Interview with Wilfried Handl [english subbed]

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Jun 27, 2012.

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    Very good! He was especially open about the role of victim vs oppressor in Scientology.
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  3. Thank you, Anonymous/Chanology Hamburg! Beautiful Work! <3
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    Yes thank you as well I can practice my German with this,,,,well I should have thought of this b4, my bad
  5. austrianindependent: Scientology agrees settlement with former director
  6. The Wrong Guy Member

    In Austria, a Big Victory for Scientology Blogging

    By Tony Ortega

    If the German-speaking world has a parallel to The Underground Bunker, it’s Wilfried Handl’s “Blog gegen Scientology,” which he runs out of Vienna, often linking to our stories.

    Our total ignorance of German, however, has kept us from staying on top of Handl’s legal troubles, and for that reason we hope to catch up fast. Last year, several thousand German Scientology e-mails were made public by Anonymous, and Handl posted some of them on his blog.

    Scientology sued Handl and also reported him for criminal prosecution. Yesterday, he told us that the civil lawsuit had been settled — on very favorable terms.

    Continued at
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  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    Wilfried Handl calls it quits

    By Tony Ortega, June 2, 2016

    A reader pointed out to us recently that Wilfried Handl’s blog had seemed to have disappeared. Archived pages show that the German-language blog about Scientology last posted an entry on May 7. Handl, who lives in Austria, had been sued over his blog in the past, as we noted here.

    We wondered what had happened, and now a friend of Handl’s has let us know that for health reasons, Wilfried has decided to shutter his website. However, although Handl won’t be updating his blog anymore, his friend says he is working with Wilfried to get the existing pages back online as a continuing reference for German speakers. We hope he manages to do that.
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