Iranian gov't fake crowd at their rally.

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Jaymax, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Jaymax Moderator

    Iranian authorities photoshop their rally to make it look bigger than it really was.

    Please disseminate this to media, ESPECIALLY if they have carried this image (it's been used a fair bit IIRC)


    Thanks to whomever did the analysis.
  2. This is huge. That analysis needs to be sent everywhere.
  3. I Ran Hubbard Member

    inb4 scientology joke
  4. Video Gamer Member

    What do you guys think this means?
  5. Really?

    Please link to a reputable news source which shows this picture, thanks very much.
  6. I Ran Hubbard Member

    are you serious? I don't think you are.

    It means they had a pro-MA rally and they copy & pasted in on the edges to make it look like more people attended.
  7. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Looks like the scan of some newspaper.. and in fairness it could have been the media that did the airbrushing, of course I guess it is state influenced/controlled media.. I don't know the details.
  8. Video Gamer Member

    Forgive my ignorance, but what does pro-MA mean? Just making sure I have all these fancy new shortened names right.
  9. Needle Member

    if its actually not a fake this could mean MA (Mahmud Ahmadinedschad) has been messing with a lot of things that came out, including voting results (which i think is likely, although i think this picture is bs :>)
  10. grokitt2 Member

    Since the name of the image is keyhan, I'd guess it came from the Kayhan/Keyhan print publication, which is an iranian news source. Appears to be state controlled. It might be somewhat difficult to link to a printed publication.

    Doesn't appear to be on the site.
  11. Consensus Member

    This thread's too important to let it sink.

    But for the media (and the more skeptical members of this site, myself included) to pick up on this, we need confirmation on the original source, plus links to any other sources that picked it up.

    Anybody could scan a photo, photoshop it themselves, upload it, and claim the Iranian gov't is spreading misinformation. I'm not saying that's the case here; just saying it would be very useful to *prove* it's not.
  12. i never buy keyhan in i cant confirm that.
    but is this pictures fake? of course not.
    ahmadinejad has many supporters in iran
  13. Jaymax Moderator

    OP here - I went scouring and found some other images I'd seen which made me think I'd seen this one before - but they weren't it. I do suspect it comes from the June 14th A'jad rally however. The image itself was just from a link scrolling up the IRC channel - thinking I'd seen it before is what had me loading it up here.
  14. Consensus Member

    Well, I posted the link on twitter about an hour ago, and it took off like wildfire - I actually posted the link to this thread, hoping for skeptical analysis, but people quickly dropped the thread and just reposted the image. Now it's very much a morale boost for the protesters, but without confirmation I feel a little dirty spreading what amounts go propaganda. And the posts earlier in this thread show that Ahmidi does have sizable support in Iran; it's not like he has a dozen followers against 3 million.
  15. Member

    Return of the Headless Man. [/cos_reference]

    I believe that this image was shooped, but we really do need to find a better source that points to the time this image was taken and context.
  16. ARC Member

  17. kldickson Member

    Fake Pro-Ahmadinejad Protest is Fake?

    Don't they know that we can tell it's photoshopped because the pixels are wrong and we've seen a lot of photoshops in our time?
  18. ARC Member

    Yes, we're well experienced with Scientology doing this kind of photoshopping.

    The blog post says that the image was on the front page of Keyhan "yesterday" and the blog post was made on 20. khordad (10. of june), so this Ahmadinejad-rally happened before the election.
    Front page of Keyhan 19. khordad (9. of june) /r/equested.

    The blog also links to the Keyhan website, where the image might be available, but it is not available to me right now due to either blocks or DDoS:
  19. hey, not sure if its this they were referring to, but I heard MSNBC mention something about reports that the Iranian government had photoshopped an image to make it appear like a rally was bigger than it was. If so, you guys seem to have gotten it to the mainstream. congrats. I only found this little Pirate Bay Iran Support Group thingy after I heard it, so I can't provide a link, but it was definitely mentioned on MSNBC today.
  20. Interesting Video of a protest in support of a-jahad. Have been trying for two days to see if any of the people in this video have been photoshopped into the photo release in the above posting.


    Default Photoshop and Video Nerds Needed
    I know its a long shot but I found this video yesterday, Im thinking this may possibly be the rally that was photoshopped in the link below, however im having problems locating the date and location of "photographed" event.

    I need some video/photoshop nerds to help if possible so I can try and get it to the right media sources (considering they air/print it) if its possible to verify people in the photo as well as in the video. Not sure if its possible but I thought worth a try

    Regardless its proof of the small size of the Ahmadinejad rallies as well as propaganda techniques used

    You Tube

    Human translation of youtube description:

    23 Khordad 88 6 (14 june 2009) from 6 PM to 7 PM
    giving away cookies and sweets and soft drinks and .. to attract people
    pouring ahmadinejad's posters on the streets to make the situation look bigger than it is.
    Undercover agents maneuvering on the streets after the speech.

    I Ran Hubbard you are the king of all moderators, thank you
  21. Shah of Iran speaks about US media New York Times and Washington Post etc:

  22. EPG Member

    this has nothing to do with the shah or the U.S. media. Stop trying to cause interference and disturbance by going to every thread and trying to relate everything to a dead man and a county thousands of miles away out of your own fear. This type of manipulation stopped working a long time ago.

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