Iran Hanging Hundreds

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Latest tweets = They're hanging hundreds of Iranian demostrators in the streets!Iran's gov is looking for war,they want to end like Iraq!#iranelection

    Is this true?

    [MODEDIT: This rumour, which has been floating around for a couple of days, has failed to produce any evidence whatsoever, even as hearsay from known reliable Iranians - it is almost certainly false. A related story of six hangings in Iran appears unrelated to the elections.]
  2. It's an unconfirmed, sensationalist scare-tactic/rumor, likely meant to falsely inflame and provoke unnecessary violence. Twitter is a breeding ground for them.
  3. Fuck off you government pig.

    Your words = shit.

    If it is not true, then why are you blocking the internet? Why have you arrested the reporters? What do you have to hide?

    That alone says it is true.

    Hundreds are dying as we speak, and their voices scream our from beyond the grave. You will burn in hell for this!!!
  4. For the record, if you're not Iranian, don't believe ANYTHING you read on Twitter (or similar sources). If you are Iranian, only trust the people who have been absolutely 100% reliable to you personally.

    It's as simple as that. If you're too stupid/ignorant/naïve to correctly filter the news, then keep your mouth shut. That way, we can tell the trolls from the regular idiots.
  5. mancer0 Member

    The USA can not "liberate" Iran. This would be bad...

    The US is up to its eyeballs in trouble at home & it will take another 10 years before the people with support a "war for peace".

    And no one would believe the US had good intention, invading another mid-east county.

    The US can help Iran out side its boarders like France did for the USA in war for independence.
  6. You know it is true.

    To the casual reader, ask yourself this. Why has the Iranian government upped their internet blocking efforts a thousand-fold in the last twenty four hours? Why do they have all the reporters under house arrest? Why will they let absolutely no news at all get out?

    Their prisons are full, so they have started executing hundreds in order to make more room. They know it. You know it. And they think we are fools and cannot see.

    Blood. Just more blood. You will roast in hell eternally for this.
  7. Kruge Moderator

    Wait, let me see if I get this - *We* will roast in hell because the Iranian govt. is supposedly hanging ppl in the streets?

  8. If you want to single me out, you better come up with a better argument than the one that was so poor I ignored it the first time. We all know the government has a severe choke-hold on the media that reaches the airwaves. The prisons filled up, but if you haven't heard, it's all the rage to move people to makeshift camps and stadiums (they may have opened the stadium back up, though). They have no tactical reason to outright execute massive numbers of people, certainly not by something as time-consuming as "hanging hundreds of them in the streets." Their plan is to arrest massive numbers of dissidents and execute them either through torture or by putting them through the legal system. Nothing about their modus operandi indicates they would suddenly switch their game plan, so without proof or confirmation, it's just more bullshit.

    Now that I've spent more words on you than I ever wanted to, would you kindly shut the fuck up?
  9. Well, I've heard nothing about it from my reliable iranian twitter sources, not even from the most rabidly anti regime ones. Just saying.

    As for American involvement on the ground - there is a reason why 99% of Iranians don't want it. Trust them, on this. They know far more about Iran than the American Right who were singing 'bomb bomb bomb Iran' not so long ago.
  10. as one tweet from a respected twitterer said in reaction to this 'story':

    When the executions come they will be very public, there will be forced confessions first to spread terror
  11. Besides, the Iranian government just fucking LOVES to make people pay money to get the dead bodies of their loved ones back (if they're even kind enough to release them). Why would they give away hundreds for free? That's bad for business.
  12. Godspeed! Member

    For Chrissakes people, rule #1 of this campaign has been 'Don't believe everything you hear on Twitter.' I think merely the logistics of hanging hundreds of people at a time rules out this tweet as reliable.
  13. Sammi-J Member

    I think right now A.Nejad and his minions are going to plant and propagate as much horrifying propaganda and disinformation as they possibly can. The more horrific the better for their cause. The regime almost seems to be trying to provoke everyone, one after another, hoping for a true armed conflict so they can pin this mess on anyone but themselves?

    Also--the thought that strikes me is that if they can say something like this enough times and its continuously proven to be false--sooner or later they can actually DO it and we'll dismiss it as just more disinfo. They're crying wolf using a false voice of the people so that we'll eventually stop listening.

    I just keep feeling like the regime is planting so much babble and terror so they can desensitize everyone else or create a wall of deception behind which to actually commit the acts. Maybe they even think that if the fighters see it and start to fear that its true--they can quiet them with the spreading of terror alone?

    I don't claim to truly know much of anything, that's why I'm here--please feel free to educate me (trolls and hate/fear mongers not included BTW) thx.
  14. This site has been blocked to me all morning, and has just come up. So I am guessing that 90% of the posters here during that time were Iranian government propagandists spreading disinformation. They were probably the main people able to access the board, since they were blocking access to it.

    That said, I really doubt government propagandists would start saying people are being hung, do I doubt that guy was one of them. But the responses?

    I'm think something is going on. If there isn't, why hide it?

    No one will be silent. You can black out the internet and the media, execute the protesters, bury them in mass graves, and then open the internet back up and come on and go "what? we didn't do anything?" But we know. No one is that stupid.
  15. the guy who posted it was one of those people who believes everything he hears and then goes off all crazy like when someone goes hey that makes no sense...never believe them lol they are the reason rumors and gossip exist as well as really bad versions of telephone
  16. I guess you're not believing that they are beating revolutionary guards now, either?

    Iran: Revolutionary Guard commander attacked by public in Karaj - National Council of Resistance of Iran - Foreign Affairs Committee

    Those darn unsubstantiated rumors! Just hooligan propaganda here folks! Nothing to see! Move along!
  17. I'm sure they have hung people. Probably not hundreds, but they have executed some.

    They are also beating and raping some, and then letting them go. Like this guy and the people who were with him:

    Iran protester was arrested, beaten and raped, friend says | World news |

    The let him go, so people will know and be afraid. But they do not want the rest of the world to know, so they block the internet.

    It does not make people afraid so they will stop fighting. Basij are wrong. It only makes us want to fight that much more.
  18. skollie-IRAN Member

  19. You are a big geek


    mousavis support comes from the biggest pile of computer geeks ever (let alone the hired thugs)....nobody on this forum is really Iranian....they're Iranish and Muslimish...
  20. Troll: The *hired thugs* are the chimpanzees in uniform (or plain clothes) beating up women and children on the streets. The rest of them are internet dorks who think supporting those thugs makes them look cool.

    You're not fooling anybody, kiddo. Get off your dad's PC and go watch those Star Trek reruns on your tivo.
  21. Just a quick reference point, in case someone else comes along who genuinely reacts like this to things: you don't belong here. Your presence is a distraction and some of these people actually have something of substance to do. I am sure there is a tinfoil-type forum for you somewhere, please go find that and post there. If all else fails, go read some John Bolton articles; those should make you feel more justified and right.
  22. Why the Romans did have a problem with execution for the masses
  23. What if they are just some Iranian who just got beat, in her blowing off steam? and you're in here telling them they were a tin-foil hat. Or what if it is true. I bet then you'd feel like a jackass.

    I have no problem with people coming here pissed off. They have every right to be. And you do not know, you are not all seeing, so don't act like you are.

    What seems paranoid to some people is a necessity to stay alive for others. Don't judge it until you've stepped in their shoes.
  24. "Iran Hanging Hundreds of Iranian demonstrators in the streets"
    Have you gone mad people? who would believe this? Who??? Could you give your head a shock please?
    And you say they are hundreds, show me one shot and I would believe you.
  25. There is a video of a group getting hung floating around. It is not hundreds, but it is a whole group of people.

    With all the news blackouts, uncertainty, and lack of knowing, I can see how a dozen or so hangings could be blown up to hundreds. Maybe if the Iranian government let people move about and see what is really going on, and report on it, or even better, maybe if they weren't killing people, these kinds of stories wouldn't be going around, huh?

    True, partially true, or untrue, it is all a reflection of the brutality and evil seething from the false government of ahamadinejad.
  26. show it to me.
  27. Here it is your highness. Taking a break from beating protesters, are we?

  28. if these gnat nutted peckerheads must perform barbaric acts like this you would think they would try to do it in a humane manner.. rather than letting these kids hang there alive like the one in purple.. sooner or later justice will be served in Iran and those doing this crap will pay for the crimes they commited towards humanity..
  29. That is the one of the Kurds being executed, that I was talking about in the other thread. There is argument over whether it is recent or not. I'm guessing not, because if it was recent the cops would not let those people be walking around with their cell phones filming it.

    Which goes to say, if there really are hangings going on now, they aren't being filmed.

    That was some Kurds they killed just because ahamad-the-fag's government doesn't like Kurds. They made some shit up to execute them over, but it was bullshit. Iran hangs people all the time.

    Which again goes to say, based on the past, it would not be too far-fetched if they were hanging people again now, and it is doubtful it is being filmed.

    Based on the pattern of behavior, hanging little kids (15 years old), shooting unarmed women in the heart, raping male prisoners and beating them so bad all their teeth are broken, all this pattern of behavior makes it so I would not be surprised at all if there was a kernel of truth to the current hanging argument.
  30. You know, whether that hanging happened months ago or a few days ago, doesn't matter. It is what Iran does. They hang people. They have hung many in the past, and it was for things far less serious than this. One of the ayatollahs has already come out and said the protesters would be executed:

    Leading demonstrators must be executed, Ayatollah Khatami demands - Times Online

    So even if none have been hung yet - and there is no way to know if they have - they will be. They'll be hanging there struggling and dying slowly, like that guy in the video who has his hands in front of him. It is just a matter of time.

    Who needs the CIA and the evil Zionists to lie and make the Iranian government look bad? The truth shows what they are.

    This isn't a little kid's game, people.

  31. I agree, and I do not care who or what these people hung were, or what or when the crimes were committed or even what if anything they did..

    hanging for shits and giggles is a completely different kind of mentality, and that was exactly what this was otherwise they would have been hung correctly and not raising their arms 3 minutes later being still visibly alert and fully in control of limbs..

    freaking barbaric..

  32. This was not from the protests. Those are probably criminals being executed.
    Come out with something real. Come on, hundreds, come out with one.
  33. Criminals? What did they do, steal a date from a basiji? Look at a woman for too long? If they were criminals, what did they do to deserve being hung slowly so it took ten minutes for them to die? Question an election? Speak freely? What is the crime they did? Tell me!

  34. I don't know what did they do, you are speaking as if the punishment of execution cannot be deserved.
  35. Swarm Theory Member

    I don't quite get the logic either

    After all, we've all been helping the Iranian people.
  36. I highly doubt that post was directed at you. Those who it was directed at know who they are. If you feel you are one of them, okay, I guess you'd know. But if you are not, why do you consider yourself a target of the post?

    You know there are sepah in this board. Don't deny you realize that.
  37. Not for the shit Iran dishes it out for. Really? Are you telling me that ayatollah is right, and the leaders of the protests should be hung? Is that right? You think that is deserved? Are they criminals? Tell me. They should go through what the people in that video went through. You really believe that?
  38. For the love of god, shut the hell up and stop overreacting to everything. Everyone who doesn't agree with you isn't some slave of the regime. You might as well register the name Straw Man because I can identify you from your goddamn infinity question combos, anyway.
  39. that video is OLD and not recent people , stop cross posting wrong videos
  40. Don't be so sure. Let's ask the Rand Corp. They just polled Afghans. They mustve run smth past Iranians too.

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