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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FlowGold, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. ah the old grammar one. nice move brother. so you dont want to come up with a plan? or talk about who's behind reforming sex offender laws with a pretty clear agenda to what one could easily call "decriminalize pedophilia" or making it mainstream

    to name just two for you.

    i have documents also compiling a lot of the information on some main players as well as the crimes they have been convicted of. theres also websites and such where the major players in "child modeling" are identified some of whom are already in prison, some have been shut down. but then again what would i know. im just a simple penny stock investor/advisor. a good friend has been doing this work for sometime.

    either we come up with a good plan. ideally theyd be killed by some crazy vigilante but we are non violent for the most part. next is imprisonment in gen pop. lastly we expose them for what they really are and do it big. if your scared of lawsuits and stuff like that dont worry. hosting isnt a problem.

    this is being done to an effect but having anonymous promote it always looks better then just some "antis" as they call us
  2. Ersatz Global Moderator

    NAMBLA for one. Google it.

    You are welcome to participate on this forum but if you start shilling again I will ban you. Again.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Troll Ignore.jpg
  4. Nambla is basically defunct man. they arent out lobbying and shit like that. most people are informed about nambla not that nambla even needs any attention really. the one who founded nambla died last year it was.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Well then, you seem to be asking question for which you already have the answers. Enlighten us.
  6. quite a bit can be found here

    I am very saddened to inform you to our good friend Tom Reeves (aka Alex Marbury) died today in his hospital bed in Baltimore. is who founded Nambla . Alex and Tom are the same person. you can find the info on that page.
  7. they are all tied together in the end
  8. Anonymous Member

  9. A.O.T.F Member

    It is an admirable thing you do FlowGold
  10. so
    ive provided information, yet i get ignored? this seems silly to me but ok i suppose.
  11. seems like there mite be some validity to this...

    "quite a bit can be found here

    -Quoted from the site. "I am very saddened to inform you to our good friend Tom Reeves (aka Alex Marbury) died today in his hospital bed in Baltimore." who founded Nambla . Alex and Tom are the same person. you can find the info on that page.

    basically Tom Reeves was who founded NAMBLA and has since passed away. however it seems as though RSOL and SOSEN push his beliefs and try to reform sex offender laws, but mainly to cater to pedophiles and rapists and use false misinformation that pedophiles are not dangerous at all. i hear evil unveiled may have a bit of information as well into individuals in such forums as boychat girllover and places like that."
  12. In the late 90's, Reeves formed a new group of pedophile activists and their allies called "Reform Sex Offender Laws." It is known as The New NAMBLA because it has the same goals, agendas and many of the same members as the original NAMBLA.

    he went under a different "alias" though.
  13. jonnyfreeze Member

    Im from the Boston area and was an alterboy in my youth. A priest who died a couple years ago used to molest me from ages 10-12, so this really hits home for me. Thank you to all the people who are helping to stop these sick individuals. I know first hand how hard life is for children who have gone through such things. When i was young I never had the courage to speak about what was being done to me or my fellow alterboys, now I have have a chance to do somthing about it, thankyou!
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  14. FloGold Moderator

    May God forgive me for typing this, but Im glad that abomination of a man is dead. :|
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  15. FloGold Moderator

    Its should be me that thanks you. So thank you for being so wonderful and brave and strong. You no longer have to be alone in this. We are here now and we will be your wall to lean on always. <3
  16. yes however his ideology is not. which bring us to RSOL and SOSEN and their little army of pedophiles and pedophile sympathizers. they are considered a legal organization so disrupting their events (public and private) is sure to cause a great deal of strife amongst the groups and sub groups. because they are considered a legal group or something of that nature, keeping activism against them legal is pretty important i suppose. i know everyone here comes from different backgrounds or has different reasons why they despise these people but if we all stay divided and without a plan, they win. fighting ghosts wont work. this is real tangible evidence and im sure the brain power here can come up with intuitive ways to combat these sickos while the legal aspects can be handled by law enforcement (although according to my latest emails it doesnt look too promising)

    i am pennystocks btw but ill just be as serious as i can be
  17. jonnyfreeze Member

    thanks :)
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  18. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    +++EDIT: i edited myself.
    FlowGold: Well, have a good job, if u need more infos about, contact me privatly.
    Anyway be carefull about some people i see be part of this op...
  19. BigBose Member

    without dignity

    Anyway i'll be happy to help this op. FlowGold respect ;)
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  20. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    BIGBOSE!!!!!!!!!!!! that's my man! That's my man!
    Thank u for joining us! how are u BRO?
  21. BigBose Member

    everywhere there is corruption, we are there!
    a little bird told me .....
  22. phr3d00m Member

  23. phr3d00m Member

    Hello CG3
    thanks for the invitation.
    Hello everyone! i'm prh3d00m
    I'd be happy to help you in this op, what do we do exactly?
  24. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    Well, happy to see ya here guys....:D
  25. phr3d00m Member

    I have a question: i visit your channels, your websites, your irc channels. Why can't i access to your server using tor?
    I saw you was able to do that why i can't?

    And again, ins't against the rules this?:
    Sleeper cell for #OpPedoChat on AnonOps | Skilled Defacers urgently required| All info can be found here | Questions or comments: or DM @shaolincore |
  26. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

  27. phr3d00m Member

    i found it in their irc chanel. #opinnocence/#oppedochat on their anonops server :rolleyes:
  28. FloGold Moderator

    You took that from our AnonOps irc channel. this here and that there are two very different things with very different rules.
    We dont discuss hacking in any sort of way on this forum, but that does not mean that any number of stand alone individuals arent doing those things to horrible child predation websites.
    As for our actual IRC server, its a privately owned UN-indexed server meaning that it will not show up on any Google search or anything of the sort.
    We keep it private because of the nature of what we handle, plus we want to keep trolling and assholes down to nothing.
  29. phr3d00m Member

    flowgold it's not un-indexed, it's reachable in 2 steps, and naturally it's sposored an all yours spaces, also the ones posted here(without considering the video-title that report the full name of chanel)
    Are u serious?
    Want to say that the same content here is diffrent? the same content?
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  30. phr3d00m Member

    and anyway why you are allowed to join it with tor exits and we can't? It's unsafe, consider: you can keep our informations easly(even with the SSL) and that make differents between First Class users and Second Class users.
    All of us should be able to join your irc channel with a tor exit.
    that's my 2 cents.
    Anyway, i wish to remember you that this forum never allow illegal stuffs. You are seeking for "skilled defacers" that's fool!!!! :D
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Can anyone here read and write in English?
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  32. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    epic win! :D
  33. get out anonops from there!
    WAR to corruption=WAR to anonops

    We won't the Silvio's Son HERE!
  34. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    I will also add my personal think: this is one of most important reason why "italians" are always not really considerated around the net. Stay united, stay close and work togheter. That's the key.
  35. Menthe Moderator

    It is the same in France, and probably somewhere else too, but you know that trolling is great and fun, wanting to explain its own point of view and defending itself is natural and legitimate : but guys, here is Anonymous. Not happy with your mates and your image of yourself ? Create a new account, a new identity if you want : and act.
    Just act.
    Here, against pedophilia.
  36. The_Mink Member

    so, if we can go back about talking about how to fight online pedophilia, i t would be apprecietd. We only use AnonOps and VoxAnon, for short term operation. Topics are been changed.
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  37. The_Mink Member

    when dealing with LEA/LEO
    As anyone seen better description we could use?
    Recommended terminology

    Precise definitions are essential when dealing with authorities.
    The use of “child porn” or kiddie sex” and abbreviations like CP are highly discouraged.
    More accurate definitions of such material are:

    • "Child sexual abuse material"; CAM images and videos of sexual contact
    • "Child sexual exploitive material"; CEM e and promotion of child sexual abuse (ie grooming)
    • "Child abuse images"; CAI
    • "Documented child sexual abuse";
    • "Depicted child sexual abuse";
    • and the abbreviations "CAM", "CEM" "CAI".

    Child sexual abuse includes:
    • sexual touching of any part of the body, clothed or unclothed, including using an object
    • all penetrative sex, including penetration of the mouth with an object or part of the body
    • encouraging a child to engage in sexual activity, including sexual acts with someone else, or making a child strip or masturbate
    • intentionally engaging in sexual activity in front of a child or not taking proper measures to prevent a child being exposed to sexual activity by others
    • meeting a child following sexual 'grooming', or preparation, with the intention of abusing them
    • taking, making, permitting to take, distributing, showing or advertising indecent images of children
    • paying for the sexual services of a child or encouraging them into prostitution or pornography
    showing a child images of sexual activity including photographs, videos or via webcams.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Great for creating a special thread to define terms and "child sexual abuse" for newcomers in this forum I think ! :)
  39. Anonymous Member

    A related issue- posting pornographic images of cartoon children is illegal here as well.
  40. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    Thank you mate.

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