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    iPM – interactive BBC radio 4

    The BBC has launched an interactive radio program / blog on its main spoken word station, Radio 4. Looking at their information page, their first del.ici.ous bookmark (at the time I checked, it’s already dropping down the list) is information about an attack on an epilepsy support website, which references Anonymous in this paragraph:

    “Circumstantial evidence suggests the attack was the work of members of Anonymous, an informal collective of griefers best known for their recent war on the Church of Scientology. The first flurry of posts on the epilepsy forum referenced the site EBaumsWorld, which is much hated by Anonymous. And forum members claim they found a message board thread -- since deleted -- planning the attack at, a group stronghold.”

    If that’s what they believe Anonymous to be, if that’s their only source, (they haven’t tagged any of their 270-odd bookmarks with Anonymous or Scientology) they need informing. The show goes out on Saturdays, at 5.30pm, the first one this series being on the 5th. It would be most excellent to get Anonymous onto the show on the 12th. To be most likely to get into the show, we need this ready by the Tuesday before.


    Dear iPM,

    Your listeners may be aware that there have been groups of masked individuals holding protests around the country and the world on the 10th of February and the 15th of March. The even more aware individuals may know that there will be another protest on the 12th of April. I wish to inform you, as one of those protesters, who we are and why we do this.

    We are Anonymous. We are protesting against the innumerable crimes of the “Church of Scientology”. The BBC is already aware of what this group does to those who disagree with it, or even just question it – In May last year, a Panorama documentary was broadcast discussing scientology. John Sweeney, who made it, states on the BBC news website:
    “While making our BBC Panorama film "Scientology and Me" I have been shouted at, spied on, had my hotel invaded at midnight, denounced as a "bigot" by star Scientologists and been chased round the streets of Los Angeles by sinister strangers.“

    We, like the BBC, believe that it should be possible to have a rational discussion about a belief system without this treatment. Sadly, it appears that John Sweeney has been a victim of the policy formerly known as “Fair Game”, which basically states that the “Church of Scientology” will use any means necessary to silence possible detractors. That is why Anonymous wears masks – to avoid such tactics.

    Our protest on the 12th will be highlighting the group’s disconnection policy, a topic covered by Sweeney. People inside the organisation are not allowed any contact with those outside the organisation that are considered “suppressive”, that is anyone who potentially disagrees with the “Church of Scientology”.

    Before I end this email, I wish to clear up a few points.

    1. We have no problem with Scientology as a belief system. People are entitled to believe whatever they like. It is the organisation the “Church of Scientology” that we disagree with the practices of.

    2. We see that one of your del.ici.ous bookmarks ( references Anonymous in a misleading light. Though there is an overlap between the chans and Anonymous, because admittedly some people will enjoy any argument, it is wrong to state that Anonymous was behind the attacks. After all, any group that has had over 9000 protesters on the streets will contain some epileptics. I should know.

    3. This is not a threat, or a warning, or an insult. You stated that you wanted bloggers to contribute to your programme, and this is what is most important to a proportion of us at this time.

    Yours, Anonymous.


    What do people think? I tried to keep it meme-free because this is Radio 4 we're trying to talk to.
  2. endCOSsoon Member

    Re: iPM – interactive BBC radio 4

    I think this is a good first draft and makes a lot of important points to a potentially useful channel.

    I do think that you should rethink the structure of the letter. You are effectively writing a letter to the editor which usually have the following format
    1) Your reporting is inadequate.
    2) Here are some facts that demonstrate that inadequacy.
    3) A courteous request that the publication look at this further.

    The most important point you are making, that the current story is unrepresentative of Anonymous, is hidden away towards the end of the letter.

    Maybe try something like:

    1st para Point out the link and that you think it is unfair.
    2nd/3rd - Discuss March 15 and disconnection. make the point 1, mention that the protests have been the largest ever seen about Scientology. These are all newsworthy.
    4th Condense the Sweeny point into one para. A little extaneous this part but makes common cause with the journo.
    5th Suggest some coverage of the COS protest.

    Finally, ditch point 3, it is clearly implied by your perfectly reasonable tone.
  3. target_blank Member

    Re: iPM – interactive BBC radio 4

    I was going to send something about Anonymous before visiting their site and finding the bookmark. I think it would be best at thios moment in time to see if they bring it up at all on todays show, and if so to highlight their misconceptions. I'll report back, then edit.

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