Infuriation 101

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Atomosk, Feb 2, 2008.


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  1. Atomosk Member

    Infuriation 101

    First of all, the goal isn't to make the Scientologists straight-out attack us, but there are many peaceful ways we can bug the shit out of them when they come picking a fight. Don't argue with them; it's like trying to tell a bird to stop flying into windows. Instead, do what we do best: spam and annoy.

    -If a Scientologist demands you break up your protest (or threatens with legal action), turn to your fellow protesters and say "Okay, guys, he wants us to stop. The protest is over, it's now a dance contest." Then play Rick Astley and dance until he leaves. Lulz ensue.

    -If a Scientologist gets in your face (past videos suggest they will), offer them a breath mint. If they refuse, keep offering until they give up.

    -If they demand to know your name, answer Richard C. Mongler, Pedro Baere, or any other meme variation name you can think of. No real names like Chris Hansen, they may be able to claim that as identity theft or some crap like that. Anon E. Moose is fine too.

    -Keep an index card in your pocket. When Scientologists ask for your ID, say "Do you want this ID?" and then go Card Crusher on it. Bonus points for getting it on camera and zooming in at the right time.

    -Pick a random accent to speak in. If more than one Scientologist approaches you, change your accent for each one.

    Stupid and sophomoric, I know, but Anon is not Anon if he does not deliver lulz to every situation he attends. Post better ideas here.
  2. card crusher must be done on film. i was thinking we should plead for them to see sense. now though, the idea of taking the piss like this is creating lulz just from the mental image
  3. rogue Member

    This is really stupid.
  4. Atomosk Member

    Very few are going to be changed by our protests. Instead, let's make it clear that their bullying isn't going to work on us. That alone should throw them for a loop.
  5. Forget pissing them off and just upload to Youtube videos of innocent, law-abiding protesters being harassed.
  6. slashteegee Member

    agreed. trying to reverse bullbait them won't work cause they will just keep shouting over you. and if they somehow do lose thier cool you could be in danger.
  7. donotstalk Member

    A long time picketer of the Toronto Org regaled me with the tale of a Scieno punching a protester in the stomach and then pushing him onto Yonge Street.
    I have brilliant images in my mind of a RickRoll dance contest/ card crushing, but I'm afraid they must remain in my head.
  8. Rude dude is fascinated by your ideas and wishes to subscribe to your newsletter.
  9. Anon1517 Member

    Plus it just makes you look bad.

    "See! They're crazy! They're the ones being morons/bullying us!"
  10. anon11 Member

    I really like the idea of the dance contest (No. I lied. I love it!), but lets face it, guys:

    The best way to do the protests is peacefully. No bullbaiting, no annoying(though its damn tempting), no reason for them to stand as victims.

    If you want to have fun, you may want to include these ideas in the Valentines "protest". Thats a time for fun. Only harmless games, don't attack them.
  11. Heyanonnyno Member

    Agreed dudes.

    Though the accent thing is cute, if we only use it when talking to other Anons. And you're actually good at it. LOL!
  12. Anon883 Member

    Re: Infuriation 101


    Where did this come from, could someone explain it to me?
  13. SomeOldGuy Member

    You've never talked to a Scientologist who's determined to demand of you "what are your crimes" over and over again.
  14. slashteegee Member

    Re: Infuriation 101

    I wish I still had the link sorry. It was a joke skit on a japanese television show. The woman hands the man a business card incorrectly (giving someone a card wrong is considered disrespectful) so the guy crushes the card in his hand while the camera zooms in on his face. It wasn't serious it was supposed to be funny. The internet picked up on it and it became a meme.
  15. Atomosk Member

    The Card Crusher became a meme on 4chan really fast from a 2ch comic. people started copying it.
    ^My own version for those who demand ID
  16. ICanHasThetan Member

    I really like the idea of rick rolling scilos who get in our grills (oh god I'm so white)
  17. Lulz @ that face in the cartoon! :D

    I have never actually seen anyone be really funny in any of the old protests, definetely worth a shot! :D Chances are that all scilons have forgotten what fun is, which will only make it all the moar fun.

    But as mentioned above, don't do anything that they can use against us...
  18. Atomosk Member

    Again, the goal isn't to goad people into a fight, but just to show that they can't bring us down. There's no law against being annoying.
  19. donotstalk Member

    There's no law against it, but I consider it unwise.
    They're going to be very, very on edge, and doing anything to push them even a little bit could send them spiraling into something unpredictable.
    I, for one, do not want to get pushed onto Yonge Street.
  20. annoying looks GR8 on the evening news, too
  21. Randomness Member

    Personally I'm taking this very seriously, but the idea of cardcrushing is so fucking brilliant it JUST MIGHT WORK.
  22. Atomosk Member

    Extra win if you put "You just lost the game" on the card. It would confuse them if they try to pick it up.
  23. MarkSherman Member

    I think really the best option is to just stay cool and say very little. The breath mint suggestion is pretty funny though.

    Please don't use underlines to add emphasis, I tried to click on it :(.
  24. AttackMudkipz Member

    or a "" hilarious if they actually go check it out.
  25. Atomosk Member

    Nah, they'll probably be told it's evil propaganda by their overlords. Still worth a shot, though.
  26. Grey Anon Member

    I vote for the Rick Roll contest idea. Peaceful and hilarious on film.

    I agree that we should never try to do anything to provoke them on the 10th because these are cultists on edge and they who knows what they are already planning.

    Let's not push our luck k?
  27. rickroll is win.
    "what are your crimes?"
    "You want to know my crimes? My crimes are...."
    *play rick astley*
    *start dancing*
  28. WMAnon Member

    Breathmints are hilarious, card crushing is okay, but NO RICK ROLLING, plz. You're going to be on the streets, trying to convince normal people that ours is a just cause. Annoying the passersby will only backfire.

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