Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    im looking for people to help me with a project, its simple with a good message. I need it to spread as far and wide as possible.
    anyone interested?
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  2. adhocrat Member

    here at WWP we don't buy a pig in a poke.
  3. Anonymous Member

    What is the nature of the project? Video? Music? Posters?
  4. Anonymous Member

    I love working on projects I know nothing about with total strangers I know nothing about!
  5. Anonymous Member

    the founders of peace day
    are looking for people to spread the word this year, hoping to try make it as well known as any other famous day without any pollution of corporate marketing, a total ceasefire across the world.
    but their thinking too small, i want to create a piece of viral art and spread it, im thinking a short video or animation but im open to ideas.
  6. Anonymous Member

    And they're having their lunch over there, right?
  7. jabberywocky Member

    What their doing is amazing, i applaud the work and effort they put into the campaigns but after asking a few everyday people they had no clue about peace day or the work they do, if it could spread to other countries or at least entice people into looking more into them i would consider it a success.
  8. Anonymous Member

    At least, it is not being sponsored by scientology (yet) but when I arrive on a web site and see Join Us On Facebook I want to flee.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    We are not the United Nations' personal army.

  10. jabberywocky Member

    i would not expect anything less from most websites nowadays though, websites are becoming incestuous.
    but its a good simple message, i have managed to contact groups like green peace in britain to try involve them somehow.
  11. jabberywocky Member

    I would not consider WWP to have any strong affiliation with the united nations let alone consider them a personal army for them.
    similar to his video, but it does not strictly just have to be youtube, if its a very short animation theres no reason it cant spread as a gif to other platforms or websites or just email.
  12. James Spader Member

    I want to see exactly what this^ looks like.
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  13. I'd like to make the video. What is the script and what is to be shown? Just words and Guy Fawkes mask? Let me know.

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