intresting read from movie pilot

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by fathertony, Aug 16, 2013.

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    Nice to see you round these parts fathertony.
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    unhelpful title is unhelpful
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    "If Tom Cruise badly damaged the Church’s public image while tarnishing his own, and Holmes opened the floodgates with other celebrities widening the gap, then it was Remini who has broken it wide open in the past month. The once cozy relationship between Hollywood and Scientology has been not-so-quietly falling apart at the seams, and Remini’s very public departure has only served to speed the process"

    I wanna marry that passage and have its babies...
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  5. Leah remini has friends

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    /r/ing to change title of thread to a simple
    Hollywood's break-up with Scientology
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  8. I really believe that further exposing the fact that ole Elron had 4 sets of seamen up his arse upon his death, a missing near 3/4 of a billion in cash, S Cabbagehead's real history, Lisa's (Mac Pherson) history, how the scieno's bribed a federal judge whom was later impeached and thrown off the bench (House of Representatives Alcyee Hastings), Natalie Woods murder, Moxon"s childs death by electrocution, jlo's dad is scieno, how John Aniston is scieno, how John Voight is scieno, how all are repped by the KAA KAA CA CAA CAA agency, paralleling Leah being burned the huvano scienos, brad grey, and then slatterly on securities fraud, sirhan sirhan, manson, and campaign contributions, big lard azz cynthia smack kinney US House of REps praising the scienos. and last but not least ole calypso louie farrakahn and the black muslims being drafted by the scieno's and let a new picture emerge
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    I lurk a lot I have not been very active sense I had a falling out last time I went to Clearwater. :(
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    Clearwater's a hotspot right now. What's the dealio fathertony?
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    I dont know I would love to go protest the Grand opening of the SUPS building if I am welcome.

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