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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FlowGold, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. phr3d00m Member

    @anon_cg3(ita): only for your respect.

    Is it possible to know how to join your irc channels using a secure connection like tor? thank you.
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  2. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    ahahahah thx bro, anyway i think there is a way to cooperate.
    I really can't help you with the irc access using tor, ask to flowgold if there is a way. I suppose that u won't connect using SSL?
  3. phr3d00m Member

    if possible i'd like to use a tor connection.
    i saw they can log into the server using tor, so i think i must be add or some like that. If it's possible.
    If not, i don't see a way to start a cooperation
  4. Anonymous Member

    Here, it is WWP, cooperation can be made here, and not necessarily on IRC channels ;)

    PS : so if you want details on IRC connection with tor, ask on IRC :)
  5. phr3d00m Member

    Ok but, how to give support? Are you seeking only for people that will report oonw spaces your works? i really don't understand what we have to do here, and what's the target of this op, if someone will explane to me, i'll be glady
  6. Anonymous Member

    This is not an Op with dates of beginning and ending.
    This is a forum, with the name of an Op. Here will be constructed ways of fight against pedophilia. Legally. As it was done sometimes on IRC, on facebook dedicated pages. Or even on other forums.
    This forum is all new, people have to find ways to use this forum, even if some already have ideas. There is no "teams" or groups dedicated for this job : everybody can help. Just open a thread and ask for precisions or ditribute infos (without dox). Create events. Find people to act with. Some things like that :)
  7. my understanding was to bring awareness? in which case these are your main players (which is also )

    RSOL is the new nambla. i know people want to still fight nambla but they are defunct. trying to rally people against ghosts wont work as they dont really exist.

    a lot can be found here

    this isnt story time so im not going to read this all to you.

    -Quoted from the site. "I am very saddened to inform you to our good friend Tom Reeves (aka Alex Marbury) died today in his hospital bed in Baltimore."
    Nambla put on the home page that Tom had died. at the sametime a women from RSOL mentioned how sad she was the leader of RSOL Alex had passed away. the same day the same year. you can actually go back through boychat and find where the resolution began and how it all came about.

    Alex is who founded RSOL. RSOL is the new NAMBLA. the same agenda but in a different way. Tom Reeves (founder of NAMBLA) new RSOL having a pro pedophile who raped a number of young boys as their head of fuckery wasnt a good idea so he use a pen name. they're aim is pretty clear if u go to the pages ive listed for you. this is a starting point if you want to raise awareness to what they are trying to do. there is tons of documents we have plotting out whos who in these organizations but its not someting to share just willy nilly as they are always looking for someone to go after legally.

    here is a place to start.
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  8. its an agenda of pro pedophilia. is that what we are here to combat or am i in the wrong place?
  9. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    A good idea is to edit a general documents, do develop all around the net(maybe starting from schools)
    It should be like a manifesto. A sort of points that will drive youngers in "what-to-do-if" with a list of numbers, phrases, behaviors to be taken in the event you receive online abuse, but also in real life.
    Giving to youngers a background, permit to do not miss the compass in critical situations.
    but before to do it, should be important assure us to have the opportunity to translate the doc in all languages(or much we can)
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  10. That's frigging awesome. Where can I place my
  11. I frigging knew petty cash cat from the other night, then the questions that read like a School House Rock PSA special...NICEE...I just didn't expect a reveal at all, let along so soon. Then again, you were acquiring quite the lynch
  12. phr3d00m Member

    if flowgold say us where to open the thread for that we can start soon. There is much work to do that and time to realize it. Anyway count on me for that
  13. Anonymous Member

    try the think tank.
  14. Anonymous Member

    You can start a thread, even anonymously. Think Tank for bouncing ideas around or General for activities.
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  15. FloGold Moderator

    You can do what ever you want, you don't have to wait for me for anything. :)
    Even I have problems sometimes trying to decide in what place to start a thread.
  16. FloGold Moderator

    From what I know about it, you need to get in touch with people that run or own the servers an IRC client is running out of, then you have to ask them for some sort of permission or something so they can change something or other and give you a new way to connect to irc through tor.
    There is a general way to connect through tor to irc but from what Ive come to learn is that you are better of connecting to an irc and asking an irc admin or owner to help you. Most of the time they ask that you contact them about tor anyway.
  17. phr3d00m Member

    Well thank you.
    If anon_cg3 start the thread i'll set-up a quickly link for this project.
  18. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    still wrote to FlowGold....:cool:
  19. FloGold Moderator

    You know,
    its not just moderators that can start threads, everyone who is a registered member can.
  20. fishypants Moderator

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  21. Hi everybody. Great to be here.
  22. FloGold Moderator

    Hey man

    Glad to have you on board.
    Feel free to look around the place, get acquainted with the regular users and they pace of this place.

    If you need anything let me or one of the other moderators know.
  23. Kilia Member

  24. He is a Journo contacted to assist with the cause. He got one removed. #OpPedoChat/ #OpInnocence and #OpScarecrow have had thousands removed. Literally thousands.
  25. Kilia Member

    Many thanks for the reply, Dante te rude Aussie. Much appreciated. :)
  26. :)
  27. The_Mink Member

  28. Anonymous Member

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  29. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

  30. Anonymous Member

  31. FloGold Moderator

    Yeah, we have been on fb's ass for over an yeah and a half now, and that list is only one of like 5 or 6 that our network of fb watchdog pages have accumulated.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Dear all,

    I have some URLs of discussion room for french speaking pedophilians. Does anyone may help me to desactivate it or, better maybe find who is behind?
  33. FloGold Moderator

    Pm me the info you have and we can talk about it some more.
    Just remeber, no dox or posting of any sites you want us to look at on the public forums. ok?
  34. Ok, gracias!
    Ya nos occuparemos de esto!
  35. Anonymous Member

    And that means.......
  36. Anonymous Member

  37. FloGold Moderator

    Kinda like a Facebook dump of links that need to be reported and taken off the internet.
    Here is a bin with the links

    the rest of the links are of darknet sites
    and sites that require a "special" touch.
  38. Anonymous Member

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