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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FlowGold, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. D. Booey Member

    At first, I had no idea what " OP Innocence" meant. I would have usually just skipped the section, but my curiosity was stroked. I'm glad I decided to find out what this section was all about because I am totally interested in the whole idea.

    Love it. I'll be back.
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  2. FloGold Moderator

    Hey D. Booey
    I'm FloGold and I am the moderator of this sub-forum. take aq minute to get accuanted with our aims as well as the general rules of WWP.
    If you have any questions just shoot me a PM.
  3. what if the latter is part of the ring? do you folks understand the roll "the lodge" and corruption plays in this? YouTube York,Pa sex ring.then they reverse rolls if you know and get watch groups after the person trying to expose them cointelpro style.
    be wary of being told about ppl "suspected" by authority. they may just be the good guy. labeling whistleblowers as pedos is standard operating procedure.
  4. FloGold Moderator

    Hey whats up and welcome to our little part of WWP.
    We are here to come together and discuss how to prevent children from becoming vics, how to go about reporting child abuse to anyone that will listen to us and to provide comfor and love to the people that have been abused.

    Please make yourself at home. And thanks for stopping by. :)

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