1. blownforgood Member

    Int Base Update

    It has been a while since I did an Int Base update. Despite RTC’s & OSA’s attempts to smoke out my sources inside, I am still getting reports and info from behind enemy lines. Here is what has been happening.

    There have been a few changes on key executive posts in Golden Era Productions. Most of the lower posts have stayed the same. Most of the CMO Int people have stayed where they were at and a few people here and there have been moved around. The guys that went down to Clearwater to prove that DM had not been beating them are right back where they were. No change in status and the majority of them are still declared and in the SP Hall.

    The SPs are also still being kept in their own area. The main difference now is that an RTC staff member, Chelsea Graves is the one in charge of the SP hall and they have to report up to her. She then reports up to Miscavige on what handlings are being done with these people.

    For almost 10 years now, the SPs have had a list of things to do in order for them to get out of the SP hall. Items still NOT done and on the list are:
    1. Finance systems for Orgs redone
    2. Finance systems for Continental Liaison Offices redone
    3. Finance system for Flag Liaison Office (located at HGB in Hollywood) redone
    4. Finance systems for Bridge Publications and Gold redone
    5. Finance system for CMO Int redone
    6. Org board for Class V orgs redone
    7. Org board for Continental Liaison Offices redone
    8. Org board for Flag Liaison Office redone
    9. Org boards and allocation boards for entire Int base redone
    10. Posting done once all the above have been approved
    11. Int staff are still being told that there are 100 people waiting to come to the Int Base once all of these things are done.

    This is the best part, all of the things that are wrong with and have been wrong with the Int Base are now being blamed on Mark “Marty” Rathbun, Mike Rinder and Tom Devocht. All things in Gold that are screwed up are being blamed on Marc Headley. This has been Dave Miscavige’s SOP for years. Blame shit on people that are no longer there and a few that still are. This way, everybody else can agree and move forward.

    There are still tons of items to re-release as well. I posted about the Basic books years ago and then they finally got re-released. Well there are a lot of other items that are still on the boards to come out, but have not been released for the general Scilon public yet. In each case, as soon as the new version comes out, the old one will be deemed “squirrel” or “out tech” even though it is fine for them to use now and pay money for.

    Some items not yet re-released but current versions are still being sold and pushed for Scilons to buy and do, while management fixes and re-releases and sells them again later:

    1. New Mark VIIII Ultra E-Meter – Current Mark VII E-meter still being sold to Scilons. Mark VIII Ultra meters were built in Japan and have been sitting in a warehouse in LA since at least 2004. 5 years and millions of dollars and they are STILL NOT released. Meanwhile these new meters have been used at the Int base and secretly at Flag for at least 4 years. Guts of new meter have been installed in body of old meter so as to disguise them. Old meter cost $400 to make and they charge $3500 to Scilons. New Meter cost $40 to make and price will either stay the same or go up slightly. How’s that for a profit margin?

    2. Purification Rundown – Technical issues regarding this are having to be sorted out as it is a major cause of attacks now with the issuance of un-healthy vitamin regimens not being prescribed by a doctor. Meanwhile, they keep taking the money and giving out insane amounts of niacin and other vits for people to take while baking in a sauna for hours at a time. Working on new special forms for people to sign that say that it is their choice to take unhealthy vitamins and any overdoses or illness that arise due to this are not responsibility of scilons or anyone telling them to take the vitamins!

    3. Grades/Levels - These are the lower auditing levels in Scilonville. These have been messed up for years and take waaaaay longer than even the average Scilon would expect. And Scilons pay for these by the hour – so the longer they take to get through them, the more they cost. Dave has pre-released the new versions of these at Flag and instead of taking months to do and tons of money, they are reportedly being done in days now per emails being sent around by Flag Staff. Side note: Not only is Flag NOT supposed to be doing these lower level services as that is what the regular orgs are for, but even LRH said that one should not go around boasting that grades were done in a matter of days.

    4. KTL & LOC: The Key To Life and Life Orientation Courses are both completely screwed up and Dave Miscavige has been bitching to get these fixed for years. Meanwhile, people are still doing them and paying for them. New courses are supposed to be much shorter and cost less. Probably why the new ones have not been re-released yet.

    5. Everything from New Era Dianetics up to OT VII is in need of revisions or major sort out and pretty much all of these items are supposed to be re-released and public will have to re-do them or parts of them when they come out. And they will have to pay to re-do them of course.

    6. All the courses that include study of basic books need to be re-done – the books have changed, so now the courses need to change too.

    The biggest flaps that the Int Base staff face on a day to day basis:
    1. Stats are down in all areas and not going back up
    2. Orgs are empty and new Ideal orgs are failing and not getting in new people
    3. Dave keeps threatening to disband the Int Base and for the most part will not live or work there for more than a few weeks at a time at best.
    4. Dave Miscavige keeps telling the Int Base that they are sabotaging his strategies by not getting the new releases and Bridge properly re-released.
    5. More and more to do and less and less people to do it.

    There have been a few other blows from the Int base in the last year. A few were recovered and a few were not. One guy that left actually disappeared pretty well. They eventually tracked him down after a few months and made him sign papers that he would not talk about the Int Base and they let him go again.

    In another case, a girl had been trying to leave for months and finally escaped. The next day they tracked her down and dragged her back and used the Scilon family to coerce her into returning to the Int Base. She is back at the Int base and doing her correction program. She even wrote a declaration about how some of her Scilon family were contacted by SPs.

    The Int Base staff members in general are pretty much in the dark on what the hell is happening in the real world. They know that there a few ex-staff that are making huge flaps and some public celebrities that are turning into SPs as well. Films are having to be re-shot to replace SPs and tons of declarations and legal documents are being filled out by general staff to black list former staff now attacking the Scilons. They also know that for some reason, there are a LOT of protests happening everywhere. While there is not much being said about that subject, staff everywhere are suddenly being allowed to take a few days to see family here and there after not being allowed to do so for years, and any family members writing in are getting responses and in some cases phone calls from their loved ones so as to prevent any more flaps from brewing on this front.

    The leaks are still pretty abundant. Now there have been instances of staff even catching potential leaks and them covering it up so as to not have it “flap on COB’s lines.” This is being done by staff close to David Miscavige as well as those far from him. He has created such an atmosphere of fear that even people who are privy to knowledge or info that may hurt him or that he needs to know are too scared to report it for fear that they might be caught in the crossfire.

    Now here is something that even I found hard to believe, after all of the past year’s worth of foot bullets and the lunatic rant that ended up in the SP times story, Tommy Davis is still on the job! He has not been taken off PR lines and is still running around trying to put out SP fires. Tommy, Jessica Rodriguez and Kirsten Caetano are still chugging away. Kirsten is starting to lose her smoothness on dealing with the SPs and getting very sloppy. The PI’s are in full force, messing with people, and Ken Moxon is being a busy little bee stirring up trouble here and there.

    OSA and RTC overall are drowning in legal flaps and messes that cannot be gotten under control by any means. Each time a legal case is added to the roster, that just means more money has to be spent and a little less sleep for the OSA and RTC guys. Each day a Legal Daily Report has to go to David Miscavige with details of what handlings are being done and what flaps are occurring on the cases. The people doing the Legal Daily Reports are leaving stuff out and not reporting up on some things to try and save face. Some things are being left out in the hopes that they can “handle it” or “make it go right” and never have to report up on it. This will undoubtedly bite them in the ass when Dave eventually finds out and they get their asses handed to them.

    Tom Cruise is still towing the party line as well. His kids are most definitely being made into hard core Scilons. Connor Cruise was in the middle of the lower level auditing procedures known as the Objectives. At one point when Connor was not progressing well and was not showing enthusiasm for doing the auditing, Tom Cruise took Connor’s cell phone away from him. Katie is still at the bottom of the Bridge and this is being seen as a situation. She is working more and this will insure that her progress is slow and takes forever. So as long as she is working, she will not get very far very fast. Everyone knows that if they push her, though, she will crack and they will lose her faster than you can say xenulicious. So she is allowed to do her thing.

    The one good thing is that they are spending money like crazy right now. The three areas that they are dumping millions into weekly are:
    1. Advertising/Public relations – TV Ads, Internet Ads, Print ads, etc.
    2. Legal – Private Investigators, attorneys
    3. Building Renovations & Upgrades

    All the legal and PR monies are coming from Scilons management with the IAS providing the Ad campaign money. The IAS raises tens of millions of dollars each year and these funds go into the War Chest. This money is specifically to be used for the protection and dissemination of Scientology. The renovation monies are coming from Scilon donations but even this is slowing down and they are having to spend extra cash on this to keep it going. The money that is coming in from the orgs around the world is not enough to pay for what it costs to run them and have any left over. This is a huge flap right now. The only money coming in is from straight donations that have nothing to do with services or materials.

    Well, that does it for now. I will do another update in a few weeks when some new stuff goes down.

    Until next time…
  2. pooks Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Thank you very much for the update. I always enjoy reading them.
  3. Scatman Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Good info. Thanks, BFG.
  4. AnotherMrPink Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Hey David Miscavige! We know everything you know! How does that make you feel you little bitch?
  5. dt2000 Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Not surprising. They were probably told that if one of them succeeded at stopping the article they would get their "declare" lifted. :rolleyes:
  6. LocalSP Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    I love knowing what they know. It gives me a feeling of knowingness.
  7. AnonymousTR Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Apparently we know MOAR than the midget does because the leaks do not withold information from us ;p
  8. AnotherMrPink Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Good point! David Miscavige is a clueless little bitch!
  9. genoramix Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    to repeat what some others say so often : toasting in an epic bread...

    makes me in a good mood....slappy is going to get slapped soon:p
  10. peterstorm Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    I don't get how they can get enough donations nowadays from public to renovate the ideal orgs.

    4 M$ in Quebec city from public? It took forever for the renos to get started. Media shitstorm came along and then all of a sudden the revovations are rushed into 5th gear.

    Then they still have to come up with 10M$ for the Montreal ideal org? I seriously doubt that public can come up with this kind of dought. Where does it come from?

    And the rest of canadian orgs seem dead.
  11. CADEN Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Just in case little davey has not been briefed yet. I WANT MY FUCKIN MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. happy feet Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    What I hadn't realized before and BFG is right.. All the pressure for Ideal Org money donations means that no one is paying for services, and no one has any money to go to Flag and do their new courses.

    This means that everywhere they raep the public for Ideal Org & renovations... No one will have money on acct or ability to pay for auditing in new Ideal Org. This is ok for them cause they are planning to be on staff.. But none of the public has money either, so all Ideal Orgs are doomed to sit empty unless tehre is new PR push like in the 80s.
  13. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Int Base Update


    BFG, thanks for the update.
    Looks like between DM, cult karma, lawsuits and tyranny the titanic arrogance called Scientology is sinking fast.
  14. CLOCKSHIT Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Excellent update BFG! It makes my heart sing........poor little dwarf one of these days someone will slap his fucking head.
  15. alexm Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    2. Orgs are empty and new Ideal orgs are failing and not getting in new people.

    BFG thank you for the update!

    lol This is an under statement. I worked at two ideal orgs, getting people in is harder then trying to pull a tooth out of a cute puppy.
  16. EyeOnSci Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    SPs know how to know.

    Thanks for the update BFG :)

  17. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Just wanted to repeat the Eye Openers, Good Things and things that made me go hmm. Bulleted, tldr'd and ribbed for your pleasure since I got a little excited over it:

    And LOL at people hiding things to avoid the Wrath of DM, TommyGirls both toeing the line, and money only coming from donations. DM has to be wigging out a little bit.

    Keep on stirring, BFG.
  18. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Thanks. Good to know that the comm lines are still working.
  19. OTBT Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Thanks, wonderful update!
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Thank you for the information Marc.

    You said:
    Do you know exactly how long outgoings have exceeded income from services for?

    If you do, I'd be very interested to know, as it would be a useful figure for number crunching.

    Thank you.
  21. psychoutcults Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    How cool is that! Thanks for the updates.
  22. Re: Int Base Update

    Thx for info BFG. Very encouraging post. The days of unverified credit, crazy limits on charge cards and the need for more documentation to qualify has set the Scilons back quite a bit. They used to talk members into maxxing out and upping their limits or simply doing it for them w/o consent. In true scilon fashion, they would have members lie or lie for them in giving the reasons for extra credit or opening new cards to max out as well. The credit card companies are paying for their lax promotions and easy credit that is no longer easy. A lot of members are maxed out by the scientology reggers and can't qualify for more.
  23. Avery1 Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Thanks for the update Marc. Great stuff. Hurts to hear about people trying to blow but getting dragged back into Int Base.... but one day...
  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Great post, BFG. Thanks very much. Just a question: the below "services" are apparently seriously "messed up." I guess my question is, how can messed up BS still be anything else other than BS. Bullshit is still bullshit, even after it has been "messed up." Am I missing something?

  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Nice Post: Int. Base is in deep shit, DM is hiding on the atlantic ocean. The cat's away......
  26. Re: Int Base Update

    To shreds you say?
  27. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    I mean you hear stuff about the L's being messed up and people actually suffering in some way from doing them.

    So what is messed up about the others?

    And thanks BFG for updates.
  28. Django Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Thought of British Mum when I read this....
  29. ryangiggs Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Thanks BFG.

    I wish the FBI would rock up in force and take those who wanted to leave with them.
    Yeah, this won't happen any day. I know.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Yeah, bullshit is bullshit even after it has been "messed up." Per the below link Marty Rathbun thinks the current grades are just fine and that DM is squirreling them. The point is LRH's "tech" is a fraud no matter how you package it.

    Miscavige turns Flag into Mecca of Technical Perversion Moving On Up a Little Higher
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    This will be their undoing, and what makes it extra special is the entire drama is being played out in plain view for everyone to see, both inside and outside of the cult. They can't hide the obvious languishing of those idle orgs. Members that have already paid out massive donations to buy the properties are tightening their purses with regards to the cost of building them out, expecting others to follow their lead, but too few are able to make any kind of difference.

    The ad campaign is an act of complete desperation. It has to produce results and there is no way that it can, not in this century. If they had a product to sell, say Shamwow's or Slapchops, maybe they'd see some kind of a payback but they simply don't. Surely some will be lured in by these advertisements but the people that base their decision to join a space alien cult over an ad they saw on TV aren't generally they type of people the cult needs to sustain itself at this point. As the money dries up, even harboring Sea Org slaves becomes a liability. Sooner or later, they're going to have to cut the ad budget so as not to risk draining their war chest completely and the way they're spending that day should come sooner than later. And once again, everyone both inside and out will be watching. Once it does happen, it will be a clear sign that this cult is nearly finished in it's present form.

    Then there are the lawsuits.

    In the end, bankruptcy is inevitable. Physical assets will need to be sold to pay off the debts owed to the lawyers and PI's. The plaintiffs will be there to divide up whatever remains. Just as it always happens in a world where an organizaton has lost the ability to sustain itself. In a world where there are no OT's.
  32. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Thanks for the reportage BFG, it went great with my dinner and evening cocktail!

    Sounds liek a withering vine of poison is withering.

    Despite this, I wouldn't get all foily thinking this could spell the end, even without donations at all CoS (and the wee SavageCabbage) have been squirreling away millions for years. If I am not mistaken was it not Hubbard who said that they should be able to self-sustain for 7 years, I think they are invested enough to do that for a lot longer, but I bet if it gets to that point there'll be alot of smaller areas that will suffer.

    Thanks again, always a good read!

    To those detractors of Anon who occasionally blather about the lack of effects and the pointlessness of carrying on the good fight, I say to you ~Pthththththththththtpt!~ (or Nya-nya-nya!)

  33. mefree Member

    Re: Int Base Update


    and THIS

    Thanks BFG
  34. doz3r Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Most excellent update BFG.
    The ship is sinking fast!
    Everyone just has to keep on enturbulating and pretty soon the money well will dry up.:)

    By the way... is your book released yet?

    The book release would sure be a good way to get Slappy the bitch to spend even MORE money trying to stop that flap.

    Love your work.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Int base sound fun, I wish I was there :(
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    What I love about all this:

    With all the rumors that Davey is reading THIS forum, what do ya bet that this is THE first real news he gets on what's REALLY happening in his own organization?

    Of course, he'll find more staff to beat. Which will make them want to cover their own asses even more. Which means he does not get any more honest news. That is... until WE tell him. ;)

    David Miscavige does SO much excellent work that constantly helps us to bring down his own cult.

    Hey Davey! Go find some other staff member to beat. Go find some random staff person to threaten, scare or blame! Go toss someone else into the RPF or SP Hall. The more you do bad stuff like that, Davey, the more you help our own cause to bring down Scientology. :cool:
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    "Whats true for you is true for you."
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    Herro = DM prove me wrong
  39. Smurf Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    I wish that that was true.

    It's true for me that Tommy Davis is my hot, hairy, husband, yet all I have to show for it is the pic of him glued to my pillow. <groan>
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Int Base Update

    What you two love birds need is matching Sea Org Tatts

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