Informed Treatment/Rehabwatcher/Beau Griffis Mega Thread

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    Man Dies After Fall From 310 S. Allen St.

    A man died after falling from the seventh floor of an apartment on 310 S. Allen St. on Thursday, and the investigation is in preliminary stages, according to authorities.

    Coroner Scott Sayers was not able to confirm the identity of the man or if the fall was accidental. Police cautioned off the 300 block of South Allen St. for about an hour after the fall.

    Police chief Tom King said a briefing should come shortly. Stick with Onward State as more details become available.

    UPDATE, 5:00 p.m.: King confirmed that the man, 33, fell from the balcony of the apartment, and does not believe foul play is involved. An autopsy will be conducted later today, and the police will release further details on the cause of death tomorrow at the earliest.

    King said a friend of the victim was in the apartment at the time of the fall, and that person was taken to the hospital with emotional trauma following it. King couldn’t confirm if there was a dispute prior to the fall.
    Anyone with information is asked to call the State College Police at 814-234-7150.

    UPDATE, 12:36 p.m., May 30: Police have confirmed that the man who fell was named Beau Rodger Griffis. He was a resident of apartment 701. The investigation as to the cause is still ongoing.
    Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 10.03.47 AM.png
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    I left my information with the detective in charge.
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    STATE COLLEGE — Police have identified the 33-year-old man who plunged to his death Thursday afternoon from a seventh-floor balcony on South Allen Street.
    Beau Rodgers Griffis died in the fall, State College police said in a brief statement Friday morning.
    Police released no other new details in the statement, and said an investigation continues.
    Griffis lived in a seventh-floor unit in the building at 310 S. Allen St.
    On Thursday, State College police chief Tom King said investigators are working to determine whether the man fell or intentionally jumped at about 2:50 p.m. from the top story of the building.
    Investigators do not suspect foul play, King said Thursday.
    Witnesses reported hearing shouting from the building before the fall, but King would not confirm that in a brief news conference at the nearby State College Municipal Building on Thursday.
    A woman was in the apartment at the time, and she was taken to Mount Nittany Medical Center for apparent emotional distress, King said.
    He said investigators have spoken with the woman and other witnesses and will continue to do so. He encouraged anyone who may have witnessed the incident to contact police.
    The cause of death, according to autopsy results released Friday by Centre County Coroner Scott Sayers, was head trauma. King said Thursday that investigators also would seek toxicology tests.
    The death is the latest in a series of fatal falls from buildings in or around downtown State College, mostly involving Penn State students. Police responded to three last year.
    In December, a Penn State student died after jumping from the Fraser Street parking garage, and two months before that, a university student was killed when he fell from a balcony of Penn Tower onto East Beaver Avenue. Police said that a synthetic drug, an LSD-like substance, was a factor in that incident.
    A former Penn State student died in April 2013 when he lunged headfirst through an open window on the sixth floor of the University Gateway apartment building and landed on East College Avenue.
    In October 2012, a Penn State cheerleader fell nearly 40 feet from a window in Calder Commons apartments and suffered serious head and hip injuries, but recovered. Several university students were charged with alcohol violations stemming from a party at the apartment.
    Matt Carroll can be reached at 231-4631. Follow him on Twitter @Carrollreporter.

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  4. Very sad to hear our Beau Griffis has died at such a young age.
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    Yeah, all those years of trolling, lost to us. :(
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  6. billybob Member

    Remember this from the last time Beau reportedly perished?
    Strange that it was posted just one year ago, minus a day.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Very astute, billybob.

    I do remember that last time event but I didn't know it coincided with a year minus a day to the current event.

    It is a very strange coincidence.

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  8. I have always thought he was bipolar. The mood swings were pretty apparent. Maybe there was something cyclic or date triggered to cause him to commit suicide, if that is in fact what happened. In any event, he is dead for real. Troll that he often was, he honestly didn't think of himself as one. He never understood Anonymous, really.. He really seemed to be trying hard at no matter what he did or wrote about...It's amazing that he graduated Penn State with such lousy grammar. I'm just glad they got his deposition for the Narconon Arrowhead Gabriel Graves' death lawsuit. And that he did finally post stuff exposing Narconon.
  9. Beau Griffis

    May 26, 2013
    Here's an update, I am no longer affiliated or have anything to do with Scientology. Here is some information that you can look into and would help me from them harassing me. If you can help, I'd appreciate it. I will be releasing information soon, about a gig worth of investigation files and confidential information, and illegal activity that has to do with the Church. BEAU GRIFFIS IS NOT A SCIENTOLOGIST! and Scientology appears to be working together and here's the letter that I sent to the FBI.

    We believe that an individual from the company has comprised our websites, and one of our home computers in the pursuit of data that they feel might be incriminating to them. I reported this to your special Internet Crime Bureau online after speaking with my attorney in Los Angeles. We are now on our way to the apple store to get a complete list of logs of who logged in changed the password and is searching for data that is unknown. The said that they'd give us a legal print out at the apple store and our web host has already sent me logs. We believe, that since I was a witness in a Deposition and use to work at one of Scientology's rehabilitation centers; giving me access to all their confidential information; most which was illegal activities. We wanted to make you aware of what we know is happening and who we believe is doing this. Please keep an eye on, since by default they may of not realized that they are hacking us for fun and not knowing the severity of the situation. They will not contact me or come to a compromise or dispute resolution to end this, since to the Church of Scientology; I am considered fair game. My attorney told me to put camera's around the house, and that's when the break in's stopped happening. However, it appears as if they are hiring are using this group, and also a man by the name dough Schooters, who's adept with a computer and a very good hacker. His wife's name is Talin, and he works at one of the Scientology Rehab's drug treatment facilities in Oaklahoma called Narconon Arrowhead. He did it once, and admitted it to me, after I choose to expose him, after having a talk to him about Anonymous, and telling me that he was a part of them stating "It's always good to keep your enemies closer." I have wireless back up, and even a botnet that he coded and sent to me. He said ya of course I have a bonnet, as long as you keep it under 5k the feds don't care. Anyways, the files on my computer are encrypted and my firewall is setup strategically. I have also set up numerous honey pots, and will provide you with this information and there's since they won't remove their backdoors, nor do I have time to go through the database when I am currently in a highly difficult and demanding school in University Park studying Law at the moment.
    Thank you
    Beau Griffis
    310-955-6421 - I can be reached here for questioning, and I can have someone get you the files that you need in regards to Sceintology and this company Whitehorse, whom seem to be affiliated. However, we do not know yet for sure, if you could help, we'd appreciate it.

  10. Ogsonofgroo Member

    need dox this is our Beaux? Is it? If it is, then its a shame, and wait to see the 'reports' etc. etc. In a strange way, if this is our Beaux, I has a bit of a sad....
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  11. OTeleventy Member

    I actually do think it's him. And bummer. He never got to learn to spell, grammar, or paragraph. Or graduate, if I'm not mistaken. That was a lot of work for naught.

    Seriously, though. It is very sad. And I am suspicious. There. I said it.
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  12. From the links posted above, today, it's possible to view what appears to be a blog that Beau started late last year - October 2013 - and the item below can be found on it:

    Beau Griffis Text

    January 17, 2014 by brg5162 Leave a Comment

    Chapter #1 How Someone Becomes A Scientologist

    The story begins at Canadian Oklahoma. A former Indian casino that went bankrupt, this property was retrofitted into a massive drug rehabilitation center called Narconon Arrowhead. Run unofficially by the Church of Scientology this rehabilitation center was at best an outlier from anything traditional—a strange cult like compound not fit for the individual who values the ability to make choices on the basis of free will. A blueprint for how to live and think, Scientology’s scripture labeled technology was used to mold and create an individual similar to Hitler’s ideal version of an Aryan Race. Similar in the methods and processes of rhetoric and propaganda the individual was slowly broken down using methods of information overload, hypnotic training routines, and sessions where one would be placed in a state where like a hard drive Scientology’s technology could be uploaded without latency into the human mind. Soon the mind having undertaken these rigorous conformity exercises with ideology and rhetorical propaganda locked inside a compound where others experienced the same methods found themselves as social creatures naturally adapting to the ideology of the group.

    In political science there’s a fallacy in logical thought called Group Think Theory. This theory suggests that a group of very intelligent individuals can make very wrong decisions when organized in a group setting. The premise of this theory can be attributed to the hierarchy of individual power or even charisma of one group member over another. One more knowledgeable and accurate solution to a problem can be hindered by this imbalance of power where one group member who may have the right assumption is submissive to another group member that has the wrong answer, since the act of submission an unaccounted variable in a decision making process benefits the individual whom wishes to rise in the ranks of prestige and power through acts of obedience to others within a group. In laymen terms we’d call this person a kiss ass or someone who agrees with the more powerful or more charismatic member to advance within the groups power structure. In the case of scientology, and the purpose of rehabilitation, power may be seen in the individual with seniority in the group or someone that’s perceived stronger, healthier, or more powerful by others within the compound detached from society and operating strictly off the belief’s of the groups public preferences outlined in Scientology’s technology or biblical cannon of organized belief. Motivated by survival and power, human nature based on Darwinism is now compelled too learn more about the cults beliefs in order to use Scientology’s technology in this detached reality where one can use their techniques’ to play their own game of political manipulation. Of course, this is impossible unless repeated and pounded into the mind of all members detached from the societal norm, yet with repetition and hypnotic routines that mold the mind of the already broken—Narconon is no longer a rehabilitation center but a Scientology recruitment camp that uses their brain washing techniques to command and conquer the unrealistic and staged environment to where this game can be played. With this said, let us begin by chronologically displaying this information and apply it through explanation of the Narconon program.

    Upon arrival at a Narconon center one is first coerced into the belief that they are entering a rehabilitation center where undergoing this experience will make them a productive and happy member of society. Yet remember, this society is fabricated and well designed to keep you coming back for happiness within their well designed pseudo-environmental structure of happiness. Within this realm of temporary happiness one can actually become happy, yet the tools learned are not applicable to the real world and are somewhat addicting to the individual who’s broken but knows no other route than temporary happiness in a temporary well fabricated environment. First of all, drawing from the wisdom of Socrates and Plato as one should teach others as if they have taught themselves; Scientology is quick to take advantages of the flaws of the traditional rehabilitation programs. First, an individual enrolled in the rehabilitation program is not called an addict but a student—an attractive label for the drug or alcohol addict who’s sick and tired of being stuck with this label and wanting more recognition from the real society who has already condemned them from a life of social mobility and placing them in a category of infinite recovery where one will never be nothing more than an addict humiliated by societal norms and stigmatized by others within real society indefinitely. This alone makes the program at a mere price of 30 thousand dollars an attractive product for the consumer who’s sick and tired of being coerced into a faith they simply don’t have. Another selling point is the sauna program, which when looking at it objectively makes sense—although there’s no real scientific backing. However, the belief that society has made you the victim and implanted chemicals into you that guides your behavior is now justified by the drug addict or individual in need for rehabilitation, since through the process of sweating out the impurities one can become normal again. All main selling points and presumed logical explanations to the drug addict or alcoholic these two points are main selling points to the Scientology Registrars whom aren’t salesman like the image of the used car salesman who’s image to mainstream society is nothing admirable. However, the word registrar is used at the University level and is presumed by society and the emotional connotations backed by the word to enroll you in life courses where upon graduation you will receive happiness and social mobility upon competition of the program.

    The drug addict and the family who usually is solicited for money or the insurance company that is taken advantage of is something the registrar or “Reg” in scientology jargon is keenly aware of. A wolf in sheep’s clothing the “Reg” is an individual who is there to sell you a ticket to hell and have you happy to take the ride. Being a “Reg,” I learned that trading drug addicts and alcoholics, especially those that have relapsed and are looking for some temporary happiness within Scientology’s pseudo-environmental structure are prey for the “Reg” or really salesman whom receives 10% of any amount of money the person brings into the program. A wolf in sheep’s clothing a “Reg” is after your money in exchange for a ticket to Scientology’s amusement park of temporary happiness in exchange for a comparable sum of monetary gain “of course.” With commissions reaching 2 too 5 thousand dollars or depending on what the drug addict, their family, or insurance company for mental healthy will pay; this profession is perfect for the savvy salesman that can make a career selling you ‘happiness tickets’ to their very own Scientology amusement park.

    Selling 30 thousand dollar tickets with a 10 percent commission isn’t a bad job, yet finding the leads to the disorganized, confused, and hopeless prey isn’t always an easy task. If you look at Google Adsense, an advertising program set up by Google the ten top and most expensive keywords are rehab, rehabilitation, recovery, and drug rehab. These keywords sat next to other big financial gains through leads to individuals whom need your services and with a price and commission comparable to the rest of the top ten keywords on Google like insurance, real estate, and other highly competitive lead based markets makes sense. As a “Reg” you are similar to a stock broker, real estate agent, or someone who’s about to make a big commission from selling happiness to another. In all reality, happiness is a commodity just like financial gain and upward social mobility where individuals can pay to play or pay to experience some relief from the harsh realities of the real world. However, like any commission based sales job with high-ticket items the world of being a “Reg” much like a stockbroker is extremely competitive. Scientology has a class to teach others’ how to sell their product, and uses a tactic called the “Hard Sell” model where the “Reg” or salesman applies a lot of pressure to the individual or the family in order to make the sale happen quickly and swiftly, while doing so in a time period that doesn’t allow the one buying the product to do the proper research. For example, a person engulfed in fear and hopelessness admits to their family they need help. The “Reg” uses these emotions to put pressure on the families insecurities telling them that if we don’t get your son or daughter in here they could be dead tomorrow. As a top “Reg,” I never subscribed to this wisdom and doing so actually made me more efficient. My secret was collecting leads looking for loopholes and telling the truth. However, not all Narconon programs are the same and they compete with other Narconon programs, since it’s never really about the Narconon to begin with but the commission received from making the sale. Many times alliances would be formed between other “Regs” with Narconons in different states and trading drug addicts and alcoholics in need of help began to feel more like trading baseball players all looking for their team to win.

    With this said, the life of a “Reg” slowly became less about helping the individual and more about taking advantage of the individual. Whole Narconon organizations themselves realizing that money was the fuel to their organization began to commit insurance fraud and paying the individuals deductible and billing the insurance company for the largest amount they could get, while letting the client in for free. For a “Reg” a client or soon to be student was nothing more than a dollar sign and controlling the lead base and ability to close the individual and their cash pay client or insurance client became more important than the product they where actually trying to sell. The best way to describe this is during the subprime mortgage crises where individuals would sell “asset-backed securities” to investors and make their commission only to resell the loan to an institutional lender, yet the salesman would receive their commission, so the inevitable collapse of the security or individual was of no concern as long as the individual making the sale made their commission. Disconnecting the drug addict from the family placing and continually telling and discrediting the one with the problem to the one financing the ticket to happiness was encouraged, since the normal non-addicted citizen believes that they are being consulted by the pros of addiction; plus any communication from the drug addiction whom once enrolled in the program is a liability to the commission of the “Reg,” since unless the money comes they aren’t likely to see their commission.

    It didn’t take long to realize that after a talented “Reg” had fueled the doors to Scientology’s recruitment center they where extremely valuable members to the Scientology organization, since through licensing agreements an individual whom paid 30 thousand dollars for a ticket to temporary happiness the money would be divided up and distributed to Narconon’s non-profit organization—another selling point of course would be praised for providing financial assistance to Scientology’s main objective controlled from the top where an additional 10% in licensing agreements would funnel all the way up the top of Scientology’s organizational structure. The “Reg” would get 10% of anything that was brought in, the next 10% would go to Narconon International the holding company for all Narconons and an additional 10% would go to the individuals whom held the licensing of the technology or so called organized rehabilitation process to what was called the Religious Technology Center. It was like the ultimate Ponzi scheme where money would come in and flow from the bottom to top and Narconon with its advantage over the weak and hopelessness was Scientology’s main source of revenue.

    Communicating this to the ordinary individual is not an easy task, but as an individual who’s been programed yet extremely resistant to conformity, I will do my best. I can only draw from prior experience to communicate what made me come to believe and label these methods as I am attempting to do so now. Before my introduction to Scientology, I had a deep passion for philosophy after taking courses at the university level in logic, morals and ethics, epistemology, and rhetoric. With the knowledge acquired here, I realized that prior to becoming part of scientology the tactics used to mold the mind where forms of wisdom taken from other great thinkers and synthesized into a new religion backed by the wisdom of many. There was nothing new to scientology as a religion only old wisdom restructured and organized into an order where individuals could learn and apply the wisdom of the past, while making good use of it in their everyday lives. The premise behind scientology is that the individual incapable of surviving within societies own environment could better themselves with Scientology’s wisdom; if only organized into a structure where when applied happiness through conformity could exist. The science of the subjective or social sciences as the bigger part of society calls it is where social outcomes like political science, sociology, philosophy, and psychology tries to measure the subjective using the scientific method. Scientology in essence was an inverse of these methods instead relying on the application of the social and observational outcomes of the mind and applying a methodology to an individual using a series of techniques to alter an individual’s freewill.

    Just like any organizational structure whether academic or corporate, Narconon and their Scientology backers had a hidden agenda that when executed on the weak and hopelessness was a great success. The human mind can be altered and one can argue that individuals unable to experience freewill and self-determinism within their pseudo-environment would benefit from the coherent belief system of Scientology’s technology or religious cannon. In this compound that was exactly the task, and when coupled by a group whom believed they had the answer to anything in the realm of the subjective. By taking the subjective nature of language and assigning it a numerical like quantitative structure where words could be arranged into algorithms’ and executed much like computer software where once executed a desired outcome would be reached. If executed and a desired outcome was not reached it was blamed that one executing this scientology technology did not understand the word in it’s entirety meaning that the cause of the malfunction was due to the nature of an individuals inability to objectify the word and use it as a tool to reprograming the mind.

    Usually, anything that deviated from this religious blueprint of an individual’s own form of self-deterministic nature was ignored and reprogramed at once. The whole center was massive and could accommodate nearly 500 clients or students as they were called at any one particular time throughout the program while the paid client was undergoing mind molding techniques preparing them to aid the massive organization structure analogous to a societal parasite that sells empty hope by disconnecting the individual from societies evil by placing them within their own ivory tower of rhetorical inspiration. It works most of the time and after an individual leaves only to relapse once again it can be portrayed as temporary happiness within a false unrealistic environment where everything makes sense when under the command of another or others all within the realms and fallacies created by Group Think Theory to perpetuate an authoritarian governmental structure operating as a rogue force within many different countries. In political science, Scientology would be considered a terrorist group influenced by individuals who make their own laws commit acts of civil disobedience in exchange for protection by the church, yet everyone is expendable when the true sovereignty operating as a rouge force is threatened.

    Scientology is then considered a multi-national corporation, which is able to solicit markets across the world and set up compounds of pseudo-happiness in exchange for money of course. The ones at the top get rich and the ones paying for the services get what they want—temporary happiness in an unrealistic world. Now with the true premise and business minded individuals selling you a public good and calling it happiness and prosperity; Scientology can now start to maneuver to take control of the world hire legal assistants and operate on a large scale simply by isolating individuals and reprograming their minds to recruit an army of cult like members that are taught that anything outside the group is fair game and anyone not part of the group is expendable at any costs.

    Chapter #2 Let The Molding Begings

    I think the rest of the blog posts have been posted above.
  13. Anonymous Member

    I think this is our Beau. According to the autopsy he died of blunt force trauma to the head. Would you jump feet first then tumble feet over head?
    Seems like an accident to me but what do I know? I am sorry for his family.
  14. billybob Member

    Isn't it odd how many of Scientology's cast-offs end up dead of suicide or freak accidents?

    I wonder if he was on the phone when he "fell?"
    Maybe OSA gave him the "End Cycle" instruction?
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  15. DeathHamster Member


    All about Doug Schotters ( well, not all but enough so far )
    Worked for Narconon Arrowhead for quite a number of years and is now contracted with Narconon Arrowhead for all it's IT work Meet the Staff
    Doug Schotters
    Dissemination Supervisor

    Doug Schotters


    Sites he owns and runs for Narconon Arrowhead


    Reverse Whois:
    "@ IT CONSULTING" is associated with about 1 other domains
    Domain Name: NNFORMS.COM
    Registry Domain ID: 1760451124_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
    Registrar WHOIS Server:
    Registrar URL:
    Updated Date: 2013-11-15T16:13:32Z
    Creation Date: 2012-11-19T15:28:53Z
    Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2014-11-19T15:28:53Z
    Registrar: FastDomain Inc.
    Registrar IANA ID: 1154
    Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
    Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1 801 765 9400
    Reseller: BlueHost.Com
    Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Registry Registrant ID:
    Registrant Name: DOUGLAS SCHOTTERS
    Registrant Organization: @ IT CONSULTING

    Registrant Name:mad: IT Consulting Douglas Schotters
    Admin Name:mad: IT Consulting Douglas Schotters

    Contact form
    Welcome to our website! First we would like to congratulate you on completing the Narconon program. We hope that you have found the world in your hands in ...
    Workplace Outcome Suite
    Workplace Outcome Suite. This form is password protected. Please enter your password.
    GAIN Short Screener (GAIN-SS)
    GAIN Short Screener (GAIN-SS). This form is password protected. Please enter your password.
    SF-36 Health Survey
    SF-36 Health Survey. This form is password protected. Please enter your password.;fp=9bdb3fb067d657e1&biw=1024&bih=614 - Mail Server IP
    Reverse IP: 1 other sites
    Location: US, California, Temecula
    Owner: Unified Layer is the IP address for the mail server

    The domain uses a host with this IP as their mail server.
    Domain Names
    Mail Servers
    WHOIS Analysis
    Douglas Schotters
    HC 67 Box 5
    Canadian, OK 74425

    Domain name: NETADMINFORUM.COM
    Administrative Contact:
    Schotters, Douglas
    HC 67 Box 5
    Canadian, OK 74425

    Technical Contact:
    Hostmaster, Verio
    5050 Blue Lake Dr.
    Boca Raton, FL 33431
    +1.8886636648 Fax: +1.8886636655
    Registration Service Provider:
    Verio, Inc.,

    Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
    Record last updated on 29-Jan-2010.
    Record expires on 25-Jan-2012.
    Record created on 25-Jan-2010.
    Domain servers in listed order:
    Domain status: ok has 1 year old, Its seo score is 44.4%. IP address is, and its server is hosted at United States.
    Domain Name Analysis is created by Douglas Schotters, it has 1 year old. It will be expired on 11 Aug 2013. The sponsor is, LLC (R91-LROR).

    Query terms are ambiguous. The query is assumed to be:
    # "n"
    AT&T Internet Services SBCIS-SIS80 (NET-65-64-0-0-1) -
    TALIN SCHOTTERS-100122135326 SBC-65-64-42-160-29-1001225412 (NET-65-64-42-160-1) - has one IP number (, but the reverse is ?.
    Also check and is hosted on a server in United States.
    Which servers does use? uses the IPv4 number only.
    It is not listed in any blacklists. Search for - Mail Server is a mail server for the domain, and resolves to the IP address
    Mail Server IP Addresses
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    The domain uses a host with this IP as their mail server.

    Domain Name
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    Website History: visit WayBackMachine
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    SeoMoz Links: Visit Open SiteExplorer

    You know something is seriously dangerous happening when you read something like this. Whois Record

    Registrant Name:Douglas Schotters
    Admin Name:Douglas Schotters

    Have you ever wondered about the human mind? What is it capable of? If you are like me then this is a question that has crossed your mind at some point in your life. This question also brings us to the purpose of this website. This website will document the study on hacking the mind. It will be a place to learn new things and maybe even follow along yourself.
    To start off I thought that a little background information about myself would be a good place to start. My first trip through college landed me a minors in Developmental Psychology. Later in life I became a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor and I studied an entirely new approach to understanding the human mind. It totally changed my view point on the mind and the application of the information produced amazing results. I studied for 2 1/2 years and I have accumulated over 10000 clinical hours over the last 7 years.
  17. JohnnyRUClear Member



    RIP, Beau, you strange fellow. If you come back, steer clear of the double diamonds out there in New Mexico, eh?

    (Seriously, WTF?!???)
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  18. The Wrong Guy Member

    Apparent suicide of witness to a mysterious Scientology drug rehab death | The Underground Bunker

    This is a strange one, folks.

    For a couple of years, we’ve been telling you that Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon, has been in real trouble, particularly after the deaths of three patients at its flagship facility in Oklahoma over a nine-month period. Gabriel Graves, Hillary Holten, and Stacy Dawn Murphy each died at Narconon Arrowhead between October 2011 and July 2012, and those deaths sparked multiple government investigations as well as numerous civil lawsuits. Of those three, the death of Graves was the most mysterious — to this day, there has been no cause of death assigned by the medical examiner.

    How and why did Gabriel Graves, a 32-year-old father of two, die while a patient at Narconon in October 2011? The person who found Gabriel’s lifeless body was his roommate at Arrowhead, a fellow patient named Beau Griffis.

    Griffis, like so many other Narconon “students,” went on to become an employee of the system after he “graduated.” He then promoted Narconon and got involved in Scientology, but he was also a key witness in the death of Graves.

    About a year ago, Griffis was deposed in the wrongful death lawsuit brought by Gabriel’s family. We’re told that Narconon’s attorneys were unhappy that Griffis turned out to be such a friendly witness for the plaintiffs. In May 2013, Griffis announced at his Facebook page that he was through with Scientology. And by January of this year, he began writing about his experiences, and posted some initial material online.

    But those who knew him well tell us that Griffis was never entirely comfortable in either role — as either Scientology’s promoter, or as a whistleblower against Narconon.

    Yesterday, Griffis fell seven stories to his death from a balcony on a building in State College, Pennsylvania in what appears to be a suicide.

    People who knew him are stunned and mystified, and apparently that’s what Griffis intended.

    Continued at
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  19. Random guy Member

    He was always a very uneven chap, swinging from scietologist to anti-scientologist even within one post. To me it seems he was very afraid of the cult and what they might do to him. In the end he did the right thing in the Gabriel Graves case though, and was a very cooperative witness. I hope that at least gives his family some comfort.

    No one should need to die depressed and afraid of a silly UFO cult like that.
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  20. DeathHamster Member

    And this is why people who split the cult should take the time to get their shit together before trying to jump in against them.
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  21. Intelligence Member

    Beau and I had our 'RIFFS' here and there, but the last time I spoke to him on the phone, he seemed
    like an OK guy. I posted a positive Video of him where he talks AGAINST Narconon, but YouTube
    took it down recently.

    IMO, whether you are in the COS or Narconon, it causes some mind-fuck troubles that can trouble
    some people for quite some time, Me included.

    I could not understand much of what Beau wrote and posted, but I had empathy for the Guy ... knowing
    what he had endured as an addict, NN Staff member, and Scientology EVIL.

    May you REST IN PEACE Beau ... so sorry to hear of your death. :-(
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  22. anonysamvines Member


    I didn't like or trust him
    That hasn't changed because he is dead

    I am interested to know if the friend in the apt has any links to $cientology or PI's (shades of Paulette Cooper)

    I do hope he did indeed leave his claimed dox with someone who will release them publicly
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Always a slippery slope with Beau. From his FB page, or at least one of them:

    Doesn't sound suicidal to me. Beau always had one foot in Scientology while claiming not to. Also from the same page on April 30:


    Victor Stewart's page says he is a case manager at Narconon.

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  24. Anonymous Member

    On his Informed Treatment page he posted the tl;dr about how he was no longer affiliated with Scientology on May 26, 2013 but Narconon Arrowhead
    is still listed as a friend on that page. 11 months later he is friending a case manager at NN Arrowhead.

    His other referral pages on Facebook are still up.

    The rest of the pages are linked from there. I'm not saying Beau was in, I just don't think he could ever get all the way out. If he were
    serious about severing ties these pages would be gone and his personal phone number removed.

    This one was looking for interns 8 months ago
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  25. GibbousWaxing Member

    Well, fuck.

    Just, really fuck.
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  26. xenubarb Member

    He never managed to private army us either, altho he tried, when not promoting illegal ibogaine treatments.
    I'm torn. I feel bad that this happened for whatever reason, cuz now he will never get better or recover from cult mind processing.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    It is very sad. I wish he would have given his dox to David Love like we suggested.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Beau Griffis lived with a problem. Whenever he reached into his pants pockets in search of his testicles, he always failed to find them.

    Good riddance as far as I'm concerned.
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  29. patriot75 Member

    From last night.
    Grab from Ally Witenburg 5-30-14 RIP Beau Griffis.JPG
    FB post link:

    He quit AH a few weeks ago as a case supervisor.

    I can't figure out what FME stands for, but after gaining a little insight on Victor, it's probably just a typo.
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  30. Random guy Member

    Hm, it seems not everything has seen the light of day in this case yet.
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  31. Intelligence Member

    Beau did give me some, but I couldn't confirm WTF if it was solid for sure. Honestly, when I read some stuff, my head hurt like trying to read some of Rathbun's stuff .... Over my thetan noggen for sure. For me, I'm still sad he's gone ... Even though I felt like smacking him over the head with a wet noodle a few times. R.I.P.
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  32. snippy Member

    Who is the woman? Is there a Sarah Heller handling her? Any files deleted from his hard drive?
  33. anonysamvines Member

    With Beau?
    I doubt it ever all will!

    He couldn't keep all his lies straight!
    Often not even in a single post/email

    He lled even more to Co$ than he did here!
    And anyone else he had contact with

    I do hope the LE are savvy and aware enough to check out the friend

    Most suicides do NOT do it in front of people/when they are around - unless they are looking to be stopped and saved (not much of an option jumping from a balcony) or are so focused on making that person be sorry!
    (Obviously planned, supported suicide does involve people -but not by jumping)

    Beau had a massive survival instinct
    And a massive ego.

    Jumping off that balcony/out of that window would have been harder for him than most!

    He also didn't strike me as the type to do it without negating the pain involved - he knew full well what and which drugs would have a fatal effect!
    If he didn't want the stigma of a junkie death - he was certainly bright enough to have researched and discovered the helium method!
    Helium is the fastest, most pain free and guaranteed successful method (so long as the protocol is followed)
    That would be much more Beau's style

    That he was making positive plans right up till his death doesn't rule out suicidal ideation either - it is rarer than the traditional model of suicidal people but is not unknown (yes I speak from experience -and is one of the reasons why some anti D's list suicide/suicidal ideation as a side effect as they take away the ability to access the protective survival instinct that was working in unknown overdrive before taking the medication)

    Was he still trying to stay connected to narCONon?
    Despite his apparent working happily with their enemies?

    It wouldn't surprise me to find out he was.
    His ego would make him think he could. The "easy" money ... Lol
    He always thought he was smarter and savvier than the rest of the world

    Do I think it possible that Co$ arranged his suicide?
    Wouldn't put it past them ... They have history

    Do I hope he actually followed through on his claims to have arranged for dox to be released in case of anything happening to him (see he wasn't THAT unaware of the possibility)?

    Hell yeah

    And Mr Love - I hope you share that documentation
    Other Anons may be more able to decipher Beau speak than you.
    No need to verify them if posting - just a statement that this is what he sent as a disclaimer will cover it
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  34. Bobby McGee Member

    I do not wish death on anyone. If I did I become one of Them. RIP Beau.
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  35. anonysamvines Member

    Despite my apparent cold heartedness I didn't wish death on him
    Certainly not!

    I wanted to see him face the consequences of his deliberate actions
  36. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Given how often I made fun of him in this thread, I feel compelled to comment again.

    Anonymous would probably declare that nothing of value has been lost, or at least pose the question. While I have mixed emotions at this point, happiness certainly isn't one of them. I taunted the guy a lot, but never with this in mind. I was hoping he would eventually see how ridiculous his behavior here was and reconsider his dishonesty. Failing that, I expected we'd just keep on getting cheap laughs from his visits. Either way, it was his choice what to do. Nobody made him come back here. Still, that's little consolation at such a time.

    To anyone who knew him who finds this thread: I'm sorry for your loss. He was a confused person. This was not the right way for his life to turn out.
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  37. Bobby McGee Member


    Oh Sam.. my comment wasn't targeted at you.. Just thinking out loud.. How Scn. Wish death upon SPs.. and I never, ever want to be that evil.
  38. Random guy Member

    I think his brain may have been permanently scrambled by the drugs. It seems to me he never really took anything said here to heart, so I don't know how much this place contributed to his death, I would rather think it was real life events was behind it.

    His life turned out wrong when he 1) started doing drugs and 2) ended up with Narconon.
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