Inside Scientology

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by OSA|Jenny, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    "And my philosophy is why not kick a dog when it's down?"
    L Ron Hubbard 20 April 1955
  2. Mr. Kite Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    HAHA! ^^^^ THAT! Very nice sir. Internets to you.
  3. Mr. Kite Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Somebody ask Tory, or Patty, or Larry, or any other happy time SP ex-scilon about the existence of an SP hall.
  4. Amnon Nhymous Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    What a dirty philosophy.

    Let's see what it gives when applied to the one who support it.
  5. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Inside Scientology


    Stay on target. Maybe good news, but for now, we know that we are fighting a guerrilla war. Guerrilla's never give up, until they are too scattered to fight, and then some.
  6. Jugular Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Yeah, I know. I've lurked the OG. I know what they are saying. What I asked for is evidence. If what they are all saying is true, SP Hall should be the endgame for us, and for COS.

    Uh, false imprisonment gulags? Given our stated purpose as getting COS tax exempt status revoked as quickly as possible, why are we even wasting time protesting anything else? FBI raiding the RPF, SPH and the bureaucracy behind it would get that done pretty fast.
  7. ChestyAnon Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    give me John Travolta crying his eyes out with Oprah about all his Scilon struggles with Kristy Alley whailing along and I'll somewhat SOMEWHAT believe that we are making a dent but until then it's business as usual folks. Keep moving nothing to see here.

    Oh and Tom and Katie on Dr. Phil Ill believe that when i see it. HAHA.....

  8. @n0nym0u5 Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    exOT8Michael wrote about it here

  9. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Inside Scientology


    Applying dirty philosophy gives dirtyness.

    If nasty scientologies are mean to anon and nice people,
    anon must give nasty scientologies HUGZ

    When dog is down, apply moar hugz, not fail.
    Keep hugging till all scientologies are happy and nice ppl
    and there will be INFINITE CAKE FOR ALL.

    Even DM can have cake, although he might not find it delicious.

    Re: jennyjennyjenny (OP)
    If she is-
    a real, blownforever ex-scn,
    a wily troll,
    a secret scn spy, posting misinformation, but actually close to blowing for reals,
    DM in drag
    Lord Xenu

    Does not/should not matter a damn anyway.

  10. Amnon Nhymous Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Yup. And some self-contradiction was intended.

    A logical joke from time to time is not bad, provided we don't forget the target, which is $cientology, not scientologists.

    The dog is the cult. Let's kick the cult until its down.
  11. Daywatch Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    so in a war you should not use guns because the enemy is using guns?????
  12. Mr. Kite Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    I am against kicking real dogs, just for the record. I can see it now,
    Me: No, I love dogs!
    OSA dude: What are your crimes?
    Me: Kicking dogs isn't one of them.
  13. Re: Inside Scientology

    LMAO haha, they are so predictable its funny. As well as how much we Anon's rockerz teh sockerz
  14. Amnon Nhymous Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Obviousness: playing with logic is somehow dangerous BUT required.
    Anons must master ill-logics, because the target is using it as a weapon against everyone.

    Do not confuse logical games/fallacies with reality.

    Just PLAY with them. Someone jump in a "if this IS, then THAT will happen" ?
    Ok. Why not playing word game!

    Having fun with logics does not/must not mean that we forget what we're fighting for.
  15. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    The people in the SP Hall would have no access whatsoever to phones or mailing out anything. They are prisoners and have been brainwashed into accepting it.

    If such were liberated the first thing they would do is to deny anything was wrong, claim they are free and happy.
    However, specific questions about their exact lifestyle and an investigation with photos and video of the SP Hall facility would evidence a very different story.
    Fact is, it is a prison camp with illegal tenure of US citizens right here in California. The fact the inmates would fearfully claim nothing is wrong does not change that fact.
  16. pooks Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    From what I can tell there are currently two Ex Sea Org members,
    BlownforGood and Victor, who state that the SP Hall exists. Many
    Ex's believe the SP Hall exists, especially those that are Ex-Sea Org

    It would help if you understood the history of "detention" in the Sea Org
    and the power of the Scn mindfuck over Sea Org members.

    The RPF is "voluntary". Sea Org members are so very thoroughly indoctrinated
    in the Scn mindfuck, that they do in fact believe that they voluntarily stay in
    the RPF and in other detention situations like the SP Hall.

    Scn is very elitist and so would have different levels of detention. The
    RFP would be for the lower and middle management types, but the inner
    circle of Int Management would get sent to someplace like the "Hall"
    where it is reported that people like Heber, ED Int, Ray Mithoff and Mark
    Yager, and Norman Starkey, the most elite of all Int staff, are in
    a "voluntary" detention or the SP Hall. Those poor brainwashed bastards
    believe they are there in that SP Hall because they have failed Scn, and
    have acted suppressive by NOT expanding Scn and therefore deserve to be
    there to get rehabilitated and "handled".

    Anonymous is giving strength to many ex's. By exposing Scn for the
    nasty little cult it is, Anonymous is now making it safer for more
    ex's to come forward and speak about what is going on at the Int.
    Management. Hopefully more will come forward and confirm the existence
    of the SP Hall.

  17. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    A current arial photo of the Hemet Base would show the perimeter fence and the second interior fence enclosing the SP Hall, with separate security guards, according to the data I got at the OG briefing.
    I don't think Googleearth pics are that current, are they?
    Do we have anything useful on this?
  18. danaBanana Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    "When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you" (paraphrased Nietzsche).

    In short: Don't become who you're fighting.
  19. BlueDreamer Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    For those who quoted Sun Tzu, you all win the internets so much. [/offtopicness]

    Overall... info is info, but the target remains.

    Navy cats! Proceed to battlestations! Target at bearing 083, distance over 9000! LAUNCH THE HARPOONS! :fuckyou:
  20. Daywatch Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    well the chances of us becoming a billion dollar brainwash cult are pretty slim
  21. entent54321 Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    When evaluating the motives or source or reasoning of OSA Jenny's original post, it might also be worth seeing another post that she started for the purpose of namefagging members of the COS from pictures sent to her by other members of this forum.

    Hard for me to think her sympathies are not with anonymous, especially given that this thread is pure fun gossip and not a call to disengage.
  22. danaBanana Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

  23. Aletheia Member

  24. Elbynonamous Member

    Re: Inside Scientology


    Epic win for Nashville. Lol. We knew that, though. No one ever comes in or out.

    We have a fucking great time regardless. YEAH. :woot:
  25. ZeLyt Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    It's been previously mentioned, but the Nashville celeb center is generally dead. I've been by on days that we aren't having raids, and its still has generally no scilon presence. I really would not be surprised if we have more protesters than they have members. Hooray anonymous!
  26. Jugular Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Ah it all gets back to BFG and LBV. When I first got into this I had alot of respect for them, now I just have a lot of questions. namely: what the hell are you waiting for?

    Maybe we should take this to PM's so we dont derail this (although im not sure what this thread was about in the first place)

    I hope BFG or LBV have an endgame in mind. At this point, they look like a bunch of nothing to me.
  27. Re: Inside Scientology

    No, you use guns.

    Violence is the unnecessary or unwarranted use of force.

    Violence is the last desperate act of the incompetant.

    However, self defense is a whole other story.

    And in war, they are gunning for you. So defend yourself. You can love your enemy... but its much easier when he's no longer pointing a weapon at you because you properly defended yourself.
  28. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Tell you what, how about nobody ever uses the "g" word, I figure if the cat hits the fan people will figure out how to defend themselves/run like hell.
  29. anonymous44 Member

    Re: Inside Scientology


    Sounds more like she's harvesting our pics of OSA and wants to know what we know.

    If she's OSA, then we're pretty much doing her job for her.

  30. Anon2323 Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    I share your concerns, I just did not want to sound more tinfoil hatty than I already do in this thread.
  31. Re: Inside Scientology

    Wait, WHAT? :shock:
    That wasn't what the contract said when I signed up! :rant:
  32. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    In a war (as in other conflict) you should observe and learn from the enemy's mistakes so that you can avoid repeating them.

    Evil Jacket Guy?
    Hot Coffee Dude?

    Sometimes symmetric strategies are appropriate-
    * Propaganda vs Info (lies vs truth)
    * Secret dox vs Rapidshare
    * Stress Tests vs Picketing

    but when they deploy deadly footbullets
    are we really obliged to shoot our own feet, every time?
  33. Daywatch Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    OK OK
    let us be done with our analogy war in this thread
  34. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    OK. YAY!
  35. Re: Inside Scientology

  36. Anonvox Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    I'm pretty sure the OSA already do know everything that's posted on Enturb, even if the Co$ computers can't enter this site the OSA's private one's can, and most of the photos we've taken of the Scilons are on Enturb. What they're probably more interested in finding out when and where our mini-raids will occur.

    If this is a method of learning what we know, then this is garnering paltry little information for a heavy price...their own people are being namefagged.
  37. incog712 Member

    Re: Inside Scientology


    I lulled.
  38. anonymous44 Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Then the OP, the SP list and the rougues gallery will make sure to give her lots of credibility when she does try and find out.

    not really, she never gave anything up, just reposted pics we already had, and were namefagged.

    of course, i could be wrong, in which case, cocks.
  39. enronanonron Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    ? about "SP Hall" - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups

    Also, posted by Tory on April 5th 2008 on ars (Tory, hope you don't mind this being crossposted):

    Andreas Visits Los Angeles - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups

    Status of Heber Jentzsch? - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups

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