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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by OSA|Jenny, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    And since that's not gonna happen, I would imagine they will "release" OT9 soonish, to try and sap more money off those who can afford it.

    Gold Base is the Final Boss of Scientology.

    Stress carts are our weenies. Our current bosses are the local orgs. Dusseldorf already beat this level. My money's on Plymouth UK crashing next.
  2. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    If Belgium has in fact fallen, then yes, Plymouth is next. After that, some Aussie orgs. The US will be last to fall, me thinks. We should try to see which orgs right now in the US are on the brink. I think one in NY is dead already, but has enough core ron bots to keep it alive for another year or two.
  3. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    The "Ideal Org" is just a construction project with no relation to membership, et al. So, if they get enough built, and close the un-ideal ones, then OT9 is here, and Ron's "prophecy" of all orgs being "ideal" are realized. Another thing to cram down the throats of the ron bots.

    And, maybe Ronnie will come back lol
  4. Re: Inside Scientology

    Well it was originally that every Org had to be "St Hill size", but DM has now changed that to "every Org an 'Ideal' Org.". Funny how none of the scilon robots seem to acknowledge he CHANGED WHAT LRH SAID.

    But more importantly, scilons have prepaid for OT-9 and OT-10 by the truckloads. Any hardcore OT-8s left in the cult have already bought OT-9. So the cult will not be getting any money from them for it. But too bad there are tons of people who have pre-paid but already left scientology - hopefully when Operation: Refund comes to pass, we can get them on board in a big way.
  5. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    He should switch it back to St. Hill size, then almost all orgs would be St. Hill size lulz

    Betcha OSA lurkers will report that to DM, and there will be a "Platinum Age of Tech", new "old" books (including back to "Current St. Hill Size"), and since almost every org (to include book stands) are St. Hill size, OT9 & 10 ( And maybe Ronnie will arrive, albeit a little late).

    /me shitz brickz if I see that in a couple of years rotfl
  6. GooD Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Thanks Dr3k. Noted.
  7. Re: Inside Scientology

    this :) good deal

    btw any more news?

    PS especially after the ABC report etc
  8. cubby Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    another positive contribution!
    can we do this plz?
  9. SimpleCoax Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    A long time ago I read that CoS kids had to look at a picture on the wall of L Ron throughout the day and say "hip hip hooray". I didn't believe it for a second because of the absurdity. Cut to 3 months ago. I watched the whole IAS Freedom Valor OTVIII Platinum Meratorious We Have Like A Billion Members video, where lo and behold, I saw adults turn to a picture of an asshole and gleefully yell that phrase. And ever since, I'll be believing any ridiculous thing you tell me about the CoS until proven false.
  10. monamia Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    excellent proposition for urban street theatre

    the return
    as expected
    of l ron hubbard

  11. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    I still think he may come back... Just waiting on the "Platinum Age of Tech"...
  12. HeyNonnyNonny Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    I'd love to see the damage control they're trying to pull over the nightline debacle...
  13. enronanonron Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    After a couple PMs to OSA/Jernny, I came to the conclusion that she is indeed valid, and posted this conclusion earlier in this thread; she answered certain questions to my satisfaction. I am VERY HAPPY that the esteemed Dr3k can confirm she is the real deal.

    P.S. Jenny, thanks for providing legitimate answers to questions in this forum.
  14. pseudonym Member

    Re: Inside Scientology


    We have no reason to believe this OP, and other members claiming to know/believe her could easily be other scilons. I'm not saying they are, we just can't know. This is not massively useful info she's given us, but early celebrations could badly damage anonymous. Even the video presenting Wins seems a little too good to be true.
    Stay on target until it hits the news.
  15. watwatwat Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Moar liek u should read the rest of the thread, amirite?
  16. Re: Inside Scientology

    Why doesn't anyone just call the cops and tell them around 40 people are being held captive against their will? That would blow the top on the whole thing.

    Why doesn't anyone just call the cops and tell them around 40 people are being held captive against their will? That would blow the top on the whole thing.

    Why doesn't anyone just call the cops and tell them around 40 people are being held captive against their will? That would blow the top on the whole thing.

    Why doesn't anyone just call the cops and tell them around 40 people are being held captive against their will? That would blow the top on the whole thing.

    successful 10 year kidnapping is successful?

  17. DSAnon Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Also: All warfare is based on deception.
  18. anon1957 Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    If anyone takes the time to read through all of Jenny's' posts on this forum, it is hard to imagine how one could come to the conclusion that she has anything to do with OSA. For one thing, if she really was, I think the last thing she would do is to "announce" by using the acronym OSA in her handle.

    I have learned a lot from reading her posts and hope that she continues to share her knowledge and experience with us.
  19. FrankvdWaal Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Yeah, Candlejack is kind weird like that. Maybe something is wro
  20. WindandGhosts Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    1.) It's already happened.

    2.) They're there "voluntarily". They are coaxed to give stories to anyone who ask, that they are there for their own good. It's not kidnapping or illegal imprisonment if you tell the FBI that you're there because this is just what the tech called for. You're there to save the planet.
    You're there because you think leaving is WORSE than being there, and you actually believe they have authority.
    Authority. You have been brainwashed to obey their orders. Going against that is treasonous.
    Let's put it this way, if you were approached by a police officer, would you run? Or, do you surrender because they are authority?

    (At least, this version of the story is to the best of my knowledge accurate, but I welcome corrections.)
  21. felinonymous Member

  22. Spork Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Here's what I don't understand about this. Why is it even relevant that the prisoners aren't aware they're being imprisoned?

    Isn't false imprisonment a felony, so charges to be brought by the state (not the prisoner as in a civil action)? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

    If a guy is chained to a wall, it doesn't matter if he says, "Don't mind me, Special Agent So-and-So, I'm not chained to a wall." (Not that RPFers are chained to walls; that's just an example.)

    The case re: false imprisonment should be based on whether people are being falsely imprisoned, not on whether the victims happen to believe they're being falsely imprisoned.


    The argument extends to the question whether the stay in the RPF is "voluntary". The RPFers may say and believe their stay is voluntary but they could be wrong about that. (False second-order belief concerning other beliefs about oneself.) For example it might be evident from their behaviour over a sufficiently long period that they are not really there of their own free will.

    So why can't this be pointed out to the authorities and some investigations and arrests made on just that basis -- namely, that these people are at once being held captive and being forcibly deceived into believing they're not being held captive?

    Addendum #2.

    I can anticipate some discomfort re: the above addendum as it normally is up to the individual, not the state, to decide whether he's acting voluntarily. I mean, we wouldn't want the state to start judging on this as a matter of course. But isn't the RPF situation an exceptional and extraordinary sort of case, where there's genuine mental manipulation going on to make the victim fail to realize his own imprisonment?
  23. anoothernon Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    These are good questions and are worth the consideration of the hive mind. Get this topic a new thread and spread the love on this...
  24. Re: Inside Scientology


    Theres a local mission in my tiny town of Frisco, TX!

    Im doing mass p-cards- dropping in there mail box! No postage!

    Cheap lolz
  25. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    I'm sure that many of the people in David Koresh's compound in Waco, or Jim Jones' "farm" in Guyana, and many of the people in the Mormon cult that was just broken up, didn't consider themselves prisoners. In fact, when Congressman Leo Ryan visited Guyana, there were only a few people who expressed a desire to leave. The rest of them put on happy faces, danced, sang, and otherwise entertained him and the press agents, and told them that they were enjoying a utopia.

    So.... Why are the Feds dropping the ball on this??? Grrrrrr..... Fuck, this pisses me off to no end...:frustration:
  26. Re: Inside Scientology

    Don't assume the feds are doing nothing.
  27. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    Well, so far, this mafia cult has been pretty much operating with impunity, for half a century, except for the fallout in the wake of Operation Snow White.
  28. Spork Member

  29. AnonHollywood Member

    Re: Inside Scientology

    In addition to public appearances, does DM drag out these people to denounce others at Comm Evs?

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