Inside Scientology

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by OSA|Jenny, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Anonvox Member

    Sure...she could just be using the Rouge Gallery to gain our trust...

    and Angelina Jolie could be sucking my dick right now, but how likely is that (Angie swallows btw)? I think your tinfoil hat is on just a wee bit too tight. As long as nobody gets stupid and starts blabing to her about the mini-raids, we should be fine. Even if she is a spy, which I doubt, in the end, she'll only end up doing good for us if we keep our mouths shut about the mini-raids.

    Just remember fellow anons (warning: obvious statments ahead) times and places of flash raids are on a need to know basis. Protip: If you aren't in on the specific mini-raid, you don't need to know about ANY mini-raid, let alone mini-raids outside of your general area.

    Also, The whole point of the Rogues Gallery was so OSA/Jenny could namefag Scilons we had pics of. We didn't know who they were, she told us. This aids Chanology.

    But thank you for the pre-emptive cocks.
  2. enronanonron Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    2 cents here, OSA/Jenny seems legit to me, although I had some initial doubts. I asked her some stuff in PMs, and liked her answers.

    What she wrote so far rings true for me.

    Regardless, OSA/Jenny has so far been providing good and helpful info.
  3. anonspitfire Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    mmh, i don't know... how can it be that there are so few people in the orgs etc, etc, with so many scilons out there. we may have stopped the raw meat recruiment and all, but what about 2nd or 3rd generation scilons. there are a lot of kids that grew up with DM's co$ and by my experience, they are very fanatical...

    i think all that jenny says may be truth, but i'll take it with a grain of salt.

    tl;dr: it doesnt really matter. STAY ON TARGET.
  4. anonEmouser Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Just to piss a little more into people's cornflakes...

    About the "incredibly shrunken orgs" that used to be Saint Hill sized but now can't properly field a crew racing team:
    Remember that before OT 9+ can be released, the old goal used to be that all Orgs were of "Saint Hill Size" (now its that all orgs are "Ideal Orgs" whatever the hell that is).

    To fake growth and to facilitate this goal, orgs were granted the "saint hill" status without actually attaining it. So that an org used to be "saint hill" is more or less a meaningless descriptor.

    A caveat is that to maintain the illusion locally, you probably had a few sea org stationed there and/or there were a few dozen public/staff. So that the orgs are shrinking is a given; they just haven't necessarily imploded from 100-200 people (old saint hill size, IIRC).

    Regardless of the accuracy of Jenny's intel, we ARE having an effect. The CoS has NEVER backpedaled so much in its entire existence aside from maybe after the FBI/Snow White incident. The CoS is circling the drain. How fast it circles down will be determined by how much pressure worldwide we're able to apply--let's stay on target and see if we can get it to fall before the decade's out.
  5. AnonyMama Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    ^^No. OSA/Jenny's original list on page 1 of this thread lists a "Rinder, Catherine Albertina" - no "Mike Rinder" or "Rinder, Mike".
  6. Re: Inside Scientology

    dont get all hard up about the info...remember scilons lie. until we have hard proof, keep on keeping on and dont let this get u all uppity. this is one person until we have more news we keep on putting on the pressure hardcore
  7. Mister X Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    It would be nice if OSA/Jenny would reply to criticisms and questions in this thread rather than completely ignoring them because, you know, that's what trolls do.
  8. enronanonron Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Looks like the list of people in the SP Hall was originally posted on the net here (lots of good info on this site): - Who's who at Int/Gold
  9. Dubber Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    BlownForGood's stories about SP hall go way past the limits of plausibility. Musical chairs? Red riding hoods? Until this week, my personal view was that it was some kind of disinfo.

    But just the other night I was watching this video. At 5:39 they talk about David Miscavige and there was a remark by Stacy Brooks that made it all click. DM doesn't do these zany things to out of desperation to save Scientology. This is his idea of fun, degrading the people under his control.
  10. HikiPress Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    The truth is that we're already getting a taste of the Lulz that are to come. "Moralfags may they call us, yet never can they deny our corrupted LOL:s".

    Will someone go to /b/ to brag about our LuLz?
  11. Re: Inside Scientology

    Now would be a ripe time to start sending in Anonymous plants of our own into CO$ to gather better info from the inside.... would certainly be easier to disseminate the truth from within.....
  12. felinonymous Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    If there is someone already in that is just looking for an opportunity to blow, that's one thing. But I can tell you, it doesn't take much before the Truman door shuts. It is very difficult to avoid getting sucked in. I don't think that sending Anon plants in is a great idea. That said, I know that there are a few locations that have folks on the inside biding their time until they can safely get outside. There are a few here.
  13. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Inside Scientology


    "Congress of the United states
    House of Representatives
    December 10, 1976

    Dear Ida Camburn,

    Thank you for your very detailed letter regarding
    Scientology. We haven't yet found a way to attack
    these jackals who feed on children and young adults
    who are too emotionally weak to stand by themselves
    when they reach the age of consent.

    It's too bad there isn't a 20th Century Charles
    Dickens to write about the terrible destruction of
    these 20th Century fagins who make themselves rich
    while they destroy the psyche of so many.

    At the present time, I can only encourage you
    to do more of what you have been doing.

    Sincerely yours
    Leo J Ryan
    Member of Congress"
  14. misskittie Member

    Re: Inside Scientology


    Sense makes sense

    OSA/Jenny is a double bluff because SHE IS OSA ppls. Man, this place is becoming as easy to troll as OCMB. STAY ON TARGET, DON'T BELIEVE EVERY ASSHOLE WHO POSTS ON HERE. Until WBM/Jason/Magoo/Arnie etc draw me a map to the SP Hall (because U know it's been there since at least the 90's) then I'll believe it. Or indeed when the Guantanamo style pics get realised then I will believe it.

    until then STFU or GTFO

    I thank you.

    *climbs off soapbox*
  15. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    The only thing I'm stealing is that pic.
  16. Anonvox Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Once again...

    As long as we continue to apply as much pressure as possible to the Co$ and don't tell her about the mini-raids, her information can only help us and embolden us. Thus the question of wether she is OSA is irrelevant. She's effectivly working for us as long as we keep a cool head about ourselves.

    The reason she hasn't responded to these posts is probably because she is busy running the rogues gallery. There are a lot of photos of Scilon douchebags and only so few hours in the day. She doesn't have to respond to petty internet criticism. Her attidue is probably, "I'm here to help and I'm devoting my full time to being a double agent in the OSA, believe it or not I'm not stopping."

    Also, it's not like she's asked for any really confidential information so far, unless someone can prove me wrong, so the double agent AGAINST Anonymous theory seems to be on shakey ground.

  17. felinonymous Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Hmm. I'm gonna chalk the whole thing up to "I don't care". If she has good information and she isn't getting any, hey that's great. But that's the approach I take with anyone posting here. Some of you I know, some of you I know IRL. For all I know, one of you could be my first husband. As long as I don't tell you anything that would be pertinent for cos to know, it really doesn't matter. You are all bits and bytes.

    I think the real message is "Stay on Target".
  18. misskittie Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Surely it can only help and enbolden us if it's actually true. And not one of us to my knowledge (short of maybe Jason B and a couple of OG's contacts) noone can. Until one of us is sat in the OSA typing next to Jenny or someone blows then verifies, you will forgive me for keeping that beard sized grain of salt close by.
  19. xellas420 Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    I know it's a repost, but this deserves copypasta'ing

    Stay on target! We are the guided missiles of the Internet's wrath, so let's not let our targeting stray just because of some potential chaff. If the news is real, excellent...we're closer to the target than we could have DREAMED of being. If it's fake, then no big deal, we simply continue trucking on and generating more lulz for fuel. This loop continues until we hit the target, period.

    Stay on target, don't take this at face value, keep doing what we are doing because it IS working. Even if the Co$ is playing dead, that is a win in and of itself because that means they recognize us as a threat big enough to take them down. Think about it... a possum doesn't play dead for a mouse. It plays dead for something big enough to hurt it. Same goes for the Co$... either they are falling apart at the seams, which equals win, or they are so scared they are playing dead, which also equals win.

    TL;DR version: Ignore misdirect, stay on target! Win is imminent!
  20. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    This V V V V V V
  21. Re: Inside Scientology

    Whatever else, it'd make sense for anyone with new pics they want "checking" to ensure they also post them to the thread itself (rather than a straight PM as requested). This way if the rogues gallery OP becomes more or less a central resource for OSAgraphs. It helps maintain a check and balance on what does or doesn't get displayed. If Jenny is acting in good faith, I'm sure this kind of transparency is something she will want to encourage.

    Also posting a link to:
    would be good (How to remove identifying exif data from your photos).

    Other than that, great stuff!
  22. monamia Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    how do you post a photo to a thread?
    i've got a bunch of rogues at photobucket anon1512 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    and have been asking for DAYS and days about how to post to a
    thread. no go.
  23. Thucydides Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    ^^ This
  24. Daywatch Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    like that?
  25. monamia Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

  26. Daywatch Member

    Re: Inside Scientology


    like that?

    the third box down
  27. Re: Inside Scientology

    You are doing it wrong. Just click the yellow square above the box in which you normally type your message.. Then paste in the address of the picture.

  28. monamia Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    thanks dr. lilly. got it.
    *daywatch* helped and i've just posted some stuff in the May West Coast thread, and in the Rogue's gallery, and ex-scien kids photo in the thread about nightline.

    appreciate your help.
    i love your green hair.
    so cute.
    makes me thirsty for a margharita.
  29. Kookaburra Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Regarding the OP. This looks to be a compiled list. The missions debacle is old news. 25 years old.

    The SP Hall indeed exists. The full list was compiled by Little Bear Victor shortly after he got out. It was originally posted on ESMB by LBV. You will also find the full list of Int base staff on the website. It is the most up to date info we have on Int base. But it certainly didn't come from an insider at Flag. They would not be told about the SP room or anything else that goes on at Int/Gold. That is all top secret hush hush inside the Sea Org.

    Jeannie Bogvad has a history of booming orgs. If anyone can keep an org afloat in the presence of anon, JB, & OCMB it is Jeannie. And I'm sure DM hates her for it. But I don't know the current scene at Cincinatti. Any anons in that area up for a personality test?

    And to answer someone's question regarding the SP Hall, no you can't phone them. They cannot call 911. They are prisoners. A few years ago they were made to do things like cleaning out the sewage ponds, and then dressed up in their uniforms for events, paraded around on stage, then back to the ponds. Lately they have been simply locked up. The stories of it are horrific. And they are so beaten into submission that they will not report it to police FBI even if they get a chance.

    The SP room is one big reason why the entire corporation of Scientology must be destroyed.......completely dismantled. It's also one big reason why a very LOUD protest at Gold base would be in order. I don't think their hall is soundproof.
  30. eclipsael Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    That's why I have a hard time believing the OP's information. I don't know how the CoS defines 'successful' but successful the Cinci org is not. I drive by there nearly every day and minus the minimal staff inside, it appears pretty dead. Not to mention the 'now hiring' signs that have been up since the protest on 4/12.

    Also, they have a Dianetics booth set up at a flea market of all places. Let me say that again -- a fucking flea market. As of last Saturday the only activity present in the booth was the 3-4 Scilons handing out pink personality test fliers and desperately trying to convince people to take a free stress test, and no one was taking the bait. And those pink fliers? I saw at least two open trashcans filled to the top with them (and yes, I have the pics to prove all this). The demographic they're trying to lure doesn't give a shit about Dianetics and expensive courses -- they're salt-of-the-earth people who just want to save a buck or two on bootleg dvds.

    I'll also be scouting out another supposed Dianetics booth location of theirs later today, and I expect that to be similarly full of fail.

    So yes, I call bullshit on the OP's statement that the Cinci org is 'successful.' You want to prove it to me that they are? Show me some numbers.
  31. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    I gotta see those pics!!
  32. eclipsael Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    dscf2810.jpg dscf2812.jpg dscf2813.jpg
  33. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Fckuing. Epic.
  34. Kookaburra Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Well, so much for Cincinatti. I have a feeling that no orgs are thriving at the moment. They have been on a downswing for several years now, per all reports except DM's. He keeps trying to fight the trend by buying new buildings but it isn't working. Geez, I'd hate to be an org staff member these days. Must be hell in there.
  35. felinonymous Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Kookaburra- I think that all the real estate purchasing is something different but don't know what. They have purchased a significant building where I live but I see reports that they are doing that virtually everywhere, both in the US and overseas. Anywhere they have a presence. And this isn't new, it has been going on for awhile. Something is going on with that but I don't know what.

    Speculation, anyone?
  36. gizmogirl Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    I am sure it is some sort of tax break and/or a way for David M. to personally have the money as HIS and not the cults. Who knows what name or corporation title is on the ownership papers. I'm also pretty sure there is money going to off shore accounts.
  37. AnonP1ZZ4 Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Most interesting. Any other info?
  38. Amnon Nhymous Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Does someone knows if there's a list of the companies owned by the Cult somewhere ?
    I could have a way to find out some data on this.
  39. anonoblong Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    As some one stated the other day. One does not simply ROCK into goldbase.

    It's the end dude. It's time will come.
  40. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    One plausible idea. They mayhaps are making the push to convert every org in an "Ideal Org". There is one last OT Level being held out until every org is an "Ideal Org". So, the marketing ploy is this:

    Get every Org transformed in the "Ideal Org."

    Release new OT Level.

    New flush of cash for people to do the new OT Level.

    And, maybe Ronnie boy may return, like he was supposed to last year. :p

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