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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by OSA|Jenny, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Re: Inside Scientology

    The Mission Holder's Conference isn't news. That shit happened before a great deal of anon (maybe the majority, even) was born.

    There are still missions today. One near Denver is still operating and is in fact running a couple workshops every single week. Scientology Mission of Aurora

    I tend to think if they were freezoners, they would have been crushed already - certainly for using Scientology logos, the trademarked name and claiming to be part of the SMI.

    So missions are still up and running. We can move the goalposts about what it means to have "dismantled" the mission network, but that just means we have to be more critical of our source.

    I'm not saying this is a plant. There's a totally plausible scenario in which this "missions were dismantled by DM" thing was a non-news item in which a leaker was explaining back story and the OP misinterpreted it as a new development. There's an equally plausible scenario in which a great deal of the OP's info is accurate, but not all of it, due to varying quality of sources. Everything we've seen, after all, has indicated that smaller orgs are indeed struggling.

    in short: Take it as good news, but not as the gospel truth.
  2. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    These folks.....are the still considered hostiles.

    While I pity their SP-Hall confinement, many are also people that will need to be investigated by the feds for crimes.

    First one to the feds wins :whistle:, the others....???

    Makes you wonder what CoS would do if 500 people just marched onto gold-base property and then just sat down......and waited.

    (thats 10 bus loads of prisoners)
  3. Local Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    I can say that the Nashville celebrity center has, in the past two months, seemed just about dead. In feb there was some Scientology presence and they even made a show of loading a truck with raman and corn flakes. Last two protests we've hardly seen a scifag, let alone any great show of activity. Neighbors all comment that they never see any activity or hear about them.

    As for the regular church in the area, I have no idea.

    So, at the very least, I can believe that part of the 'intel'. The rest is consumed with massive salt grains.

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    more reason to march on their big main buildings....make their big main buildings (Clearwater, and the states and Saint Hill and other places elsewhere) and make where they do have decent numbers decrease.
  5. Daywatch Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    "If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant."
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    if we want to think analytically... COS does have a shitload of money. Despite rumor that sea org fund that LRON setup is dry... that doesn't mean that David isn't playing musical chairs with accounts. Also, housing market down, buy while cheap, hold until prices skyrocket, sell for profit. Also, harder to be seen as evil greedy cult when all of their assets are invested in churches and not a big fat bank account.

    no, they're digging trenches getting ready for this fight to last... they're in it for the long haul. Look how "easily" they overcame the GO...
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    Taking with grain of salt but the above rings true for me. Jeannie Bogvad would have an upstat org in a crisis and would not kowtow to DM (which is prolly why she's upstat).
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    hence why we all should put on some heavy pressure. cake it on thick. not give them chances to get too comfy.

    major raids on their bigger places, more protesting, overwhelming them at book sales etc. i.e. staying on the current course put really putting on the heat (peacefully of course)
  9. Re: Inside Scientology

    Awesome news. As one of the Orgs you listed is near where I live, I can only smile with happiness. I do have pity for those who feel that they are going to just die in the SP-Hall.
  10. danaBanana Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    *inserts metric fuckton of salt*

    Keep protesting, even at the orgs Hanoi Ja-, I mean "Jenny" said were near closed!

    It's a presence, and it keeps the public informed!
  11. GooD Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    But, she must be trusted to some degree She runs The Rogues Gallery, no?
  12. Re: Inside Scientology

    true. keep on doing what we are doing. enjoy the news but dont trust it fully until further evidence is given.

    We are legion...and we are ona mission! :D So if it isnt like that, we will keep going until every org has disbanded. W00T
  13. Re: Inside Scientology

    Kids, it would be quite a feat to bluff with naming these characters. I believe Jenny is for realz.

  14. Anonvox Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    disregard, cocks.
  15. anonypuffs Member

    Re: Inside Scientology




    you decide!
  16. Anonvox Member

    Re: Inside Scientology


    Especially the Dusseldorf Anons. Go back on the 10th and see if it's still closed. In addition, make sure there's someone to spy on the org eve once in a while to make sure it's closed EVERY DAY. Not just on the protest days.

    Then make sure that the org hasn't been reopened ELSEWHERE in the city.

    Even if it is REALLY closed in the city, go to the org with signs like "A dangerous cult was once here" until someone else buys up the property.

    ONLY THEN should you join Anon protests in other areas

    Even then, and yes this is tinfoil hat but fuck it, consider the possiblity that the org might have been clandestinely reopened somewhere else and its now opperating as a hidden cult.

    Ditto all other Anons in case Dusseldorf repeats itself in your area.

    This cult knows how to do duplicitous shit, we should not fall for any of the Scilon mind-tricks.
  17. SP_thats_me Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Its going to take a lot more evidence for me to believe that Heber Jentzsch is in the SP Hall
  18. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Trust me a well motivated troll (which I'm not saying (s)he is) could pull it off.

    Asking for verification before going ape shit over information is just prudent.
  19. enronanonron Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    List of people in the SP hall, July 2007, posted by Chuck Beatty on ars:

    Updated Int Base Staff List. Plus list of who's NO LONGER at Int, July 2007 update, from EX SCN chat site posting - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups

  20. enronanonron Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    OSA|Jenny copypasta directly from Chuck Beatty's list from July 2007.

    The only difference is OSA|Jenny adds Mike Rinder to the list (Rinder, Mike)
  21. GooD Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Time to update his wiki?

    Mike Rinder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  22. IronAnon Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Rinder, Mike is on the Chuck Beatty list.
  23. enronanonron Member

  24. avatar2008 Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Protip: When our enemy appears weak, Anonymous does not grow complacent.
  25. gizmogirl Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    No pics or it didn't happen. If some Anon can check the so called "closed" orgs every couple days for a month or so, then maybe I would believe it. Anonymous is having an effect I am sure, but let's get over ourselves-----3 protests and some flash raids are NOT going to bring down a multi-million dollar business in a few months. Remember, you have people in it, like Tiny Dave, who were raised in the church. It's all they know, they are not going to suddenly walk away because of a few protests.

    Remember, to those deep into the scilon mindset, the fact there are protests "Just means we are winning!" because it means the SP's of the world are feeling threatened. CO$ is NOT going down in a matter of months. The only way it is going down is:
    1. raise general awareness that CO$ is a dangerous cult
    2. reduce the money flow
    3. starve it of new members
  26. ENSLAVER Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    To score epic you need to have a perfect win. Raep everything for free points.
  27. Heyanonnyno Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Not so wounded as we were led to belieeeeeve!

  28. enronanonron Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    You're right. I compared the lists too fast. :face palm:
  29. gizmogirl Member

  30. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    This thread is totally fascinating. The SP hall list looks genuine to me.

    Hopefully this is not just disinformation as Scn playing possum and pretending to be dead or dying and gets Anon to go away...
    Hmmm....would OSA ever think of that?

    Anyway, it is good news that Scilon influence and stats lessen, but the SP Hall prison camp is frankly inhuman, quite apart from being against the law in California.
  31. Legion Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Why have the Feds not raided this SP prison camp yet if so much knowledge about it exists?
  32. Re: Inside Scientology

    because they are all in there 'voluntarily' I would guess, until someone inside gets a message out saying 'help' what grounds would they have to go in?
  33. enronanonron Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Almost a year ago, Chuck Beatty posted a list of staff at Int base, and who is gone from Int Base. Intriguing that the list of people who are gone is almost as long as the people who are still there.

    Maybe Chuck can provide some further updates on this, along with any updates to his list of people in the SP Hall.

    Updated Int Base Staff List. Plus list of who's NO LONGER at Int, July 2007 update, from EX SCN chat site posting - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups
  34. Dubber Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    There's a particular wikifag who watches all of the Scientology-related articles and reverts changes based on internet rumor or other questionable sources. It's not just him, mind you, all of the Scientology articles are on indefinite probation to keep them somewhat neutral and accurate. But one guy is especially active in enforcing that.
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    According to the ESMB, they trot out Heber Jentzsch once in awhile for the photo ops, it seems. He was out for the 2008 LRH Birthday Event in Hungary.
  36. Re: Inside Scientology

    we have to keep at this. this is good news. Lulz in May or Bust
  37. Dubber Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Have them all arrested, get their IDs from the sheriff, and put the whammy on them.
  38. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Probably right about that.
    BTW it was nice 2 meet you at the 12 April protest, Dubber.
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    remember ...SP's may be LIED to...part of the Fair Game order. So its only safe to get proof of this.

    No offense Jenny. Just want to make sure what is said is said, if you were/are OSA you should understand our standpt. in wanting some more documention. If you are telling the truth, thank you and more evidence please. If not...well there u go
  40. LazarusLulz Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Interesting you say that about just one message getting out. There are parallels with this recent case...

    Polygamy Trail Leads to Colorado

    SAN ANGELO, Texas, April 17, 2008 — Texas Rangers participated in the arrest of a Colorado woman who allegedly pretended to be a girl locked in a basement. The Rangers were in the state as part of their investigation into the Texas polygamy custody battle, local police told ABC News.

    It was unclear if the arrest was related to the phone call from a woman who claimed to be a 16-year-old girl, a phone call that sparked what has become one of the largest child custody cases in U.S. history.

    Officials in Texas raided a polygamist compound and took 416 children into custody after an abuse hotline received a series of phone calls from the purported teen who said she was being held at the compound. The girl, who called herself Sarah, said she was being physically and sexually abused by her adult husband, court documents say.

    Texas child protection lawyers have said they believe the girl does exist, even though they have not found her.

    But ABC News has learned that Texas Rangers flew to Colorado Springs, Colo., and participated in the arrest of a 33-year-old woman who was charged with filing a false report.

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