Inmate Badly Treated Inhumanely

Discussion in 'Projects' started by rmanhard, Jan 14, 2012.

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    To tell you the honest truth I really don't know. The only thing I can sum up is that she was bitching at him for cigarette butts that weren't ours and he told her where the bear shit and that ours were always picked up and put in the trash. Which was true I made sure of that anyway. But they got in an argument about it anyway then days later she told him he could clean out that apartment, and keep what he wanted and that she was trying to help us out. I didn't believe her though. I told him get it in writing or don't do it, obviously he didn't listen but that's beside the point. We had only know her for 19 days in total before this happened. So you tell me why? Your guess at this point would be as good as mine.
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    Ok what is LULZ I'm not up on the com lingo.
  3. rmanhard Member

    Well I also told them I would be a willing party to a polygraph however they didn't listen to that either. I'm still trying to find out why lawyers here in Utah are so reluctant on this case yet say that I've got a good case. Then on top of that I already contacted the ACLU they said it would be another 2-6 weeks before they would even consider looking at the case due to limited resources. Not only am I doing the petition on line but I'm doing it door to door here to.

  4. rmanhard Member

    Just like I told Mongrel be careful what you say and wish, karma has a nasty way of coming back and biting you in the ass and she has steel jaws when she does! Have you ever heard the saying "If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all!":rolleyes:
  5. veravendetter Member

    Rough. Hope you get some luck soon. Remember to be careful how much info you put out in your internet mission.
  6. Anonymous Member

    It is so cute how noobs are before they enter that dark pit known as the Dome and get defiled.
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    I got this feeling that this thread will end up like this thread. So far there is potential for some laughs.

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