Inmate Badly Treated Inhumanely

Discussion in 'Projects' started by rmanhard, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. rmanhard Member

    I would like to come forward and let you all know of what is going on at the Utah State Prison. My husband is one of the inmates there and his 8th Amendment rights are being severely broken. Here's the scoop; on November 12, 2011 he ended up falling down a flight of stairs after having had multiple seizures that day. He had asked for help multiple times that day and they would not listen to his pleas for help. He finally took the seizure med that they had been giving him since April 2011 of which he is allergic to. That resulted in him being extremely delirious. Causing him to fall down the stairs. Now what they did about it was utterly cruel and inhumane. They placed him in a strip cell for falling down the stairs then waited two days before even checking him over to see if he'd injured himself. They called it a suicide prevention. Well in that fall he shattered his left shoulder and tore the muscular structure from the bone. To this day they still have not treated it and he's in agonizing pain.

    Now let's just make these matters that much worse shall we. Last year there was a man who starved to death in a Salt Lake County jail in a matter of months. My husband is quickly leading up to falling in that category. He has stomach issues that require a special diet low in starches/carbohydrates, a higher protein content along with ensure as a supplement. They've refused to give him this diet. So now he's approximately 35 pounds under weight and sicker than a dog. They still refuse to take him off the medication he's allergic to for his seizures. I've contacted the ACLU, gone through prison hierarchy and other agencies trying to get him the help he so badly needs. The problem is no one is listening. So I've started a petition to help him. Hopefully it'll help me get him a parole and to a hospital. So here's the project: read and sign the petition then pass it on to others it's that simple. Help me stand up to the State of Utah and say this will not be tolerated! Here's the link:
    Copy it and paste it to your browser, it'll take you strait there.

    Also as a side note on the petition it has pictures of him from December of 2010 and then his most recent prison pic from a few weeks ago. Remember he was just incarcerated on March 14, 2011 and is now on deaths door step if something is not done soon.

    As per requests for information recently:
    History it was a Burglary that was also a framing! Meaning that I was standing there when the land lady gave him permission to clean out an adjoining apartment. (I was listening through the door because I had a bad feeling about it.) Cops said I was a liar and was trying to protect him! Ok goes to show when you tell the truth it's never believed by cops! Tell them a lie and they'll believe it though!

    Yes, I have gone to the Attorney General, the ACLU, the Warden and many other agencies and people. I am also carrying out a door to door petition, however it is difficult doing it with two small children in tow. Part of the reason for the online one to, being I am disabled and a home maker along with having health issues. I've been told by several lawyers that I have a case, but they also say they're not about to go against the State of Utah. To risky for their Bar Cards, which I think is ridiculous but that's beside the point. The one's that are willing to go against the state want a huge down payment that I can not afford on my disability income.

    Yes, I have also gone to the Media to no avail!

    Also it has been asked what exactly I am asking for. That would be signatures on a petition to help parole my husband and get him to a hospital before it's to late. At the above listed link.

    Along with other info the only reason they've been refusing a parole is they can't make more than $40 a month off of him that way. They're able to make $40,000 a term off of him right now as he sits. Which adds up to $120,000 a year of tax payer and private donations a year. Due to him not having any restitution or victims that is what it all comes down to money and human trafficking.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Have you contacted the media? What did the ACLU say? Did he have a lawyer when his trial was in progress, and if so, what did they have to say about this?
  3. rmanhard Member

    I've tried contacting the media to no avail. According to the ACLU it will be 2-6 weeks before they even consider his case. As for his lawyer it was as I call them a Public Pretender (public defender). Of whom did nothing for him. It's really screwed up to say the least. I also can't seem to find a lawyer who'll take his case against the state for inhumane treatment.
  4. rmanhard Member

    I've tried contacting the media to no avail. According to the ACLU it will be 2-6 weeks before they even consider his case. As for his lawyer it was as I call them a Public Pretender (public defender). Of whom did nothing for him. It's really screwed up to say the least. I also can't seem to find a lawyer who'll take his case against the state for inhumane treatment.
  5. veravendetter Member

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  6. rmanhard Member

    Obviously Veravendetter You know exactly who my husband is.
  7. James Spader Member

    OP, there is very little expertise among regular posters on these forums regarding cases like your husband's. Folks here tend to focus more on the initiatives named on the forum page and personally I have not encountered anyone with any experience dealing with the US penal system unless it's directly related to the case of Bradley Manning. I'm sorry to tell you there is probably not much anyone here can help you with.
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  8. rmanhard Member

    The only thing I'm asking for help on in the first place is reading and signing a petition it clearly states that. It's really not that hard all you have to do is copy and paste to the browser. It's not something that is terribly hard or requiring of huge amounts of thought. It doesn't even really require more than maybe a minute or two. It only really requires an electronic signature. Not hard to follow at all. That link is posted above but here it is again:
  9. Tangerine Member

    Thanks for clarifying your need. Anyone who wishes to, will. Best of luck to you and your husband, and your family.
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  10. rmanhard Member

    Thank you Tangerine, I appreciate that.
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  11. Tangerine Member

    You are welcome. All the best in the new year.
  12. Anonymous Member

    What did he do?
  13. Anonymous Member

    contact the attourney general??
  14. rmanhard Member

    It was a simple Burglary there were no victims restitution or anything else he was set up by a previous land lady. I was there to witness it all.
  15. rmanhard Member

    I have no love there either.
  16. veravendetter Member

  17. rmanhard Member

    No, the land lady gave him permission to clean out a apartment that the people supposedly had moved out of and keep what he wanted. I was standing at the door listening through it cuz I had a bad feeling. All the stuff was returned when the cops came she denied any thing to do with it they wouldn't believe me cuz supposedly I was trying to protect him. It led into a long drawn out court case that was lost in the end and a lot of our stuff came up missing that night to. I was told it went to evidence when it had not.
  18. rmanhard Member

    Well I guess my bad feeling was right because a few days later he was in jail, we were homeless and I was 5 months pregnant at the time.
  19. LocalSP Member

    Oops! ;) Embarrassing isn't it when a perfectly good troll goes awry.
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  20. rmanhard Member

    Yes it is. Especially when we had moved in there only a couple of weeks prior to that
  21. mongrel Member

    Just please go fuck off and die. I couldn't give a fuck less that your white-trash babydaddy got busted for burglary. I hope he gets AIDS from some surprise buttsecks by some niggerbull and gives it to you so you'll both stop reproducing yet more white trash leeches that my taxes have to pay for.
  22. Dragononymous Member

    If this thread had said Bradly instead of Badly, it would've probably had alot more views
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  23. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Dear OP:

    Normally this would be the part where I go "NYPA", "GDIAF". dot, dot, dot... However since I think it is important to be nice and try to avoid being an asshole whenever possible, I think I will refrain from that for now.

    First: You should call and write your Attorney General, Governor, etc. and see a lawyer. See if there is any basis for criminal/civil actions for you to take.

    Secondly: An online petition doesn't amount to much. Most petitions are effective around the area the cause/injustice/law has occurred. The problem with your petition is that it may not hold as much of a punch as taking direct action.

    Third and final: You may want to fill in more details. So far you mention that he had seizures, took meds and fell down some stairs. Suddenly, he is in jail. That makes no sense. What happened to get him locked up and not get proper medical attention? Did he attack somebody? Did he steal something? Please elaborate a little so everybody gets a better picture of what is going on.
  24. James Spader Member

    The internet is the worst location to attempt to retry a case. Just sayin.
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  25. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Especially here. Or 4Chan.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Wrong superheroes. Try calling superman, or jesus. Anonymous doesn't give a fuck.
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  27. rmanhard Member

    Not looking for super heroes, just people who believe as I do and willing to help with 2 minutes of there time to sign a petition. You're entitled to your own opinion, and Jesus don't intervene in worldly afflictions and matters. Sorry but that's how it is.

    Even if you don't give a fuck as you put it there are others who do.
  28. rmanhard Member

    Well if my family is white trash what does that make you? A humanity racist? You're human to and no different than the rest of us. You mess up just like the rest of us, you're not perfect. Either criminally or otherwise ie family matters work issues etc. For having a none on your pic your sure not Christ Like either.
    Didn't the bible say something about a young lady who messed up badly and Christ said something along the lines of Let he be the one to cast the first stone who has not sinned. And all those stones fell to the ground. Jesus then said go your way and sin no more?

    If you would have been paying attention to other information you would have also already known that he was set up. Your tax dollars will continue to pay for these things unless something is done to change this and other things dealing with how things are done in the US. For one thing closing down private prisons, getting rid of crooked politicians, etc. Sitting arguing something doesn't help anybody or anything all it does is cause a rift in humanity. Causing for a further rift in anything being done about crooked policies, politicians, laws, bills, etc.

    You're entitled to your own opinion, but please in the future get all the facts before spouting off on things you don't know or have an inclination to ask about.
  29. rmanhard Member

    I took your advise and elaberated a bit more and also included info as to what I've done. Also feel free to be and as you said asshole about it on my threads. Just don't be surprised if you get an answer that you don't like. ;)
  30. rmanhard Member

    Just so everybody knows I do try to answer everybody's questions and reply to every message.
  31. rmanhard Member

    One more thing be careful what you say and wish for karma does have a way of coming back at us for the little things we do and say with a steel jaw and a huge chunk of payment from our asses!

    Just saying a negative attitude will lead you down a negative path and final destination is self destruction.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Fee Fi Foe Fum...
    I smell a thread...
    'bout to go into the Dome!
  33. rmanhard Member

    Elaborate please! I am after all new on this site.
  34. Anonymous Member

  35. rmanhard Member

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  37. Anonymous Member

    It is a place where things go to die...

    ...if you are lucky. Odds are you will get raped the fuck out of you. Then you will get raped some more. Then you will get raped again and again till you can't possibly get raped anymore. Then they will find a way to continue raping you. Oh and it smells like death and shit in there as well.
  38. James Spader Member

    This is over the top anon. Please disregard OP.
  39. veravendetter Member

    O rly? The landlady must have hated him pretty bad to do that. Why'd she hate him so much?
  40. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Huh? When did the Dome become the Hugbox?

    OK, from the sound of this:

    It sounds like a case of "He Said/She Said". While you were a "witness" per say, generally courts disregard the word of spouses or significant others due to the notion they may try to cover for their loved ones.

    The only advice I can give you is talk to your lawyer and contact the ACLU about what is going on inside with him. An online petition, in all honesty, has about as much weight to it as the paper it is written on. (Read: None)

    Other than that, there is barely anything that can be done here to help you.

    Nah. You are new and you haven't done anything to warrant that from me. Stay for the LULZ.

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