Informed Treatment/Rehabwatcher/Beau Griffis Mega Thread

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by billybob, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. timthephoto Member

    this is very much the usual clam tactic regarding internet & nar-CON-on, Prof Touretzki was saying about it back in 2008, on Dawn's Glosslip channel.

    it works like any <insert topic here> related circle jerk, a viewer clicks a link from Google, and is presented links, which lead in a circular fashion round a fuckton of websites owned by the same company.

    Clam SEO is always top notch, they always put good Meta info, never just use a single domain for an enterprise and all the domains they use on a project cross-link & back-link properly.

    in short, Scientology people are prepared to spend as much time and use as many domains as it takes to trick google's page-rank and the public at large. the only point at which we can intervene is when the parent sees the facility - gets creeped out - and googles Narconon
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  2. billybob Member

    This guy, Beau Griffis, was in rehab last October. He was at Narconon Arrowhead at the time that Gabriel Graves died; in fact, Beau claims that he was the person who discovered Gabe dead.

    His arrogance is incredible. "We are considered the ivy-league in sober living..."
    Beau - you just opened the place? How can you have a reputation as the "ivy-league in sober living?"
    In your own mind?
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  3. billybob Member

    Comments are not making it through moderation - site may have been abandoned.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    I think it possible that Beau, although extremely stupid, has moved away from putting up sites that solicit comments, and forgotten a few sites that should be taken down if they solicit comments.

    After the intense Anon raiding at Rehab Watcher, Beau may have slithered away from trying to manage such sites.

    But, we'll keep watch...
  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    It appears to be Beau's post, with a lame attempt to get distance from what is being reported, by signing as "An Anonymous Witness."
  7. billybob Member

    Beau originally posted it anonymously, but then reposted it under his real name.
    You can see his address in the header.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Is it too much to ask for proof he was any of the rehabs he claims he was. First he's losing his neighbor at the ibogaine clinic, then he's finding someone dead at narconon.

    How do I know the dude isn't some drama queen? Or some truth bender with an agenda? Or just fucking nuts- like my next-door neighbor who would tell you she sucked Elvis's dick if you bought her a beer and feigned interest.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    As someone who raided the Rehab Watcher/Narconon comment thread, I came away from that convinced that Beau is at least a public scientologist.

    Beau has sipped the kool-aid and likes the flavor. I agree that there are large holes in the overall story that can be pieced together, but I also agree with Billybob that Beau Griffis is someone to watch carefully.
  10. Anonymous Member

    A little more Beau about his Adsense account being disabled:!topic/adsense/hJT5D9gVKbQ

    And from his Facebook page:

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  11. Anonymous Member

    Oh I agree he's a sci all right! But I'm questioning his truthfulness, and wonder how much he has the sci trait of embellishment.

    His 'selling' point is his harrowing experiences (like ibogaine is dangerous, conviently discovered at a 'mexican clinic' that might be hard to trace). He claims to have been treated at multiple clinics, is there any legal way of investigating that? He sounds way too clammy to have been much of a druggie ever. Flag OT meeting?
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  12. DeathHamster Member

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  13. anon walker Moderator

    Ibogaine has shown great promise in addiction therapy, but our stupid govt. won't consider it because in large doses it causes hallucinations, so is labeled a psychedelic. Of course, treatment dosages are smaller, but our derpy officials who allow fucking Narconon are too retarded to consider that.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    There is no way I would ever expect truthfulness from a scientologist.
    Without the aid and services of a private investigator, I doubt it would be possible to investigate all the claims thoroughly.

    If the links on this this site are examined... (not a scilon link)

    ... some of the situation comes into perspective. Obviously a clam, doing what many clams do - KSW.
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  15. Now, now. Be nice. They're the best rehab center in the world. After all, only four people have died there under suspicious circumstances in the last year.
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  16. Ibogaine can also be dangerous, possibly causing arrhythmias and other cardiac symptoms, which is why it and any other drug treatment should be in the kind of clinical setting Narconon does not provide. That said, there are those with any severe illness for whom the consequences of doing nothing is far riskier than doing something that has the reasonable hope of being effective. My favorite example is gastric bypass surgery. It has a laundry list of nasty side effects, but if it's that or dying from ailments associated with obesity, it can be worth it. I knew a guy who was severely obese, under 1.8 metres tall, over 280 kg. Great guy. He died before he could have the surgery, but with his condition, he may not have survived the procedure. He never saw his 30th birthday.
  17. Well put. Any response to addiction should begin in a medically regulated environment using techniques that have been researched and employed by professionals. I have heard a lot about ibogaine and think that in a proper setting it shows more promise than scientology and in regulated places like Canada it seems no more risky than simply being a junkie.

    Imagine dealing with narconon employee Joe Derp, former addict from just down the road (I was struck by the number of patients that have been mentioned in stories at Arrowhead from Owasso and vicinity alone), who thinks he can cure your withdrawl from drugs with vitamins, sauna and touch assists just because scientologists said so. It doesn't matter if his heart is big as Kansas, he is not properly trained to do this shit for free let alone collaborate in making someone pay $30.000 a pop for the privelege.
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  18. Lets get to know this character:


    Beau Griffis is located at the address 2161 W 182ND ST STE 100 in Torrance, California 90504.They can be contacted via phone at for hours and directions.

    For more information contact Griffis Beau, or go to

    For maps and directions to Beau Griffis view the map above. For reviews of Beau Griffis see below.

    Last Updated: 6/30/2012

    Tel: 310 5322111

    Fax: 310 3247709


    Homepage: SP4Z.COM


    Communication data

    Tel: 310 5322111

    Fax: 310 3247709


    Homepage: SP4Z.COM

    2161 W 182ND ST STE 100 Torrance, California 90504




    Beau's Company
    Informed Treatment Solutions
    2618 W. Grand Reserve Cir #629 Clearwater, 33759

    Member Since June 24, 2012 Last Update June 24, 2012

    Customer Review Am

    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
    Great Book, November 18, 2009
    By - Steven Leonard

    Marchelle Lounais = "Beau Griffis"

    This review is from: The Lamb Always Wins (Collectors Edition, Color Illustrated Edition) (Paperback)
    This book touched me. The ideas and way of thought this book conveys are abstract yet obvious in what is happening in the world and what is to come.

    Reverse Whois: "Beau Griffis" owns about4 other domains

    Registrar History: 1 registrar

    NS History: 1 change on 2 unique name servers over 0 year.

    IP History: 1 change on 2 unique IP addresses over 0 years.

    Whois History: 1 record has been archived since 2012-06-25

    Reverse IP: 192 other sites hosted on this server.

    Registrant: Beau Griffis

    Registered through:, LLC (


    Domain servers in listed order:


    penn state.jpg

    penn state2.jpg
  19. Anonymous Member

    So this career junkie claims a 3.66 GPA and has been college shopping for college grants with discretionary use of funds.

    This guy is too much.

    Conman without a clue. I hope the internets bite his ass promptly before he has a chance to go full Carly Crutchfield.

    PS: Knowing who ER Griffis is , the real estate broker listed on that sign and who most likely owns that building, would be edifying.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    So Beau is in Torrance... isn't that where Squirrel Buster Leader John Allender lives & works?
  21. Beau's Company

    Informed Treatment Solutions

    2618 W. Grand Reserve Cir #629 Clearwater, 33759


    Member Since June 24, 2012 Last Update June 24, 2012
    Now for a little flyover:

    clearwater 1.jpg

    clearwater 2.jpg

    clearwater 3.jpg

    clearwater 4.jpg

    Down on the ground:

    clearwater 5.jpg

    clearwater 6.jpg

    clearwater 7.jpg
  22. Anonymous Member

    Beau's addy for his "sober living" facility is an apartment?
  23. Anonymous Member

    Dunno what the architecture is about.

    It will be be très cool if anyone patrolling Facebook kept watch for Beau Griffis spew there, and posted it here.
  24. BigBeard Member

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  25. Anonymous Member

    Strange no local website yet just the facebook, here is a whois listing for San Francisco

    Note he wrote;

    Just got back from the Flag OT Summit meeting and was pleased to see the progress that was being made around the world. I am impressed at what I saw, and they are certainly making an attempt to address the bigger problem.

    Progress Foundation;
    368 Fell Street San Francisco, CA 94102
    415 861 0828


    Progress Foundation
    care of Network Solutions
    PO Box 459
    Drums, PA 18222
    Administrative Contact :
    Harstad, Jim
    care of Network Solutions
    PO Box 459
    Drums, PA 18222
    Phone: 570-708-8780

    Technical Contact :
    Concentric Network Corporation,
    care of Network Solutions
    PO Box 459
    Drums, PA 18222
    Phone: 570-708-8780

    Record expires on 31-Mar-2017
    Record created on 09-Oct-2002
    Database last updated on 18-Jan-2012
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  26. patriot75 Member

    Beau Griffis was Gabe's roommate.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    &quot;2 people know how and Gabe died...Beau Griffis and a girl named Meagan...she was the one who took all those pictures of me and my husband at the protest on June 23rd...if you haven't seen the strange behavior of Narconon then YouTube Narconon protest.&quot;

  28. Anonymous Member

    Serious Sweating going on at the gut level.
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  29. Anonymous Member

  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Anonymous Member

  34. Anonymous Member

  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    ^^^^^^^^ Posts!

    Outstanding research, Anon!

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  37. Anonymous Member

    His website is theprogressfoundation dot com The website you whois'd belongs to a legit mental health group whose website is www.progressfoundation. ORG

    The Progress Foundation Beau Griffis started is a sober living facility in Clearwater.
  38. anon walker Moderator

    Best way to take this asshat out...he is illegally treating people with ibogaine. In hotel rooms.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    I have the audio from the radio show, just not sure how get it here...any ideas?
  40. Anonymous Member

    If it's an MP3 file, you can ZIP it into an archive and upload it to Hotfile, MediaFire, or someplace like that. When it's up on a file hosting site, post the download link here.
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