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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by OSA|Jenny, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. XtremeNL Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Keep in mind that they will go closed tech during big anonymous raids, since they don't want the memebrs exposed to our enturbulation.
    So the fact that you don't see anyone during a protest doesn't mean much.
  2. Sargo Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

  3. nomnompie Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Anyone considered trying to find phone numbers for those people on the list and trying to contact them? I imagine if a bunch of them cannot be located, then there may be some truth to that list. Then, missing person report anyone?

    Would anyone in the SP hall even have access to a phone to call 911 if they needed help?

    Just thinking out loud here.
  4. @n0nym0u5 Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    if this info is true..
  5. Whanonstler Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    November 5 will be a Legendary Raid, not Epic if the cult lasts that long. Part of me wants it to go down yesterday, part of me wants it to go down November 6th.

    Digesting the OP info con mucho salto, but shit, if it is true that is pretty awesome. I do feel bad for the people in the SP Hall- I wonder how many are in there for daring to question the Enema Loving, Hard Drinking Asthmatic Dwarf with the small, womanish hands?
  6. twistedpuppet Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    I just want to say that the tidbit the op posted about the Nashville org seems about right. They seem a bit scarce in these parts. :p
  7. Re: Inside Scientology

    well this is all info from the US, fair enough, the fact that orgs are looking a little desolate on protest days is nice, but not yet a win unless they are empty.

    where I am in the Uk i have access to a few ( very few), so i am planning a few small weekday OP's to check out how busy the smaller orgs are when there are no flash raids or protests on.

    the beauty of being anonymous is you are just a member of the public walkin' by........
  8. Captain-chan Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Is it can be flash raids tiem nao, Cincinons?
  9. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    I remain skeptical of this as well. We have had secret insider info that never really panned out before. (Co$ using their children to harrass protesters in March for example.)

    Nice if its true, but I am not sold. Need more before I join the circle jerk.
  10. Re: Inside Scientology

    Therein lies the beauty of the flash raid...
  11. Succubus Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Hmmm. Truth be told I had to sit here finishing the rum and coffee that Edges and A. Non Hubbard have yet to steal from me this morning.

    The originally posted information makes me take the sour face of the day.

    Are the Missions called off, orgs empty, hardcore staffers absent? really?

    Now, I don't be to discredit your intel *Jenny*, or make offensive. :flowers:

    I'm type vomiting again. To me, this smells suspect. The OSA has plans, procedure, and applications. The boost in marketing was a procedure after the echo of Anon's call to arms. Tory's video of Miss Grumpy-Panties is a sign that it is more def' FAIL'd. Rumors about commercial spamming in e-mails and members told to get out there and "spread the truth" (see the ads from google above) could be a plan because they have indeed secured more free media air time now. I do believe we have tilted the cauldron, and the boiling feces is, yes, falling onto their collective feet.

    I happen to be in an area where private Scilons drive/ get chauffeured a couple hundred miles to go to an org. So yes, I bet many are making little covens and staying home for Sunday Audit-day and are paying MORE money to have their courses done elsewhere to avoid the :anon:SP-brigade.

    So could new information like this be implants? If all communication is being highly scrutinized and carefully watched, like I would expect as OSA is probably standing front and to the left in the DM circle jerk. Is this just an experimentation of how to make us act out to get us back on the Average Joe "Dey Crrazii" scale. OSA and Co$ might hate the interwebz, but I'm sure they have as many trolls as AT&T has tech support in India looking for "what we have" and what we're "peddling to the public." They have to be formulating something in there, just as we sit here.

    What does alarm me is, if that last bit about the SP hall 'detainees' is true. Can you be sure that intel is true and accurate enough to find other evidence in a dig to help them? If they are in there and aren't brainwashed enough to believe they are safe, someone needs to help them act. Thinking you are going to die is no joke, yo's.

    :tinfoil:On the other hand, maybe it's a ploy to get us to do something discreditable like the rumors in Texas. Fuck this place is making me paranoid. I need to go smoke and make some more reason # to hate scientology bookmarks. teehee
  12. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Well, it does ring true for some things garnered at a NY org. New Public and Gross Income stats (The only metrics I can see that really matter) are down, and have been for a couple months now.

    The Executive Director was yelling at his minion wondering when a Comm Cycle from FLAG would start so he would know what to do, and the OSA Rep was down in FLAG for a "meeting" that he didn't know what it was about.

    And this same org has at most 3 staff on post (Not including ED and ED minion): 1 Auditor, 1 Router, and a Div 6 Terminal.
  13. Local Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    They certainly did not cloister them selves in February. In fact they had a constant presence outside the center. Since then it has been very quiet, and the 'Now hiring' sign has been up for 3 months.

    There are surely scientologists there. It would just appear that it isn't very well populated. Local college students have started walking across the orgs lawn to get to an adjacent parking lot, leaving a visible path in the grass. The grass is cut but it's obviously not landscaped as well as it could be. Absent too is the large limo that was parked outside before and after 2/10. The place just doesn't look or feel like somewhere that celebrities would want to go.

    It looks like the center may have fallen on rough times. So the 'informants' story is plausible in that respect.
  14. Daywatch Member

    Re: Inside Scientology



    stop chasing shadows

    do not forget who we are dealing with here
    The Co$ can convince rational human beings to give up their entire lives to get dead aliens of of themselves
    they are well versed in mis and dis information

    this kind of stuff has been leaked for DECADES
    most of which never bears any fruit

    there are REAL and REPUTABLE wins happening ( IE Jason's vids) get exited and motivated by the REAL wins not whispers and shadows
  15. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Remember the Brussels police raid ? One of the basic reasons was that scientology made false employment ads in order to get new people in. Not an sign of good health.

    So, we should remain skeptic and go and check the facts. At least, we know where and what to look at.
  16. Daywatch Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    we need 2 new areas

    1.Celebutard nonsense

    2. Breaking Rumors
  17. Anon2323 Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Quotes from Sun Tzu:

    If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to
    irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.

    By discovering the enemy's dispositions and remaining
    invisible ourselves, we can keep our forces concentrated,
    while the enemy's must be divided.

    Simulated disorder postulates perfect discipline,
    simulated fear postulates courage; simulated weakness
    postulates strength.

    Hiding order beneath the cloak of disorder is
    simply a question of subdivision; concealing courage under
    a show of timidity presupposes a fund of latent energy;
    masking strength with weakness is to be effected
    by tactical dispositions.


    They may be feigning weakness giving us possibly good info like the SP Hall list with other disinformation. Maybe they want us to weaken our resolve by thinking we've already won, or be unprepared for their next offensive. In other words Stay on target. :anon:
  18. Samuel Hughes Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    ALL fascist dictators did this.

    Hitler. Stalin. Caligula.

    BTW, the part about the missions and field workers looks cut-and-pasted from the 1980s situation.

    Reliable source or no, it's encouraging, and in no negative way affects our plans for thwarting DM plans for world domination.

    Just remember, they are an infection, and if you stop the antibiotics when it looks better instead of well after it's gone, it will come back just as strong later. FINISH THE FIGHT.
  19. @n0nym0u5 Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    too much tinfoilery in this thread imo...
    even if it's disinfo..what would it change? nothing,
    it wouldn't stop us
  20. Daywatch Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    nothing tinfoily about it at all
    when these claims are made rational people will say " GREAT! where is the proof ? "

    I have watched this "false hoping "go on over at OCMB and ARS for decades, now it is starting at enturb
    it serves to distract and OFF TARGET us
    being a herd of cats we are extra vulnerable to being distracted by shiny things
  21. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Inside Scientology


    Unsourced rah-rah post from a new account, followed by copypasta list of previously-published names.

    Not calling bullshit just yet, but damn close.

    There's one tiny bit of researchable information in this entire mess of "yay us!" back-slapping: that the missions are in dire condition.

    Well, there's a mission here. Will check.

    Otherwise... *yawn*
  22. Re: Inside Scientology

    How many kids with ADD does it take to change a lightbulb?


    Wanna fly kites? :fuckyou:
  23. juche Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Exactly. I'm in it for the long haul, and I'd hope most others are too. It's good to be a bit iffy about this information so that we avoid arrogance and allowing ourselves to be complacent, but if some go that direction, I'd hope there are enough of us willing to keep fighting to keep this going as it should.
  24. @n0nym0u5 Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    well i just don't see how motivating us-even with disinfo-would help them in any way or keep us from keeping up the fight
  25. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    good catch, Id ask jenny to give me a call 703-241-1498

    and for folks who would like to learn from the past, read this thread and make sure to read the 2nd letter from Jim Beebe at CAN, further down the page. LINK
  26. Re: Inside Scientology

    except MIKE Rinder is not in jenny's list

    that doesn't mean it couldn't have been taken out after the rumours, but
    bad quote is BAD quote!
  27. Daywatch Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    it is a common psi-ops tactic

    it is used to DEmotivate and lower morale

    the way it works basically is:

    give false hope/win

    then take it away

    repeat ad nausea

    then EVERY bit of information or win becomes suspect, and the constant ups/downs of emotions begins to take its toll and people lose the will to continue
  28. indeedindeed Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    there is an effect that when something interesting "is happening", people stop what they were doing and start watching instead.
  29. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    As a wise man once said,

  30. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Yes they do this in settlement talks and litigation in general.. the effect of raising hope and taking it away is analagous to bending a paperclip... eventually it breaks
  31. Re: Inside Scientology

    Fuck the paranoia.

    interesting info is interesting

    thats all it is

    stay on target!!!
  32. Anon2323 Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    ^^^ THIS
  33. Anon2323 Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Your right interesting info is interesting none the less.
  34. Re: Inside Scientology

    There are ample signs that they are losing it anyways. Look at the Scientologists flipping out all over the place during the mini-raids. In Denmark, the Scieno spokesperson, whose prime task is to keep the public image of the cult intact, gets physical with an Anon. Yesterday's flash raid in Amsterdam had highest-ups of the Dutch org emotionally shouting at Anonymous. If even the senior staff can't handle it, what about the rank-and-file?

    There are enough signs on the outside showing they're cracking up, whether or not this info from the inside is true.
  35. Re: Inside Scientology

    I see wut u did thar...

    and i liek it...

    DO IT!
  36. Anonvox Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    To quote Han Solo, "Great kid, don't get cocky."
  37. @n0nym0u5 Member

    Re: Inside Scientology


    3. Teh Tinfoil Arena
  38. Re: Inside Scientology

    Stay on Target;
    Take any news from the inside with a grain of salt; but know that its been tainted in some way or another.

    Bottom Line: We're winning; We're making an impact; they're nervous; they need more data to try and determine how to proceed and play in a realm they' dont have 'tech' superiority. All the more reason to not move to a format that is less predicatble and to incite massive damage with minimal effort (i.e. decentralized raids/tactics)
  39. Mr. Kite Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Seems too good, shady inside info is shady. You know what this means though, if they are weak, we hit them harder. We don't let up, never let up, only get stronger! We don't stop letting up until scientology is confirmed by every national media in the world that it is done. We make Hubbard cry in his grave and for this I love you guys. :lrhcries:

    And everybody is right, don't get penisy!
  40. Jugular Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    I'm over unsubstantiated leaks.

    Someone right now present me with evidence, or even its shadow, of the existence of SP Hall, and then tell me why it has yet to be raided.

    Not by Anonymous, but by the FBI.

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