Informed Treatment/Rehabwatcher/Beau Griffis Mega Thread

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by billybob, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. billybob Member

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  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    My initial hunch too. The narconon thread is heavily populated by scilons, but typically, all of them are abysmally stupid. Fish in a barrel we might say.
  4. billybob Member

    I think it is a site run by one of the referral services that Narconon pays. But the owner of the site is, so far, allowing free speech.
    He might be an enabler but not a Scilon himself, and with enough evidence he might change his ways.
    I say we test this to the limit by posting comments on this most recent blog post of his:

    Please hit this:
  5. Intelligence Member

    Indeed a strange site that I doubt is helping the COS as long as they don't start deleting comments?

    Google picks up these comments and delivers "them" a Blow, so I don't
    understand WHY this site is even up???

  6. Anonymous Member

    I don't think it will take long for the PR machine to roll in and handle this... Read this shit and tell me Beau ain't a scilon

    Caution possible Scientology sites!!!!!
    His phone number traces back to this website:

    Which lists the following blog:
    Standard Postualte Four Zero

    This shit is another front for Scientology.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    From the sp4z dot com site so as to remove any doubt:

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Clear Channel Photonics is also Beau Griffis. freedomdrugrehab is Narconon Michigan.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    July 4th, 2012 - 8:54 pm ≡ by admin ≡ in Narconon

    Narconon has been an alternative program that claims extremely high success rates. Personally I think these statistics are drastically lower. However, Narconon is the program which got me clean after attempting 10 to 15 different ones. I lost count of detox’s and rehabilitation centers, so I believe it’s probably the best thing out there as [...]

  13. Anonymous Member

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  14. Anonymous Member

    I thought honeypots were not supposed to be so obvious.
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  15. billybob Member

    Beau Griffis' "Rehab Watcher" blog is gone!!! is now redirecting to

    This after someone posted that "Uncle" Beau was involved in the death of Gabriel Graves.
    Beau came on and said he wasn't "involved" but he confirmed he was the one who found Gabriel Graves dead.

    Oh I wish I had copied the site!!!
    It was getting hammered on by a few Anons and the two or three Scilons tried to post lame lies and redirection (Big Pharma) but the ongoing media stories to back up the truth must have been too much for them so the folded the whole "friendly blog" format and retreated to their dumb static page.

    Anybody know how to find a cache of the site?

    Good job, Anons! We forced them to retreat!
    I do believe this is a small win.:D
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  16. Anonymous Member

    The Wayback Machine doesn't have it, yet! It may be in processing for release at a later time.

    I did copy-pasta of some of the worst of Beau's posts somewhere, possibly this thread but I didn't screen cap the whole site. I made the mistake of believing the site to be innocuous enough to just visit and post to. :(
  17. Django Member

    They were allowing a lot of anti-NN, anti-Hubbard, anti-Scn posts for a while....from me, from someone calling herself commentmomma, even Dave Love got a couple posts in.

    I just went to check a couple things in composing this reply: Sure enough, it looks like the comment pages have been removed. Inevitable. Turn the light on, watch the roaches scurry...
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  18. mongrel Member

    Just in case anyone questioned whether or not Beau-boy was a ronbot or not... I'll just leave this here.

    Informed Treatment Solutions
    2618 W Grand Reserve Cir
    Ste 629
    Clearwater, FL 33759
    (310) 955-6421

    EDIT: But here he is advocating illegal drug use. (or at least someone using that retarded name)
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  19. billybob Member

    Oh shit!
    One of his Rehab Watcher posts was on Ibogaine - illegal in the US!
    He says it worked for him...
    Twice! LOL!

    So he was on the one hand, promoting Narconon and telling people it was great because the don't use all those horrible "psych drugs" in their treatment, then on the other hand recommending an illegal narcotic as a treatment for narcotic addiction.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    who posted that?
  21. billybob Member

    I can't remember the name :confused:

    It was another former client, a Narconon "apostate" if you will, and he was directly provoking Beau.
    Seemed to know "Uncle" Beau personally.
    Seemed pretty mad at Beau, and he said something like "you probably have a needle in your arm right now."
  22. mongrel Member

    Did one of them look something like this?

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  23. Anonymous Member

    At Rehab Watcher, Beau was riding the narconon horse pretty hard, now there's a switch to the Ibogaine pony. Gotta be a way to call the mofo on this shit!
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  24. Anonymous Member

    This guy Beau Griffis is an idiot. He wrote on his blog that he wasn't a scientologist, but then on his facebook wote this:
    "It feels good to be cause over your life, since that means you have the power of creation at your finger tips. It's an amazing feeling, and I wish that I could share it with you all. I can't just tell you how it's done, but I can certainly point you in the right direction, so this may become a reality to you."

    and this, on his Rehab Watcher Facebook page:

    Just got back from the Flag OT Summit meeting and was pleased to see the progress that was being made around the world. I am impressed at what I saw, and they are certainly making an attempt to address the bigger problem. I heard one congressman state that he passed legislation that made it illegal to put children on psych medication avoiding the slippery slope of over prescribed psych medications. When I head that, I was very impressed at what I had heard, and it's obvious that they are making significant process in the fight against the pharmaceutical companies. The fight is far from over, and the pharmaceutical companies still have the upper hand as far as economic market share etc. However, at least someone is trying to fight their unethical behavior, and it's the cause over the injustices of the world that I like to see.

    Beau doesn't know... how to maintain a decent shore story!
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  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Anonymous Member

    From Beue's Rehab Watcher Facebook page: has been a tremendous success, and being so, we had to take it off the internet, due to the sole fact that we were unable to handle all the web traffic. For now you can use this as the official site, until we update the page and add more code that will allow us to provide a judicial service to the individuals who need to start an investigation on a possible situation at a rehabilitation center or facility. The arms of our investigation reach far, and there's no center that we cannot investigate, so please if you have a complaint. You can email it to Remember your voice and experience does matter, just be sure to give as many facts as possible. Names, dates, times, where it happened, how it happened, why it's not ok that this particular situation took place. When writing your report keep this in mind, time, place, form, and event, we'll handle it from there and keep you posted on the progress we make and what other information gets uncovered during our investigation. You have a voice; use it! Who knows it may actually help out another, so this occurrence or misdeed doesn't continue to happen.

    Thank you
    Rehab Watcher Investigation Team
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  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. JohnnyRUClear Member the light switch and flip it back off.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    I was just about to start a Beau Griffis thread but this thread should do fine.
    This guy is making a living routing people to Narconon Arrowhead.
    He has several online portals and facebook pages.
    He is definitely a Scientologist and is mysteriously connected to more than one rehab deaths, one at Narconon Arrowhead (He claims he was a student there and found Gabriel Graves dead.)

    Beau Griffis tells people he's been a counselor for 4 years, but looking into his Ibogaine connection it appears he was actively abusing illegal drugs as recently as 2011.

    Now I have uncovered Beau connected to another mysterious death:

    From: "Griffis, Beau (student)" <Beau.Griffis at> >> To: ibogaine at >> Sent: Wed, March 16, 2011 12:58:04 AM >> Subject: [Ibogaine] My Original Post >>>> My Original Post >> As most of you may already know, there was a recent death at an ibogaine clinic >> in Tepoztlan Mexico. At the time of the incident, I was also being treated for >> opiate withdrawl in the room next to the patient who died. I shared a bathroom >> with this guy, and I spoke to him, just before he was about to be treated. In an >> attempt to be completely objective, I would like to make the following claims >> based on my observation of the situation. >>>> First and formost, I would like to say that I don't believe that the clinic in >> Tepoztlan had anything to do with the patients death. However, the staff at the >> clinic had greatly misrepresented the truth, while making an attempt to >> construct a reality that provides protection for their reputation. They have >> also made an attempt to discredit my credibility, with the hopes that I would >> not blow the whistle on their misrepresentation of what really happened. I >> understand that they're only trying to protect their business, which I do truly >> believe is providing a great service. However, I believe that the Ibogaine >> community needs to be told the truth from an eyewitness who has no affiliation >> with this clinic or any other political ties to the Ibogaine community. I'm >> simply a client, and this is what I had witnessed. >>>> 1. I spoke with the patient who died before he was dead. He told me that he >> received a booster given to him by Ricky D at the Mexico City Airport, before >> even arriving at the clinic two hours later. So yes, he did receive some >> Ibogaine. However, he was yet to be flooded completely. I wouldn't think that >> this would cause a problem, but I am not experienced enough to make a decission >> as if this was the sole reason for his death. >>>> 2. After receving his test dose at the air port, he arrived at the clinic where >> we spoke for a good 5 to 6 hours before he told me that he wasn't feeling great >> and needed to go and lay down. The patient then went back to his room and shut >> the door. I really liked the guy, since we had a lot in common, so I asked Lex >> how he was doing. He told me that he was given a booster at the airport, then >> fell right to sleep. I asked him if he was going to flood him, and Lex told me >> that he was going to when he woke up. >>>> 3. The next morning all hell broke loose when someone opened the door and the >> patient was completely dead. In fact, it didn't look like he had just died >> either. It looked as if he had been dead for atleast a few hours. This in >> itself, made me feel as if the provider neglected the patient unintentionally, >> since they believed that he was asleep and having no problems, since he only >> received a test dose. >>>> 4. After discovering that the patient was dead, Ricky Bio made an attempt to >> bring him out of it. Having no success Lex then tried to bring him out of it. He >> also had no success at doing this. A few minutes later another patient told Lex >> that she knew CPR, so Lex called her into the room to help revive the dead >> patient. She made an attempt to give the patient mouth to mouth, but when she >> made an attempt to open the patients mouth, she saw that his teeth were >> clentched too tightly to even be given mouth to mouth. Being that his teeth were >> clenched, this gave me the reason to believe that the patient had a seizure. The >> lady who tried giving him CPR also belived that the man had a seizure. >>>> 5. After about an hour of trying to revive the man with no success, they asked >> me to move my belonging to another house that they had rented down the street, >> since they said that I wouldn't want to be there when the authorities came. I >> agreed, since I didn't want my name placed on the list of any type of authority. >>>> 6. After going to the other house, I made arrangements to fly back to Tijuania >> mexico, since I didn't feel like having to deal with all the emotional stress. I >> was flooded only about 3 days after his death, and the energy from the staff and >> the other clients was somewhat negative and disorganized. This is understandable >> though, since a patient had just died, and everyone was under a lot of >> preassure. >>>> 7. If any misconduct took place, what was it? >> a. They neglected the patient, by assuming that he was sleeping when in >> fact he was probably dead. >> b. They didn't have the proper medical equipment to revive the patient. >> For example, there was no defibrillator and there was no doctor in site. In >> fact, the hospital was probably a few hours away. However, I'm not too sure, >> since I'm not completely familire with the area. I'm just basing this assumption >> off my observation of my surroundings, being that it was such a rural >> environment. >>>> 8. Did the staff do there best with what they had? >> a. Of course they tried to revive the client, but I don't think they >> were equipped to handle this situation responsibly, since there was no doctor or >> medical equipment. >>>> 9. Why am I coming forward with this testimony? >> a. At first, I was willing to agree with whatever the clinic had to say >> about the situation, since I had a positive experience with my treatment, so I >> agreed to go with whatever they decided to come up with. I looked at it from a >> Utilitarian perspective, believing that a few lies would cause more good than >> harm. However, the lies started to become greatly misrepresented, and >> I felt that there was a certain amount of corruption in their story. I wasn't >> going to blow the whistle on their story, until I found out that they were >> making an attempt to discredit me by calling me loony, and telling others that I >> was incorrigible, due to the fact that my parents were divorced. This shocked >> me, since my parents had been happily married for 30 years, and I >> knew that I was far from loony. My accomplishments in this so called world, >> don't match up to their false diagnosis of my mental state. I've filed patents, >> co-authored books, received some of the countries most prestigious leadership >> awards and scholarships, and have raised significant amounts of >> capital for start up companies. All these things mean nothing to me, I'm just >> trying to communicate to the group that the label "loony person" that was given >> to me at the clinic doesn't match up to my accomplishments, since a loony person >> would probably have a hard time completing these tasks. It's sad that I even >> have to defend my credibility, when in fact, I thought that I was going >> to a safe and confidential environment where I would be treated for my addiction >> problem. If it weren't for the staff at Tepozlan conducting libel on my >> reputation in order to get control of their situation, I would of probably never >> blew the whistle on this cover up. >>>> Lastly, I'd like to say that I am very grateful for the new life that Ibogaine >> has provided me with. I think that this drug is a wonder drug, with the >> potential of saving a lot of lives. However, I felt that I needed to communicate >> my first hand witness of this situation to the Ibogaine community, so that you >> all know what actually took place. I have no political ties to the Ibogaine >> community, nor do I have any reason to not tell the truth. In fact, the staff at >> Tepoztlan has a lot more to loose than I do. Being said, I would just like to >> say that they tried their best with what they had, and they made their best >> attempt to help the man who died. However, this is what happened, and this is >> the truth as I had seen it. I'd like to keep my name away from the controversy, >> so I will make this post anonymous. There may be a few of you who know who I am, >> but that's ok. I'm just trying to conduct what Iboga was trying to teach me, >> which is to live a life of principal and responsibility. >>>> Sincerely, >> Anonymous Witness
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  30. billybob Member

    I think we should keep tabs on this dangerous character.

    His Rehab Watcher site was an amatuerish joke, but he has been successfully referring people to Narconon.
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  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Anonymous Member

    From rehabwatcher Facebook page posted a few hours ago

    Looks like Beau Griffis is at it again.
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  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. I can't believe this twat denies he's a scientologist when he has dox all over the internet. Don't they have google on their computers?
  36. Random guy Member

    Doesn't seem to be much content there, only a plug for "holistic" approaches and form to fill out.
  37. Intelligence Member

    Indeed he is "at it again" - ALL over the place, but easy to track.

    This Google Search:

    Takes you here now:


    Clear Channel Photonics
    12 Barkentine Rd
    Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275


    Administrative Contact:
    Clear Channel Photonics [IMG]
    12 Barkentine Rd
    Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
    (310) 544-2425

    Record expires on 12-Jun-2014.
    Record created on 12-Jun-2012.

    Domain servers in listed order:

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  38. Intelligence Member

    Below is the report for the domain owner &quot; View attachment email.pgif?md5=4b377aaf0f12736e49e3b80be7980c9d&am &quot;.
    Our records show 12 currently registered domains and 4 previously registered domains with that search string in the WHOIS record. The oldest record in our archive for which your search string appears is for the domain CLEARCHANNELPHOTONICS.COM and was captured on 01/10/2008. There are 2 unique nameservers used on the current domain list

    • 12 Current Domains
    • 11 .coms
    • 1 .net
    • 0 other gTLDs
    • 0 ccTLDs
    Historical Data also available for purchase
    • 4 Historical Domains
    • 4 Historical .coms
    • 0 Historical .nets
    • 0 other gTLDs
    • 0 ccTLDs
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  39. Intelligence Member

    He also owns Rehab Rankings and tells VICTIMS who read his http://www.informedtreatment[dot]com
    to go to a Rehab Rankings site and search for themselves.

    The problem is - HE owns the sites he refers people to![dot]com/

    Clear Channel Photonics
    12 Barkentine Rd
    Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275


    Administrative Contact:
    Clear Channel Photonics View attachment email.pgif?md5=4b377aaf0f12736e49e3b80be7980c9d&am
    12 Barkentine Rd
    Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
    (310) 544-2425

    Record expires on 12-Jun-2014.
    Record created on 12-Jun-2012.

    Domain servers in listed order:

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  40. Anonymous Member

    And now he has opened his own sober living house? There has got to be some conflict of interest rule he is breaking here.
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