Informed Treatment/Rehabwatcher/Beau Griffis Mega Thread

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by billybob, Jul 24, 2012.

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    This worth my time to take a listen? I'm a pretty big deal, after all.
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    IMO, yes, worth taking a listen. The plan for turning ex-addicts/alcoholics into *"trained" narconon staff is revealed. Not in any great detail, but the sketch is worth knowing about.

    *Where I come from, animals are 'trained' and human beings are 'educated.'
  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

    OK, bleah.

    @ 41:50, the boss bitch says "should be getting their ethics in". But, no, no Scientology in Narconon. Uh-uh, none at all. Totally different things.

    @ 46:50 she says, of Narconon staff training, that "some of the studying can take up to 32 weeks". Then she says at 47:20 that there are 126 Narconons around the world per the Narconon web site.

    The host seems to be genuinely ignorant. They made it through the whole hour and never even touched on any of the problems of Narconon, nor its being part of the cult, and he seemed entirely oblivious to the hints dropped of Hubbard quackery. All the nonsense about sweating out drug residue didn't faze him a bit. He also has a peculiar habit of pronouncing "substance" as "sub'ance".

    This is a terrible show, because an uninformed listener would almost certainly have a very good reaction to what they heard. Totally deceptive puff piece. Zero callers. Zero warnings. All agreement and happy happy.

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  6. I am beau griffis I can be contacted at Anyways, Scientology has went after me. Gabe was my best friend and roommate at Oaklahoma. What do you guys want to know, I'll tell you.
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    Learn to spell and use some basic grammar. You might come across as slightly more credible then.
  8. Pique Member

    If indeed you are he, then welcome guest. :) I'm sure there are many here who look forward to your contributions on this forum.

    Please do not post your email address here. It is a public forum. I will report that post for a Moderator of this subforum to remove the address. I'm sure you understand how anyone responding to your request for contact would be putting their own email information at risk. Better the communication happen here, by Private Message if necessary.

    In order for you to receive PMs you will have to register an account. In the meantime, please understand that anyone can use the nick Beau Griffis.
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  9. See a guest poster you do not have unique access to the nick.

  10. I am Beau Griffis and I can certainly verify this. You have already looked up my websites so why not just call me The girl Megan was just some girl gabe screwed when he was in the program, they got in a big fight after and I'm surprised she's speaking in his behalf. I use to work for NN Florida after transferring from Oaklahhoma after Gabes death. I was not suppose to even be allowed but the ED Cheryl Alderman had a small Narconon and took me when NN Int told them not to. She is very money hungry. After that I started working for Cheryl than quit when her businesses practices where unethical;lying to parents etc. There's so much to be told but Narconon is holding me hostage now and collaborating to tell my family lies to cut off support so I can't finish my degree. If u wana get a hold 3109556421 it's my cell and on the websites. I was recently going to do some major SEO expansion for them to get people in but again Cherly Alderman is messing with me ED NN Florida.
  11. Anonymous Member

    The phone number provided also connects to this web site, and ostensibly, a post by Beau Griffis:
    Running the Ibogaine scam isn't going to earn the author of the post any gold stars.
  12. Aurora Member

    Neither is his degradation of Megan:
    Seems to me though, turnabout is happening, and Beau is going to end up to be the one getting screwed.
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  13. Whaaaoooo??? O_O Megan? Yeah, she doesn't know anything, and how could she know when a week before he yelled at her in the lobby to leave him alone!
  14. Anonymous Member

    Mr. Griffis, if that is indeed you, I have some advices for you. These are given in with the best possible intention. While others may want your head on a pike (figuratively speaking), I believe you to be sincere, but deluded, and am willing to give you the benefit of doubt.

    1. Get out of NarcoNon and find an alternative job. The scam is starting to come apart at the seams, and the police may start sniffing around.
    2. Get it touch with your parents in person. If that means jumping out a window, than do that. If you are physically held against your will, call 911. You may find you will have to cut your losses, but make sure it is you who deal with your parents, not the cult.
    3. Stop dealing with Ibogaine. That shit is illegal, and it's only a matter of time before someone dies and the police get involved. Get out now, you really don't want to be involved with that.

    Good luck, you will be needing it!
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  15. Kwest Member

    That picture at the top is not Beau.
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    You got a picture of Beau Griffis?
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  18. Anonymous Member

    How about this one?

    beau griffis.jpg
  19. Anonymous Member

    Anyone notice the right arm?

    BeauGriffis cropped.jpg
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  21. Thanks for noticing my right arm. There was a lot of pain and suffering that followed those scares, and I believe it's this pain and suffering that gives me the right to counsel authorities, parents, are anyone else for that matter that needs information of drug rehabs. I certainly have the experience, and I do not deny my past usage history. If your son or daughter got referred to me, I'd consider them lucky. I do not just refer to Narconon, since I do this purely on a need by need basis. What if a guy tried 5 AA programs failed and wanted to attempt something new? If Narconon worked for some people, don't you think it's the right thing to do to let them know that this option is available, and there's a possibility that this option may actually help them? Narconon gets a lot of bad PR due to it's links with Scientology, but it's also a fact that this place has saved a lot of lives. There are people that do good, and those that do bad? The program whether it is Narconon or Traditional has not seemed to alter my statistics of good versus bad progress reports. This tends to backcksup my original thesis that; the patient is ready when they are ready.The reinforces my belief system to favor one that is backed by the clients own self-deterensim. There are people truly doing bad things out there, yet I have found a lot of you here trying to discredit me for really no at all. I am trying to get people into drug rehabs, and I consider what I do to be a tremendous servious to the community. If you or anyone else you know needs help, you can have them call me at 310-955-6421 or reach me at I have nothing to hide, and In all reality, I help provide a service to someone who may needs it. 15 Years of drug using experience makes me qualified, backed by my state license in California to be a certifiable rehabilitation counselor.

    Beau Griffis
    This message by Beau Griffis has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  22. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I'm sitting here badmouthing. I'm good at that.
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  23. LOL that's funny, dude!
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Now, let's just see some documentation about these "helped" people, sun.
  25. Anonymous Member

    You ^^^^^^ pair up there, cannot, no matter what you spout out, justify narCONon's dangerous practices.
    "What works" testimonials are garbage and only fools buy into them. Learn to science. Learn to double blind. Learn to read lab test reports. In the meantime, quit talking about what you know nothing about. You may be a legend in your own mind, but most of us here scoff at your fallible arguments.
    NarCONon kills people.
    Now I must run. I have had 20 surgeries during my lifetime, which means I am now qualified to operate on others, and someone I know needs a liver transplant. (former narCONon patient):eek:
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  26. Anonymous Member

    I have gotten numerous addicts into appropriate programs to recommend NN or Ibogaine would be immoral, dishonest and reprehensible. This beau person has shown he is only interested in commissions Period. You will find no compassion from me as far as I am concerned anyone who refers to NN is an Accomplice to Murder.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Welcome reliable to WWP. Just a quick note here to tell you that you have come to a forum whose prime objective is to dismantle the Church of Scientology. Narconon is part of the CoS. We don't like Narconon.
    We will not support the program or anyone who in any way aides and abets the program.

    tl;dr Badmouthing Narconon is one of the foundations upon which this forum was founded. It is what we do.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    I understand about Narconon, but Ibogaine? Are you asserting that it does not work?
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  29. billybob Member

    So, Beau is an experienced drug addict? That doesn't make him a counselor.

    Beau is not the humble, selfless hero motivated solely to help other addicts find recovery which you would like to make him out to be.
    Beau is doing it for the $3000 commission.

    And I really do believe that any recovering addict/alcoholic who wants to help others in recovery should have a little more than 9 months clean/sober before calling themselves a counselor.

    Narconon training does not make anyone a certified counselor, and , Beau is not certified by any state.
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  30. billybob Member

    You are certifiable, all right!
    Let's see this license that California has given you to be a counselor - I'd like to see that.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    From Sequoia U? I have one of those! :)
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    Narconon is a recruitment center for the COS, plain and simple. It prey's on the weak, let's some of them die (NN Arrowhead anyone?) and builds a foundation based on scientology.
    Beau- if those families are not told of the link with Scientology- you are participating in the scam.
    Please do your research AND learn. Scientology is a cult that breaks apart families and lives.
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  33. DeathHamster Member

    First, show us some peer-reviewed published papers that shows that it does work.
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    And lets mention the child abuse, forced abortions and human trafficking, to give Beau a somewhat broader perspective.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Yep, that's the COS.
  36. No one was saying that N/N was not linked to scientology, to say otherwise would be stupid. All the info you need to connect the two is online. The N/N program is using the Scientology tech thus where are they getting it from - Scientology. N/N was not founded by L. Ron Hubbard, but his books were read by a drug addict who thought nothing else worked but that did so he shared it with others. I'm not pro Scientology, and I do agree with the fact that they CAN disconnect families as long as the one side cannot think outside of what the tech says!!! We are free to think anyway we think is right.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    According to his Facebook page Beau just got back from Flag not too long ago. Beau knows Scientology.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Think however you like, thinking is not the issue here, behavior is. Illegal, immoral unethical behavior.
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