Internet Access Freedom Threatened in Brazil

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by khavarikan, Apr 13, 2016.

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    I have an announce to make, our folks in Brazil are suffering restrictions in their freedom while accessing the Internet and downloading contents. Mainly because of the greedy corporations that want to control everyone and suck up all the money. These users need help, some of the corporations are VI**, O*, G**, Cla** and N** (Easy to find the real name, are the only ones). These corporations are controlling the amount of data permitted by month for their users and threatening to control their speed connections or service, so if the users sum up some GB's more than what was demanded by the corporation they cut their connection quality/service, and guess what, there are not many options for the users changing of company. If there is a hand for help out there, that also thinks that this is an act of freedom violation, this announce is made.

    some online translator should do for reading these links.
    A petition were create at and they need signatures:
    They want to violate the freedom of these Brazilians users, it is a regression, sending the users towards the past and control. What will be next? Start to censorship contents and webpages? I invoke you Anonymous, support this cause! Do whatever you can to help, even if just make this bigger and noticed to everyone to see! To show that the Internet should be free for all users in a democracy!
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    I get your point. A good one indeed.

    Because there is a law in Brazil, their actions is against the consumer laws and specially against the Marco Civil law. These kind of decisions should be debated and approved in the Brazilian Congress before being adopted without everyone knows, give the people the right to defend themselves, to express themselves and at least fight for their interests, its a democracy right? What they are doing is using a gap in the law to take advantages. There is some politicals and other organizations already getting into the fight.

    About the law:

    The law itself:

    Art. 7o Internet access is essential to the exercise of citizenship, and the user the following rights are ensured:
    IV - no suspension of internet connection, saved by debt directly resulting from its use (when you don't pay your bills)
    V - maintaining the quality of contracted internet connection;

    there are more sections in the law.

    I'm not against capitalism, nor tuned with communism. I'm against all kind of human abuse and extortion, when they cross the line over the other to see their world a little more green when the others turns grey to dark.

    You see, Brazil is different than UK. Brazilian Internet providers lack the quality provided in UK. It is expensive, inefficient service, plus now they want to earn even more money by taxing extra consumption and doesn't care to improve the services instead. This make people angry, maybe in UK people say OK because is a service with quality compared with the Brazilian providers, and probably is cheapier than in Brazil if you make the correct monetary conversions and include the country context in your analysis.

    It is not the first time these communications giants disrespect their customers, specially the poor. Sometimes they make abusive taxing service and deliberately try to stop the user to cancel the service. It is against the law of course, but they do it anyway...and guess what, some really poor and non-educated folks really suffer in that kind of scheme.

    So, if this is debated and approved by the Congress, then its okay. But not before that.
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    Excellent links, thanks
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    *** NEWS ***

    Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) in Brazil just suffered an massive DDoS attack for standing against the consumers.

    The major lawyers organization in the country OAB is also getting in the fight against the control and the illegal cuts of the Internet service. And seems it will probably end in the Congress for debate, what is great.

    The petition reached already 1.628.267 signatures and keeps growing.
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    Link doesn't work for me
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