Introducing formerlyIN

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by An0nYm0use, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. An0nYm0use Member

    Introducing formerlyIN

    I haven't really followed the FormerlyIN story very much (sorry F~IN).

    A thread condensing her story and minimising TL;DR with links to her OPs for each part / bullet points would be useful to me and prob. of use to others and anyone else who is new or are lurking /reading the form later in the archive and dont know the full story.

    this thread seems a good place to start.

    in b4 NYPA.
  2. anonnews Member

    Re: Introducing formerlyIN

    Start with this. It's long, but it's the beginning of her history on here. I'll post some quotes, but it really helps if you read the whole thread just to keep things in context.
    QUOTE=formerlyIN;401995]A Mod asked me to make a thread to tell you what got my attn from Anonymous, when I was in. Now, I have to say, there were manytimes through the years I had my doubts, and tried to blow, but never fully got away. If you read my story, you will know that I lost just about everything and still bought into the bonzi bullshit they were selling! What I didn't do was research on the net.....

    My job at the time, required me to use many celeb sites, check message boards regarding them etc. As any employee, I was curious about celebs that I wasn't really susposed to be monoriting. I had/have access to personel info and it was cool. In many general public discussion areas, any celeb Scio was being blasted by anons. For months I though, their crazy, this isn't true, remember the org told us you were cyber terrorist attacking many different organizations.

    One poster inparticular was so aggressive and passionate, I just decided to click on one of the links, then another then I went home and did some research on my own. Guess what? She/he wasn't a liar or a nut job, just someone spreading the truth!

    The sights that got to me were
    (stories are so familiar, you can relate. We all have a story and they are different, but still eerily similar)
    (wow, was an eye opener. That's all I can say.)

    but a big turn off was
    ( it was too much for the person just starting to look into blowing)

    Then I went to

    I lurked for a few months on ESK and found them to be nice, real, non agressive people, so I signed up. After a while I posted an abridged version of my story. Many emails later, back and forth from one of the founders, I went public with my entire story, blew the org for good, and went to the Authorities with what I knew, and it's alot, turning over all documentation to them (keeping a copy for myself and one in a safe place...just in case)

    Scio's in my experience, are negatively agressive and controlling when you cross them. Never got that on ESK, even if they disagreed with me.

    I was invited here by 2 anons, also warned by some ESK posters to get thinker skin first, and logged in here. Now, I have to admit I lurked a bit before I registered here too....

    EVERYTHING the CoS said about Anonymous was completely false. You don't have a leader. Hell, everyone is from different walks of life! There are kids young enough to be my own kids and people old enough to be my parents! Yes, Anons can be confrontational IF you're talking BS, or they think you're getting off track, but it's only to help, not control.

    As a side: After I came clean with my adult daughter, she told me she has been apart of Anonymous for 5 months, even attending a few protests. She is a long way from me, as she is military. She even told me that this site would help me if I just kept reading. She has called the CoS a cult for years and hated my involvement. She didn't wannt her younger sibblings to deal with what I put her through. I never let my kids get involved with the CoS, but it still hurt them. It took all the money from the family, moved us around alot, and took me from to pay..vicious cycle.

    As I sit and write this at the request of the mod, I will tell you 1. I am a target of fair gaming (don't exhist according to the CoS), 2. still don't know my "official status" as per the CoS (who cares!) 3. I'm so much stronger and happier!

    You ARE getting the ATTN of people on the inside![/QUOTE]
  3. Re: Introducing formerlyIN

    formerlyIN gave a deposition to assist two federal agencies currently pursuing an investigation into the cult (something to do with finances). She has already given her testimony which was videotaped, 108 pieces of evidence were presented.

    This may explain why the man who punched her told her to shut up. Intimidation of witnesses is a common tactic used by organized crime.

  4. Consensus Member

    Re: Introducing formerlyIN

    Thanks for compiling this thread, this stuff is a must-read for anyone unfamiliar with her.

    Warning, though... reading all of this will give a context to the assaults on her that will make you absolutely furious and ready to RAGE. Do try to keep a cool head. But yeah, FIN is one of the bravest, most awesome ex-scis out there.
  5. T.W.C_Anon Member

    Re: Introducing formerlyIN

    She is very brave, and coming forward to the authorities now before shit hits the fan with the COS will make things easier for her later. Look at it this way, your not having to handle Anon :D
  6. mrfyde Member

    Re: Introducing formerlyIN

    Wow. I have read much of that before but I didn't know it was all the same person. I had thought that experiences had been going on over years not months (the fair game part) didn't know about the evidence that she had given at all simply thought she was trying to get money back from the CoS.

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