Iran government use foreign miltants to beat Persian protesters!

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Artaban, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Try again, fool.

    The pictures show them in plain view, on the streets during the protests and inside Mousavi's headquarters after it was seized by the regime's forces. Your denials only make you look dumber and dumber.

    As said before, they are not used as the first line of attack. They are back-ups for when things get out of hand, because the regime can't rely on Iranian troops to use brutal force against civilians indiscriminately.

    To everyone else: There is really no point in trying to reason with such brainwashed zombies. They only ask for proof as long as they think no hard evidence is available. Once the evidence is offered they immediately dismiss it as fake. The best way to deal with them is to not give them room to spread their lies and misinformation.
  2. Visionary Member

    I thought most people accepted them for the saints they truly are?


  3. Brainwashed? haha.
    you need someone like Georges Galloway to smash your brain down.

    [ame=]YouTube - Galloway Lebanon[/ame]
  4. LOL @ George Galloway! Even bigger LOL at your dropped-on-your-head-as-a-child writing.:)

    Who's the next genius you're going to pull out your ass to "smash my brain down"?..Bozo the Clown?..Pee Wee Herman?

    Get lost idiot.:D
  5. Trisphat Member

    He is very good at analysing the old events... His opinion about more recent events he can shove them up his ass.

    I'm sorry a freedom fighter fights for the liberation of his country in his country. Sorry but sending rockets across a border, sending suicide bombers to another country is not freedom fighting. These acts are from cowards. Retalliating against the tanks going into lebanon can in my eyes be considered as freedom fighting but not in any case attacking and abducting soldiers patroling on a border, sending rockets onto poulated areas...

    The use of violence is always a bad thing for everyone because violence calls more violence. Some of these freedom-fighting/terrorist (choose the term you prefer) organisations are really good at this because it is their only reason to exist: keep the conflicts flaming.

    BTW the actions of Hezbollah outside of Iran are completely offtopic and should be discussed on other forums.
  6. Amen. I hope the mods take care of this.
  7. These were used in response to their bombing of Civilian infrastructure. They killed 30 times more civilians than Hezbollah did.

    NEVER HAPPENED!!! I am talking about Hezbollah.

    When you no other choice, violence is a must. Lebanon would have never got an inch of their land back if they did use military resistance.

    Also, Have you read the Koran?
  8. Trisphat Member

    Bullshit excuse.

    I didn't specify that so you should have understood I was not only talking about Hezbollah.

    You obviously did not get my point. try again

    The answer is no. Still I do not see the slightest common point with the alledged participation of Hezbollah to the crackdown in Iran...

    Off topic comment:
    Providing relatively good excuses for constant and disproportionate Israeli retalliation does not seem to be the most clever way to achieve peace and freedom.
  9. Nonsense :)

    Brought to you that video, to put you in the place of the reporter.
    when she called Hezbollah a terrorist organization, get the response from him :D

    Finally, All I can say:
    صم بكم عمي فهم لا يعقلون
  10. Trisphat Member

    If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them. Isaac Asimov

  11. You should understand something: Missiles has played a role in lessening the number of civilian casualties among the Lebanese. Take for example the Israeli invasion to Lebanon in 1982. There was much more casualties. Without Israel feeling the pain, no war against Lebanon would of stopped. The world comes to help Israel when it is in trouble. In the 2006 war, without missiles, they would make Lebanon starve before they stop bombarding.
  12. Let's stop feeding the troll. The Israeli-Palestine conflict is not relevant to the use of the Hezbollah troops in the Iranian security forces.
  13. This thread is about the presence of Lebanese troops in the Islamic Republic's security apparatus. Pictures have also been posted which prove the validity of the reports. The nonsense about Israel and Palestine is irrelevant and needs to be removed.
  14. Trisphat Member

    Just remind me what triggered the attack? And by the way I don't think the support for Israel's military actions would be so strong if they were not answering to unecessary provocations.

    Your ignorance is appaling... (ie Lebanon is not in Palestine)
  15. This is a quote from the Kuran. (Allah's words)
    The translator you used is not precise, replace the word "dumb" with "speechless".
    so, "Deaf, speechless and blind, they do not understand"
    Also note that, no one can really give a precise translation to the Koran.

  16. - Hezbollah had to free the prisoners. The operation led to capturing 2 Israeli soldiers for the purpose of exchanging them with Lebanese prisoners in Israel. 2 years later, the exchange happened!
    - Months after the 2006 war, Israel has admitted that the war was preplanned, though the operation triggered it. Israel comes with dumbest excuses to make wars. They don't need excuses.

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