Investigation Discovery's DANGEROUS PERSUASIONS (Nancy Many Story) Live Chat

Discussion in 'Media' started by YouSeeNothing, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. YouSeeNothing Member

    15 minutes to go. 10pm on ID network.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Thank you.
  3. wolfbane Member

    Snacks! I need sum...
  4. AnyOldName Member

    Anybody know if there is a live feed? No cable TV at the office.
  5. The Wrong Guy Member

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  6. wolfbane Member

    And the opening is off to a thrilling start!
  7. YouSeeNothing Member

    Still haven't found the station.
    Found it.
  8. Anonymous Member

  9. moarxenu Member

    No haz cable :( You guys are my eyes and ears.
  10. wolfbane Member

    5mins in and Nancy's narration is incredibly compelling and she's already explaining the Sea Org.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Agree. I like this.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Billion Year Contract - check!

    The outrageous price of counseling - check!

    And then long hours of working.

    Now we're getting the low down on the Guardian's Office.
  13. YouSeeNothing Member

    Psychology is the enemy of the planet. Check.
    Little Critters gummies are parent's number one choice.
  14. wolfbane Member

    And she's off to spy for the Guardian's Office at the hospital with remarks on the war against Mental Health field by the 10min mark and first commercial break.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    It is good. Hopefully for you it will be on the internets (hint:anyone) Have not looked at ID channel online, but let's hope.
  16. Anonymous Member

  17. YouSeeNothing Member commercial for opioid addiction--anyone know if they are a Narconon front? :)
  18. Anonymous Member

    Just checked, looks legit. Big pharma
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Back from commercial and it's the part from the promo clips leading into Paulette Cooper introduction.
  20. moarxenu Member

    From Magoo at Tony's blog:

    PS: I'd just like to add this here, pre-show: The "church" of $cientology often tries to overwhelm any public media with comments about how "Great Scientology is", how "It's changed my life forever" and degrade any and ALL critics. I used to make phone calls and write to people "helping them"..of course having NEVER read or learned the other side, and why these critics were actually critics. The truth is: the FACTS about Scientology they do not want know are FACTS. The only problem is the people "in" are not allowed to read, look at or listen to these "Facts". Nancy's show will be the same. They spread it around like a wild fire: "Oh that show is just entheta---don't watch it". (Entheta=enturbulated theta/spirit....bad news, supposedly. Truth is yes! Facts DO upset someone locked in an all glowing, lovely CULT, which explains how actually different it is or was.
    I was there when Nancy Many went to the hospital. I wasn't there w/ OSA as she originally thought. I was sent by my then auditor, Bill Yaude, to "give her a touch assist". He told me "She's gone insane due to reading the Internet". I know, that sounds funny now...but this was really before the days when we were ALL on the Net, and it scared me to death. I watched her go through a lot of her horror show: Certainly not all of it, by any means....but yes, I SAW her in the hospital--so they can SAY "This is all made up". I'm here to tell you, no it is NOT. THEY who say it is are the very people spreading lies. They *are* in the Scio-Truman show...locked out from facts and truth.
    Thank you, Nancy and Disney for telling her story. And thank you Tony Ortega---forever---for your courage in Journalism! I gave you an award for that many, many years ago---way before most people here knew of you. And it holds true more than ever. (((Hugs))) to ALL Tory/Magoo
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  21. wolfbane Member

    Ooo... Actress Nancy does a good job being a devious spy following Paulette. And Paulette's narration is chilling.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Nancy's husband Chris asks her to marry him before they even kiss, parents not invited to the Sea Org wedding and she has a shocking run in with the RPF women cleaning the bathroom shortly afterward.
  23. moarxenu Member

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  24. Anonymous Member

    Nancy follows Paulette. Paulette speaks about it. Wow.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Nancy think Paulette is evil and does her job and gets promoted.
  26. YouSeeNothing Member

    Messianic Program dox?
  27. wolfbane Member

    Now she's getting into a briefing given to her about Hubbard's "Messianic Program" on how he considered himself on par with Jesus and Budda. Couple months later... Chris and Nancy are being taken to RPF. She wonders if she broke her poker face when she got told about the Messianic Program.

    Another commercial break right at the cliff hanger moment!

    Dam this show is well done, majorly impressed. Pure awesome.
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  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Anonymous Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    Damn, very preggers Nancy just taken off to RPF.
  31. YouSeeNothing Member

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  32. Anonymous Member

    Somehow I missed this. Evidently Nancy was shown a file stating that Hubbard was the next messiah.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Dear Lord.
  34. Chipshotz Member

    The people in the RPF detain others to the RPF?
    I never heard of this.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Nancy is on her way to RPF. Located in the friggin garage.
  36. Anonymous Member

    40 people living in the space. Sent there by Hubbard himself.
  37. YouSeeNothing Member

    Nancy now being forced to live in a parking garage--5 months pregnant.
  38. wolfbane Member

    Being sent by Hubbard to the RPF in the parking garage when she was 5months pregnant is shocking. Life in the RPF being explained.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Mother fuckers.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Messianic - Messiah complex being fulfilled.

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