Iran football team weared green wrists!

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Artaban, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Iran football team crews who controlled heavily and directly by government, weared green wrist in current match by Korea!
    If Iran wins this match, ppl will going to streets for ceremony for sure! :D
  2. No green wrists anymore in 2nd half!

    looks like government forced them put em out green wrists!
    anyway, in second half time, they are not here anymore!
  3. I Ran Hubbard Member

  4. 1-1 finished!

    1-1 finished!
    btw if Iran got the ticket to ww in n-Korea - Saudi match, most streets of Iran will be out of police control; people won't make violence atall, it's all police and basijies make it happen! strange really! they all try to make a show that protestans make violence! it's not true;
  5. They are quite brave to risk their lives like that. I hope the Koreans give them at least temporary amnesty because they'll probably be imprisoned or killed now if they go back.
  6. Sorry dude. Iran is out of qualifiers. They can't make it unless they manage to get 5th overall for playoff match at the end.
  7. FIFA rules don't allow it. They took them off in the second half.
  8. I Ran Hubbard Member

    from HuffPost

  9. EPG Member

    For years people have supported their national team, and today they proved that they support the people back and are a part of them.
  10. ThusAlways Member


    I read this morning that the wrist bands were a traditional religious symbol for the team, and most players took them off when alerted to the possible double meaning for the protests. Sorry.
  11. Who the hell told you that?! they were forced to take them off, who do you think your kiddin.
  12. in iran green is seyyeds color.
    they wear that because Religious.
    because musavi is seyyed he chooses green for himself.
    seyyeds are sons of prophet Mohammad ,
  13. Bull! They never wore them before.
  14. LMAO dude seriously, are you mentally retarded or something?
  15. Pfffft.... dude, i've been following the Iranian national team for a long time. This is the first time i've ever seen them wear those green wrist bands.
  16. if that is true then why is this the first time they have worn green wristbands? Don't believe the propaganda. They wore green to support the Iranian protesters.
  17. My Iran Member

    Traditional Religious Symbol"????? Since when this is become a tradition????
    and why only 6 players wore the band not all of them?????
  18. because this dude here is a liar, they should their support, and they should be respected for that, and to the guy saying they will be hanged for this when they get to Iran, hey u watch too many movies chill.
  19. Disqualified

    sorry to say Iran just got disqualified from the world cup finals, peace out.
  20. Artaban Member

    I'm just agree; they must do it tho; thank you for your great sentence! ;)

    honestly, this is completely right! I dunno why ppl wont accept this!
    green is a religious color here in Iran and it's exactly the reason that why musavi and others used it as the symbol! because the get a lil security from it!!
    Btw, not too much tho! coz almost all thing is religious here! but it will get them the permision to use a color at least; infact Iran regime is really and hardly sensitive about using colors as symoles due to fear from colored revolutions! but since mussavi is a "seyyed"! (hmm! rachist acts!) he can benefited from his prophetic blood and use the color!!!
    such a shame really!! I have to mention, no one believes and acts like this in Iran (except basijies and dumb ppl like them) and no reall benefits left for seyyeds! but it is in the religious books and stories anyway! and our government is HUGLY religious dependent in last 30 years!
    although probably it's just a dream! but I really hope after all things finished, Iran religious regime life ends and ends all these shameful things with him!
    Iran, Iranians and the World NEEDs and qualifies for a secular democratic government at this piece of world, here at middle east! it will turn alot of bad things to good ones! I believe! it is a real good thing to happen for the whole wolrd! :)
  21. players wearing it were for example ali karimi (former bayern munich, now persepolis tehran) and medi madavikia (frankfurt). at least madavikia dont have to fear the consequence of being beaten up or anything, because hes playing in germany after all.
    nevertheless, it was a brave reaction. players who experienced the wealth and freedom of western society seem to understand the importance of the events in iran right now
  22. Artaban Member

    and he left his wristband on hand at second half too.

    I hope no harm they got when coming back, btw I'm sure people will support them in any situation strongly; :eek:

    good point tho, most of young ppl in Iran have no idea how it looks like, a democratic society since all of their life was on this 30 year Islamic dictatorship;:(
  23. Hi

  24. Don't underestimate the awareness of the educated youth of Iran. They are very well in the know of the rest of the world. It's those who actually form the core of these protests in Iran right now - the young university students, because they are aware and demand change. And it's mostly those who handle the most crucial weapons in this struggle - cell phones, cameras, twitter, facebook, blogs etc...

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