Informed Treatment/Rehabwatcher/Beau Griffis Mega Thread

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by billybob, Jul 24, 2012.

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    For these two establishments the word in now CURED CURSED!

    Tick Tock ASSHOLE BEAU, you'll make howbeit, an UGLY cellmate, but with a paper bag,
    BIG-BUBBA doesn't discriminate.
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    If one Turkey eats another is that cannibalism?
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    Does Beau dropping the Narconon tag mean that he is now publicly participating in an attempt to defraud potential clients?
    Careful Beau wouldn't wanna be sued.
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    Beau Griffis

    Saturday near Clearwater, FL
    I there anyone out there that would like to have a particular help cause spread around the internet on some of my sites. It doesn't have to be just about addiction but about helping people in general. If so, I can give you 500k viewers a week to help your cause, but it kind of needs to relate to addiction is possible.
    • 274607_710855966_57899841_q.jpg
      Katie SiobhanI have a mh condition dysthymia it predominently starts as a young person and for me caused by trauma but no known cause one thing that affects is addictive tendancies to food, alcohol or drugs. In relation food emotional eaters.
      Saturday at 3:26am via mobile
    • 572497_730592504_754927931_q.jpg
      Beau GriffisI am actually expanding into food addiction and obesity since i have a certified obesity consoler I work with. He went from 500 bought down to 180 and he 56 and looks 39. Amazed me.
      Saturday at 3:40am
    • 572497_730592504_754927931_q.jpg
      Beau GriffisIf you know anyone who need helps with the process and even gsatric bypass surgery which he had I can hook you up with him
      Saturday at 3:42am
    • 572497_730592504_754927931_q.jpg
      Beau GriffisI swear you'd never new he wsa 500 pounds amazing what technology can do and in good heatlh
      Saturday at 3:42am
    • 274607_710855966_57899841_q.jpg
      Katie SiobhanI was 18 months ago 18 and a half stone part antipsychotics n part been an emotional eater I back normal weight an I maintain eating habits arnd my moods an food journal an self taught helps but not much info on mood an eating and food addiction is hard admit as feels like a normal habit but feed or deny that cycle knocks u of sorts n mood fluctuation too
      Saturday at 3:45am via mobile
    • 260771_100000151753187_1630508268_q.jpg
      Christian Bonillaim part of the hartman house its a non profit, we use to help everyone, drugs, etc
      Saturday at 9:57am · 1
    • 572497_730592504_754927931_q.jpg
      Beau GriffisNice
      Saturday at 9:13pm via mobile
    • 572497_730592504_754927931_q.jpg
      Beau GriffisI work with nonprofits also
      Saturday at 9:14pm via mobile
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    1. Activity
      Beau is now friends with Mike Otto and 6 other people.
    2. 572497_730592504_754927931_q.jpg
      Beau Griffis shared a link via Informed Treatment Solutions.

      December 13
      They beat the drug addict out of individual's in Serbia as religious punishment for using drugs. If you like please press digg, and like the article, so we can try and change this craziness. WARNING: What you are about to see my be shocking view discretion is advised.
      Rehab In Serbia – Shocking! | Stop Drug Addiction
      This man is getting addiction beaten out of him with a shovel in a religious Serbian rehabilitation center.
    3. 572497_730592504_754927931_q.jpg
      Beau Griffis shared a link via Widget Share Log App.

      December 13
      How To Find The Right Rehab
      If you are searching for the right rehabilitation, detox, or treatment center for you or your loved one, you should keep the following things in mind: Yes, of course some programs are better than others, but just because they’re more expensive doesn’t mean they’re better. However, it is a business a...
    4. 572497_730592504_754927931_q.jpg
      Beau Griffis shared a link.

      December 13 near Clearwater, FL
      We need writers who know about certain state and what drugs are prevalent and information for families who may be seeking interventions. All I need is one or two Paragraphic's written from an addicts prescript if you want to see examples yo...See More
      Addiction Intervention
      Drug and Alcohol Addiction Intervention Services
    5. 572497_730592504_754927931_q.jpg
      Beau Griffis shared a link via Widget Share Log App.

      December 12
      What defines a crack head, we're trying to figure it out input would be great.
    6. 572497_730592504_754927931_q.jpg
      Beau Griffis

      December 12 near Clearwater, FL
      Informed Treatment Solutions Needs Professional Writes To Write Blog Entries For Our 30 Plus Sites. It's a lot of work, and payment is as good as your articles. Send me a private message if you're interested.
    7. 572497_730592504_754927931_q.jpg
      Beau Griffis

      December 8 near Clearwater, FL
      If you need help with drug or alcohol addiction during the holidays let me know, I have an enormous network of rehabilitation centers, detox centers, and others places that will get you ready in time to see your family for Christmas.
  10. Intelligence Member

    Beau-Jangles IMO, is a danger to society sort of nut-bar (and his writing grammar sucks - LOL), quack promoter,
    that hopefully, will have his Cult ASS dragged into court soon, and sued big time.

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    With predatory DICKHEADS like Beau running loose, females might want to consider this:

    "The device is a female condom filled with sharp, microscopic barbs that will attach themselves to flesh. The theory is that while the attacker is stunned and doubled-over with pain, the woman will have a chance to flee the scene before the rapist has a chance to do further damage to her. Once it latches on to the skin, the condom can only be removed surgically, which will mean that attackers will have to go to the hospital and risk getting caught."
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Ooohhh! Shear (But disturbingly evil) brilliance.
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    i think we might need a smaller on for Beau
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    Neal Stephenson envisioned such a thing in Snowcrash.

    It was called a 'dentata'.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Vagina dentata (Latin for toothed vagina)
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    Tell us what you and Gabe were arguing about the night before he died...."don't bring that shit in here" -Gabe /ring any bells Beau?
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    from july
    Recent Posts By Others

    Beau Griffis

    Recent Death At Narconon Facility in Oaklahoma Gets Controversial / Rehab Watcher
    However, while death in rehabilitation centers is quite common. Narconon seems to get hit with intense media outrage due to it’s alleged connections with Scientology. However, ties to scientology and medical neglect on part of the rehabilitation center itself are two different subjects that seem to ...
    Like · · Share · July 21 at 12:53am near Clearwater, FL
    • [IMG]
      Kat LandHas there been another one since Gabe?
      July 21 at 1:34am via mobile · Like
    • 572497_730592504_754927931_q.jpg
      Beau GriffisTwo from what I've heard.
      July 21 at 2:59am · Like
    • [IMG]
      Kat LandWhat the hell! What the hell is going on down there?!
      July 21 at 3:06am via mobile · Like
    • 572497_730592504_754927931_q.jpg
      Beau GriffisI'm not sure and no one wants to talk about it, but if you know anyone who has any information. Please encourage them to share it on our blog at, so we can investigate. It'll all come our eventually, it always does, so if you know anyone there now, tell them to post anonymously please.
      July 21 at 3:11am · Like
    • [IMG]
      Kat LandI'll spread the word.
      July 21 at 3:14am via mobile · Like
    • 372928_411442202241308_1748011893_q.jpg
      Stop-Drug-AddictionYes, information would be nice...please tell any and everyone to come forward, because the newspapers will reflect what is beneficial to certain people, like families or black PR due to N/N ties with Scientology. Only by knowing the truth, we can learn what and how to prevent that from happening and educate others.
      July 21 at 3:17am · Like · 1
    • 372928_411442202241308_1748011893_q.jpg
      Stop-Drug-AddictionWhat the hell??? - nothing really....something enevidable! You have high traffic in that place, holding sometimes up to 200 people at one time, ALL recovering and don't you think they have plenty of time to plot and plan? They do a great job trying to keep up, I gotta that to them their ethics officers are very aware, but unfortunately no organization is able to keep up with 100 and more students at one time! Unless every single student got their own ethics officer - which is ridiculous. That's why I said enevidable. Also you had to understand N/N gets people with all kinds of health issues. Some are kept private that is for the client to share or not. Thank you.
      July 21 at 3:26am · Like
    • 572497_730592504_754927931_q.jpg
      Beau GriffisCan we post under names instead as rehab watcher, so we know where the post is coming from. There's a lot of admins.
      July 21 at 3:34am · Like · 1
    • [IMG]
      Bree LyonsWtf???
      July 21 at 9:08am via mobile · Like
    • 572497_730592504_754927931_q.jpg
      Beau GriffisThat's what, I said at first. However, that facility is a very large facility, and what happened there is not really out of the ordinary for a facility of that size. It's a cold hard fact that drug addicts live life close to the edge and that every now and then, this kind of stuff happens. Narconon's detox process is so effective that it takes an addicts tolerance down so low to a point where using again can be very dangerous, since the body is so clean, it is not ready to take any more toxins in. Again, I'm not saying she overdosed, but I'm assuming it's possible. I bet Narconon staff tried their hardest to keep this stuff out of the building, but there's some things they are just unable to do; like body cavity searchs etc... It is not the centers fault, drug addicts, will always find a way, and it shows how powerful these drugs are and the type of affect they can have on an individual(again assuming it was an overdose.)
      July 21 at 9:43am · Like · 1
  20. Anonymous Member

    ^^ especially when the staff is partying
  21. Anonymous Member

    Beau Griffis

    December 22 near Clearwater, FL
    This semester at Penn State University, I got straight A's in all difficult classes. At Penn State, you need a 95% to get an A or you get an A minus, so this is an accomplishment. I would like to thank Narconon; especially the individuals who work at Narconon East US in particular Mike Hoy for this great accomplishment. His mentoring is some of the best this world has to offer. Along with Bob Delaware, who pushed me through in the begging. Everyone at Narconon Arrowhead who believed in me and stuck up for me, and my parents who have been very supportive. Thank you guys, this is a huge deal. I'm going to graduate with honors now because of your help.
  22. Anonymous Member

    How Rehab Will Get You Out Of Jail And Even Prison

    rehab-or-jail.jpg It is a fact that prisons are overcrowded, the war on drugs is a failure, and the prison systems are over crowded. Being so, individuals convicted of drug offenses and even non- drug offenses like residential burglary or even robberies are now being sent to rehab. The logic behind this is that even non-related drug crimes are linked to drugs one way or another, since the crime committed is in fact just a means to get money to buy the drugs they’re currently addicted too.

    Criminal attorneys know the system, and will charge you big money to tell you that they can get you off and keep you out of prison when in fact, and public defender who costs about $125 in court fee’s can get you the same results. How you ask?

    Well it’s really quite simple, all that’s needed is a letter from a reputable rehabilitation center that is willing to house and rehabilitate the individual in lieu of costing the tax payer an average of $45,000 dollars per year to house an inmate. Also, warehousing an individual provides them with no skills or no knowledge on how to stay clean after they’ve severed your sentence, so in all reality you are exactly the same person you where when you went in.

    Maybe now you’re clean, but with your criminal record, you can’t get a job, provide for your family, or do anything normal non-convicted citizens have the opportunity to do. Is it discrimination? Of course it is, but even worse it causes the individual to turn back to crime not only to support their drug habit, but now just to provide for their families they must commit illegal acts, since they are in a sense outcasts of society.

    If an individual goes to a rehabilitation center, charges are usually dropped upon competition of the program, and they are now able to get a job. This means they are now paying taxes, and actually participating in the problem solving and not the problem creation. Swapping jail or prison time for rehabilitation time has finally become the norm, so next time your faced with charges the worst thing you want to do is run to an attorney; unless of course it’s a violent crime with serious injuries or death. A paid attorney will charge you a minimum of 5,000 to present a letter to the district attorney and charge you just for showing up in court.

    As an individual who will not reveal his name due to wanting to keep his identity secret, has done this 7 times to avoid jail and even prison sentences. So when charged with a crime, give us a call or fill out the form to your right, since we are the ones who have even more power than a criminal attorney. The judge has a reason not to take the case to trial, saving more money for the state, and has a place that will house you saving more money for his taxpayers, since in reality a judge is a civil servant with a budget; just like any other government agency.

    That’s why 98% of all cases get settled before going to trial, and that’s why most courts have a conviction rate of over 90%.

    So now that you are educated on this subject, it makes much more sense to send an individual to rehab than it does to jail or prison. Fill out the form, you’d be surprised how much power a rehab official has when they walk into that court room with a public attorney telling them that they will place the offender under their care and notify the court if the individual leaves or does not complete the program. These type of deals happen more often today than they ever had, and they’re called deferred sentences, since the sentence is deferred upon competition of the program.
  23. Anonymous Member

    New DrugWiki – – Needs Your Support

    Published on December 23, 2012, by admin in Community Blog.
    We came up with a great idea where we decided to bring addicts, drug counselors, doctors, and certified drug addiction specialist all into one place to create a DrugWiki that would help bring everyone’s experience together to find a solution to the drug and alcohol addiction problem that currently plagues our country.
    To participate in this DrugWiki it’s simple, all you need to do is respond to a topic in the menus labeled A through Z and put in your information. All information is of value, and we as an addiction community can learn ways to comfort detox symptoms, lean new ways to use drugs correct as well as abuse, since our DrugWiki is uncensored. We want the truth, and we believe that everyone has something to teach, so we’ve decided to get as much real factual information and combine it in one place to help addicts and educate addiction profesionals.
    The name of the site is, and all that’s required is a decent amount of information usually information consisting of around 500 words, which can be submitted simply by replying to the topic. Not only do we consider drugs in our Wiki, but we consider topics, such as: recovery, cured, denial, addiction, and recovery, so that we are able to educate and inform the public from a group of individuals who have more than just book knowledge, but real world experience. If you want to submit a DrugWiki on a topic you are familiare with, please go to and click on DrugWiki. If there’s something that’s not listed under your letter; go to the letter and create a letter. Here is a simple format you can use to help write you experience and education on the subject matter you’ve chosen to write.
    Name: (This is up to you)
    Subject: (Drug or Concept)
    Category: (How to get high, Detox, Advice on a particular drug and concept)
    Information: (This is where y ou write your information that will then be added by the administrator after reviewed to the Drug Wikie)
    “If accepted and your information becomes part of the DrugWiki, we add your name, email, and link to a site of your choice to our contributors page, which can be found on our website under about us. This gives rehabilitation professionals free advertising and drug addicts a reputate in providing information that will benefit the world. If your a doctor or drug counselor your information is valuable if it’s unique, we’re looking for experienced knowledge not textbook knowledge, since we know most of this information can be found on google or some other search engine and is not accurate.”
    It’s out experience, which makes us strong, and we need you to redefine these words of addiction and use your experience to help another overcome or alleviate the pains of addiction. Without you, we are nothing, so we need your help, please right an article by simply responding to the post, if added you, your facility, or your business will be granted a link from a top level domain, which receives many hits on one particular basis and is increasing day by day. This site, is going to be big, but without your special experience knowledge we are nothing, so we encourage to be a contributor. We promise our link, your name, and your email address will increase your business, and your ability to work with more addicts, so we can one day cure this worlds horrible drug epidemic and live a life where crime is minimal and a future that is beautiful for both us in the now and our children.

    Thank you
    Beau Griffis C.A.D.A.C
    Informed Treatment Soltuions
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  25. Anonymous Member

    So Beau is making straight A's huh? He has to be doing online courses since he doesn't actually live anywhere near Penn St. Wait, he is going to a community college version of Penn St, isn't he? Wait, is that in Florida?

    Straight A's in online community college. Way to go Beau. Your mother must be proud. Could you please take an English class when you're not referring innocent victims to NN for cash? Your writing skills are deplorable.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Hi Alexis tell your sweet Beau we said hi....and expect us.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Beau Griffis

    December 22, 2012 near Clearwater, FL
    This semester at Penn State University, I got straight A's in all difficult classes. At Penn State, you need a 95% to get an A or you get an A minus, so this is an accomplishment. I would like to thank Narconon; especially the individuals who work at Narconon East US in particular Mike Hoy for this great accomplishment. His mentoring is some of the best this world has to offer. Along with Bob Delaware, who pushed me through in the begging. Everyone at Narconon Arrowhead who believed in me and stuck up for me, and my parents who have been very supportive. Thank you guys, this is a huge deal. I'm going to graduate with honors now because of your help.
  30. Anonymous Member

    WTF? Medical detox? At Arrowhead?

  31. Anonymous Member

    I am noticing all of the mindvox post from Beau to be scrubbed

    scrubbed source

    I remember reading a post on Beau admitting to perjuring himself, but I am having difficulties tracking it down.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  32. Anonymous Member!topic/adsense/hJT5D9gVKbQ
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  34. DeathHamster Member

    "The Confront", nooo, not The Confront! Gag, what a lot of bullcrap!

    "Expertise Of Medical Staff", and they're ghosts! "Nurses, Doctor’s [sic], and Other Staff Members." Ghosts, all of them!

    Narconon shills rate Narconon highly, what a surprise!
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    Ha ha ha!
    The lies just flow from Beau like lava from Xenu's volcano!

    The wild, unbelievable, gross exaggerations in every single interaction he has anywhere really points to pathological behavior that made him the perfect fit for Scientology.
    I can see him as DM's new PR man someday!
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  36. There's no way Beau could have written that. Just look at the grammar and spelling differences. It was written for him then he posted it, or it was someone else posing as him.
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    right now anything and everything is relevant...
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  38. Anonymous Member &cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a
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    Lets Move On

    http://webcache.googleusercontent.c...11-June/051317.html &cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

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