Iranian gov, etc IPs

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Iranian governemnt IPs:

    Iran embassy, Kabul: -
    Iran embassy, Germany(?): -
    Iran embassy ?: -
    Iran embassy, Armenia: -
    Iran embassy ?: -
    Iran embassy ?: -
    Iran embassy ?: -
    Iran embassy, Canada: -
    Iran consulate, Dubai: -
    Iran embassy, RA: -
    Iran embassy, ?: -
    IRIB: -
    IRIB: -
    IRIB: -
    IRIB: -
    IRIB: -
    IRIB, Birjand: -
    IRIB, Mazandaran: -
    Ministry of Petroleum, Iran: -
    Atomic Energy Org of Iran: -
    Atomic Energy Org of Iran: -
    Atomic Energy Org of Iran: -
    Iran Communication Ministry: -
    Islamic Repbulic of Iran: -
    Islamic Repbulic of Iran: -
    Islamic Repbulic of Iran: -
    Social Security of Iran: -
    Boosheher Atomic Power Plant, Iran: -
    IABG: -
    Ministry of Science, Recearch and Technology, Iran: -
    Ministry of Science, Recearch and Technology, Iran: -
    Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology: -
    Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology: -
    Ministry of Education, Iran: -
    Iranian National Center: -
    Iranian National Commision for UNESCO: -
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Iran: -
    Iran National Science Foundation: -
    Iran Dept of Environment: -
    Iran Telecomm Research Center (ITR): -

  2. Again, do NOT try to DOS; at least not the ones in Iran.

    Blocklist, anyone?
  3. Wow, and what do you expect people to do with this information? Do you not realize that if you decide to try to hack their servers, your going to be fucked hard? Not only that, you will make the US look worse to them than we already do. Creating more problems than trying to solve.
  4. no one said anything about hacking except for you. blocking these IP ranges could be a start to avoid / detect Iranian agents that are trying to cause confusion by posting false info, asking for proxy servers so they can block them, etc...

    further contributions are more than welcome
  5. What about quasi-government services that Iran makes use of?

    Russian, Chinese energy companies. Technical services. The Iranian government doesn't do everything for themselves. If they must use outside services, and they can be mislead into believing those resources are being used to provide services to the people, it could be a two way time sink. They have to put the new rules denying those services into effect, and the almost certainly different people who need to use those services have to not only communicate their plight but authenticate their trust the Iranian government has been tricked into breaking. Combined with the general strike, chaos, and natural suspicions of the security and information services that could be quite the process.
  6. This link provides proxies that are being used by the Iranian government to get round their own firewalls. If the regime blocks these proxies they will block their own access!
  7. I Ran Hubbard Member

    You do not need to "get around your own firewall". No gov't computer uses a foreign proxy to bypass their own firewall. Why do you keep repeating this?
  8. ech0 Member

    Not to pass on more stupid rumors, but there was a rumor that the Iranian government was tweeting proxies in order to get protesters to use them & find their IP addresses and track them down. I have no sauce on this so take it with a grain of salt.
  9. What WE need to pass on is links to what we KNOW is safe...our own TOR/VPN networks and proxies we KNOW are safe...create and disseminate!
  10. ech0 Member

  11. ann_disaster Member

    Can someone tell me what's involved in setting up a VPN? I'm absolutely not technically inclined, but using the magic of the internet I found a how-to that I think I could probably muddle through. How would it benefit those in Iran?
  12. post links to the how to
  13. Noobfag Member

    Multiple users on a VPN is a bandwidth intensive solution. A proxy server would be a better solution and easier to set up, both for the host (you) and for the clients (Iranians). The chief difference being that a VPN tunnel would push all network interaction through the VPN connection, whereas a proxy needs to be configured on a per-application basis. (E.G. Firefox and I.E. go to tools -> options, and there are proxy settings in there).
  14. Geraldanthro Member

    proxys 101

    Mois will be setting up proxy servers, and posting them .
    If MOIS owns the proxy they can tell who is using it.

    Find your own proxys, thee are thousands of them

    There are 3 kinds of proxys.

    Not all proxys are equal, some are transparent,
    they pass on your IP

    You want an Elite proxy.

    check your proxy.
    Find other proxy checkers and post there are many.

  15. Geraldanthro Member


    You want an VPN service,
    A good encrypted VPN blocks even your IPS from seeing what your doing.

    The service will have a down loqad for you, and set up,
    then you can maybe pick the countery you want to be from.

    YOur pc connection goes from your pc encrypted, to the VPN
    se3rvice, and on the WWW it will appear as though you are from there.

    The VPN you set up on your own PC your self is for encrypting service
    between you and like your work place etc.

    They work the same but function differnetly.

    You want the Service , not the one you create on your own PC.
    here are two:
    Try these:

    Gerald anthro
  16. Geraldanthro Member

  17. Geraldanthro Member

    Iran's resistance choice.

    Well worth the read : 2 min.

    Bringing down Iran's WWW.

    Gerald anthro

  18. Dj Goody Member

    I totally agree with both scary and ech0! by actually DOING something these people can be helped, open up oppurtunities for people to have their voices heard! Just sending info around doesn't help them as much.

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