posts on this thread. I am not involved in Access myself but I know several people who are and they are heart centred, loving individuals that want to make a difference. Their message as is mine is to help people to create abundance in their lives - I have been studying this area for 20 years and their techniques definitely work. So why would they offer this for little money to train up hundreds and thousand of people who can't actually do it themselves and so the cost is to ensure that only credible facilitators and those that have the ability to create for themselves can actually afford this - but its not just teaching about how to create more money but health, happiness and abundance in all areas of life. These people come from a place of non judgement because only when you free yourself of judgement can you truly be free of all those things that limit you and yes you can truly have, be and create anything you want - I have done this on my own without a cult, without a religion and without Access and I know what they say to be true. And yes, I am very happy and normal.

    All your comments about their sexual behaviours are a gross misunderstanding of unconditional love based purely on your lack of it and fear. Unconditional Love is the most beautiful feeling in the whole world - I know Gary and Dain personally and their beliefs …. Keep up the good work.

    Love and light
    Normal person!
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  23. DeathHamster Member

    Not an Accessory, but...
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  24. But an advocate for anyone who wants to make a positive difference. Everyone has a choice and no one has to do anything.
    Normal person!
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  25. Anonylemmi Member

    A good way of making a positive difference is exposing dangerous cults and fraud.
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  26. DeathHamster Member

    Fair warning sunshine. We get a lot of Scientologists posting into dormant threads here about how various Scientology groups aren't Scientology any more, and everything is nice, complete bliss, the water is fine. Much Love.

    Those never end well. All they usually do is encourage someone to dig a little deeper and uncover proof that the connection or that the abuse is still there.

    Access is just a footnote here, a see also from the main Scientology topic, as it were. I doubt anyone here is really interested in Access--except when blatant phonies show up and astroturf how nice it is.

    Now, as I said, I doubt anyone here is too familiar with Access. If "Love and light" is a standard sign-off for Access and friends, like "Much Love" for Scientology, you'd do well to replace that with "Fuckity-Bye" for honesty and so that you don't give the impression of a dishonest cult zombie drunk on the kool-aid and lacking in braaaains.

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  27. Ogsonofgroo Member

    I don't have much of an opinion about 'Access' 'cept it seems like new-agey woo, whether or not its an off-shoot of CoS or using Hubbard's scam model, dunno, meh & fuckity-bye.
    I am however glad that the Rick Ross link found its way here (no no not the frikken casino one), a veritable treasure trove of cult histories, and one fuck-ton of info links on Cult of LRon, thanks!'s Private Investigators
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  28. wolfbane Member

    Controversial Alternative Health Practice Opens in Yelm

    Founder Channeled Russian Mystic Grigori Rasputin, Who Died at Turn of Century
    Ugg. From Nisqually Valley News, a tad south of Tacoma, Washington.
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  29. anon8109 Member

    Hello guest. If you think Access is so wonderful, and you have 20 years of expertise in their methods, and have come here to defend them by regurgitating their propaganda in detail, then why are you not a member?

    "I am not a Scientologist, but..."
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  30. Rasputin eh? That must be how the sexual 'freedom' to benefit the cult leader is explained.
    What does he feel about baths and personal hygeine? Rasputin was gnarlier than even the great stink-whale Hubbard. Ew.

    Says something for the current state of historical education that anyone would be impressed by a claimed lineage from Rasputin.

    On edit: "...died near the turn of the century." Um, I guess you could put it that way.:rolleyes:
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  31. 328

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  32. Anonylemmi Member

    WTF? Some new kind of phrenology?
  33. anon8109 Member

    Amazing isn't it? The people that demonize evidence based medicine are usually the same ones that will swallow this sort of baseless nonsense whole cloth.

    I suppose evolution will eventually run its course though over the next thousand generations or so.
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  34. Anonylemmi Member

    I fear human evolution has ceased. No only are the weak-minded allowed to reproduce, they seem to be actively encouraged to do so. Then they are told to go out and vote.
  35. DeathHamster Member

    Maybe it's Reverse Phrenology*, where they adjust your personality with a hammer?

    * From pterry, of course.
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  36. Random guy Member

    Quite the contrary. Culties are usually too preoccupied with their bullocks to reproduce, and when they do, they are too busy to bring their offspring up properly so that they in their turn have a lowered reproductive rate. It is Darwinian evolution at it’s finest.

    Some cults have understood this basic principle, and forbid contraception and chain the woman on a line between the kitchen and the bed. These are the ones to worry about from an evolutionary POV.
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  37. My Mum is involved with this group and wants to now divorce my Dad, their marriage was always failing but she wants to leave him more than ever now and spends all of her time involved with the group... is there anything else you found FACTS about the group that I should be concerned about?
  38. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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