Iran election 2009 and Shah Critic of US Media Persian Gulf. MOST SEE..

Discussion in 'Videos' started by DanX, Jun 18, 2009.

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    Iran election 2009 and Shah Critic of US Media Persian Gulf. MOST SEE..

  2. Missleading

    What has this video have to do with the ongoing protests in Iran. The Shah was a dictator just like the ones in power right know. The Shah was, by eradicating secular forces with the help of SAVAK and innability to invest in schools and education centers (more than 30% of the population where analphabets), directly responsible for the Mullahs powertaking in 1979. Stop sending propaganda for an already dead dictator and his family of thieves (Farah Pahlavi, Reza Pahalavi etc.). You should enlight your people, but instead you are leading them on the wrong path. Iranians are tired of dictatorship and they have proved that in these last couple of days.
    One last point to people reading this. We must remember that Mousavi was elected by the guardians council to run in the presidental elections. Guardians council are elected by Khamenei himself. We must be careful to not trust Mousavi, Khatami and the other so called reformists to much. Khatami was in power for eight years and during the students protests in 1999 he did not support the students when they were attacked by the Basijis, he did not create change in Iran and during his reign more crimes against human rights where comitted than before his installment as president. Mousavi is not an angel himself. He accepts and respects the cornerstones of the islamic republic and the system. He was primeminister from 1980-1988 during which between 30000-100000 of the opposition (mainly letf-wingers) where executed. Whats ironic is that Mousavi claims to be the opposition of today, with so much blood on his hands, but i am convinced that the people know all of this and that Mousavi only is an excuse for the people to go out on the streets and protest. LONG LIVE A FREE DEMOCTRATIC REPUBLIC IN IRAN WHERE HUMAN RIGHTS ARE RESPECTED AND EQUALITY IS CREATED BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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