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Discussion in 'Pictures' started by a desert, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. a desert Member

    I've been playing around with this idea for a while; Bugs Bunny and I discussed it in thesp4rrowh4wk forum. The idea is to make a deck of playing cards, with different cards representing different aspects of the Revolution. They could be for personal use, but also to show others. This is similiar- but not in the same vein- as the Most wanted Iraqi-playing cards: Most-wanted Iraqi playing cards - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia- DISREGARD, WORDED BADLY.

    Clarification: We are doing this in support of the protesters, as a way of letting others know about those we hope to come home soon, those have passed away, and those who are helping the cause. The. End. :)

    If I do this, I'd like some input on the following:

    1. Should the cards be 100% protester only, or split between the protesters and the regime?
    2. Should pictures be photorealistic or not?
    3. Who would you like to see on what cards?

    I want Neda as the Queen of Hearts, Anonymous as the Joker (obviously), and AustinHeap and NiteOwl/the Green Brief as Kings. The thought is either a few packs can be widely disseminated, and/or if I do them, I can send them out to be bought at fundraisers if anyone wanted them.

    Any suggestions, both for cards and for pictures, would be appreciated. (Please remember that we should probably stay away from copyright pictures).
  2. 1- 100% protester only. I do not want a picture of any of those assholes anywhere near me.
    2- We should use symbolic images. Perhaps an Owl against the full moon for NiteOwl (or obviously anything he might want), Neda poster for Neda, The green suit guy for the joker etc. Also we should consider changing the color theme. For example red suits could be green, so the queen of hearts would be green or something...
    3- We should also have sp4rrowh4wk and maxoud on the cards. I am fairly certain they are both Iranian... We could -just maybe- include people like Mousavi, Rafsanjani, Ayatollah Whatshisname-guy, etc.
  3. a desert Member

    1. Yeah that's how I feel about it. I don't want to deface Neda with Ahmadijabberwocky.
    2. Some will be symbolic (Austin Heaps would be a haystack with AH overlay) and some will be pictures, but I'm not going to use Neda's bloody face. I know it may sound stupid but I would never want her mother to see that- I'd rather a picture of her smiling/laughing than of her death.
    3. Agreed.
  4. Agree with not using Bloodied Neda. Not because of her mom (which is a nice consideration of you) but because I would to remember her (and I would prefer if people did as well) as the beautiful person she was.
  5. You know spades (Spada means a sword in Italian if I am not mistaken) originate from swords... We should have vorpal blades for spades.. Just a thought I had when I saw Ahmedijabberwockey...
  6. As long as the regime does want to use them for the same reaason the concept was used for the US Military in Iraq. As these are really death cards for most wanted criminals, not revolutionary heros. Fame is slipery slope.
  7. a desert Member

    It could work (the vorpal blade as a symbol) so long as it could clearly represent some aspect of the protestors. Like having it symbolise speech or something.
  8. a desert Member

    Well we're not exactly releasing them in Iran. They're for our own use. And no face will be shown that's not already well known. Unless you're suggesting they're going to start attacking haystacks. XD
  9. They have already demonstrated well that they are good at attacking windmills so wouldn't surprise me so much if they attacked Haystacks.

    According to Wikipedia: "As with much of the rest of the poem's vocabulary, the reader is left to guess at the meaning of "vorpal" from the context. It is commonly assumed to mean "deadly" or "sharp""

    I think it's use in playing cards would clearly represent the resolve/determination/faith/etc. of the Iranian people on it's stand against the Jabberwock.
  10. TOR! we gotta have TOR.. a hammer maybe... or even it could be suit.. hammers instead of clubs.. or we could have onions as a suit...
  11. Visionary Member

    I'm curious how it would be determined which protesters to include.
    Also I wonder if Mousavi's wife should be in it, since I think she was a big part of the pre-vote dynamic, especially among the women and youths who ended up being the backbone of the protesting.
  12. a desert Member

    Hahaha, we'll have epic banhammers all over the place. Er, suit.

    Visionary: I agree with having Zahra Rahnavard, I think I'll use them in a suit. As for the protesters, my idea is that the ones like Neda will be used for King/Queen/Jack etc. We can use high-profile detainees, journalists, and outside help (re: TOR) etc for the rest of the suit, or other symbols- I know for 2 I'm going to use the V-sign or at least incorporate it.

    For the regime side, with some of the numbers I wanted to put statistics for passing along knowledge (so many killed, detained, years in power, etc).
  13. JohnDoe Moderator

    I definitely want nothing with the regime on it!

    (Which actually is a bit of shame since that monkey picture doing the rounds is rather brilliant, as was the cartoon a few weeks ago with the twitter bird doing his business on the terrible two)

    Now there's a thought, twitter - that definitely needs to be on it - I know you were saying about copyright, but I'm sure they could be approached and would agree to donating the twitter bird symbol - after all without twitter I dread to think what would have happened.

    Must think some more about this. (But right now must go and do some work!!!!!!!!!)
  14. ok The Unregistered is back.. I was on my way from work and I was thinking the same thing, yes Twitter should be included...
  15. a desert Member

    Twitter could work so long as the cards remain unofficial. I don't know if they'd be okay with letting us use it, though. If someone wants to ask for me, please do, and if we can- I will find a way to incorporate it.

    To Unregistered:

    Tarot cards? Hn, not against the idea, but one thing at a time. XD
  16. JohnDoe Moderator

    I've sent a request to them, I hope they agree!:D
  17. Why not use them for the most Wanted, like in Iraq?

    With real faces, of the criminals of Iran? info on where they work, etc. names or nameless, last seen. hangouts, etc..

    What's the point of faceless deck for the protesters? I hate to spoil your enthusiasm for a memorial. but think of the psychological impact of a circulating deck of wanted cards on the people whose pictures and names are on them. Make them feel hunted and targeted.

    It is certainly non-violent.
    Start of with heads of basiji, Supreme L. and pres.

    I think it would be delicious.
  18. a desert Member

    And granted that most will never see it...

    I think too many people are too literally equating these with the Iraqi decks (and that we'd be actively hunting these people). There will be no faces on here that aren't already well known. A lot of the images will have to be symbols simply because there aren't enough well-known faces to go around. These aren't wanted people, evil criminals. These are people that we're celebrating, for their strength and courage and in some cases, martyrdom. (Speaking about the Sea of Green cards, anywho. ;) )

    If their likeness is going to be splashed on posters, banners and flyers, I don't think a card will hurt.
  19. JohnDoe Moderator

    Landers I'm not sure that everyone has been following this idea from when it started on the other thread, and so they erroneously make the connection between the US wanted list/cards from Iraq, and the idea behind this - which if I remember right, started out as a Non-Iranian talking about having a card in their wallet to show if they met an Iranian when this is all over, which showed their support for this.
  20. Yes, let's have onions as a suit. Great idea! Luv it!
  21. Well instead of these cards being like the Iraqi cards, they could be cards remembering folks. Instead of waiting for them to be captured, we are waiting for them to be released, to come home. Journalists in prison (spades), reformers in prison (clubs), martyrs (hearts). And a suit (the onion suit) for significant ex pats: like Dariush, Ramin Jeganbegloo, and so on.
  22. a desert Member

    Dammit tables don't work here. Gah.

    Okay, so this is what I have:


    ACE: Iran (map?)
    KING: --
    QUEEN: Neda
    JACK: ---
    10-2: ---


    ACE: ---
    JACK: ---
    10-2: ---


    ACE: ---
    QUEEN: ---
    JACK: ---
    10-2: ---


    ACE: ---
    QUEEN: ---
    JACK: ---
    10-2: ---

    The Joker: Anonymous

    Current suggestions for other:

    V for Victory Sign
    Possibly for a royal suite: Cyrus (of Cylinder fame?)
    Journalists or detainees
    Twitter bird
    The Vorpal Blade (as truth)

    If we're going to keep with a theme, Hearts will be Martyrs, Spades will be politicians, Diamonds will be journalists/bloggers, and Clubs will be internet/proxy-based (aside from bloggers).

    Please keep suggestions coming. Anything, everything.
  23. JohnDoe Moderator

    With Neda you must have Sohrab - the first young male to be maytered - so maybe him King and her Queen? - They are symbolic of the whole movement.

    There's also Khatami for the politicians, and Montezari the great Ayatollah - perhaps as a Jack?

    Azadi - freedom would be good to include (if possible!)

    Shirn Ebadi - the Nobel Prize winner who has for years been speaking up should be a queen - maybe even in the diamonds.

    Bloggers: Iranbann; Persian Kiwi (Out of sight is not out of mind)

    The Doctor who treated Neda and told her story as soon as he could get out of the country.

    A picture of the Paris scroll?

  24. JohnDoe Moderator

    18th Tir


    The Green V - maybe you already said that.


    The candle lit vigils.

    I have no idea how you can incorporate any of this stuff, but then I'm not an artist!!!!!!!!
  25. a desert Member

    I planned on using a green scroll, based off the Paris scroll, as a background- it will be everywhere.

    I don't know if Iranbann and Persiankiwi count as bloggers. (I'm certainly not discounting them, I follow persiankiwi, but I'd like to get consensus first.)

    I like the idea of Azahdi, but I need a physical manifestation; just printing words probably won't work.
  26. JohnDoe Moderator

    Sorry, my mistake, they're not bloggers they're twitters! Are you intending to have Twitters, or is there too many? PersianKiwi seemed to be one of the most famous reliable ones, until they disappeared at the end of June.
  27. JohnDoe Moderator

    Mobile phones!!!!!
  28. a desert Member

    That will be more difficult to incorporate. If I get permission to use the Twitter bird, I can improvise and add the names of a few; @persiankiwi and @oxfordgirl comes to mind.
  29. Visionary Member

    Are there going to be two jokers in this deck?
    Or just one.

    Hmm. Other random ideas of people to possibly include, Pedestrian(blog), NiacINsight(blog), Tehran Bureau(blog), Andrew Sullivan(blogger), Karroubi. Rafsanjani (although no one knows what he really wants), Taraneh (the girl who was raped and killed).

    Also what about adding rallies, places, or dates of important events?
    Just an idea, obviously there won't be room for all this stuff.
  30. Well, I am not sure words will not work. There is a lot of design that can be done with letters.

    I've been thinking of the logistics of this.

    Getting hi resolution photographs of everyone and then photoshopping them is going to take a horrendous amount of time and it is likely to bog down in the process.

    (You have to photoshop the pics to get around copyright -- see my thread here -- and you have to have enough pixels to do any decent photoshop. Most internet pics don't have enough pixels.)

    I think a simple way to do the cards could look like the following:

    1) The beautiful Neda poster on the back of every card.
    2) Four suits: onions, hearts, v-signs, wings.
    3) onions= citizen reporters; hearts = martyrs; v-signs = activists inside and outside Iran; wings = notable prisoners.
    4) face cards and jokers = some of the hi-profile participants.
    5) the rest of the cards can be set up the same way as ordinary cards, but with the name of a citizen reporter or martyr or activist or prisoners on the perimeter. the name can be repeated in 50% transparency like a ribbon on the perimeter.
    6) now just to get enough names in each suit.

  31. a desert Member

    Thanks for all the great ideas, Visionary, these are really good.

    With regards for room for dates; I'm sketching out cards right now and some have a decent amount of blank space to write stuff in. My intention for some of these is to make both completed and uncompleted; that way they can be altered by people in order to fit their needs, such as writing in dates, and others could be printed out as is. One I wanted to do had an Iranian flag and a blank flag that could be coloured in as a person saw fit, if they wanted to do a nationality-type card.

    As for the Jokers, I have no opinion on the matter. There can be duplicate Anons, there can be only one Anon joker, or others can cook up and idea and I can see if I can make it work.

    I'm going to limit the amount of bloggers I put on; if time permits, I'll make 'alternate' cards and people can pick and choose, since my intention ATM is to release these (hopefully with instructions on how to make them into a playing deck) to the public under copyleft.
  32. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    thank you so much for creating this idea. i am sure no one who is paying attention will think of these as cards for hunting people. this is obviously a tribute to the many players involved. what better way to remember those who have played a part than by playing?

    i understand there are many times two jokers in a deck. i would like to nominate Rafsanjani as the other, as a match for Anonymous. as someone mentioned, no one seems really sure what his motivations are- even though i have championed Rafsanjani, and repeatedly tweeted regarding his movements. ;)

    at the very least Rafsanjani represents the Ace of politicians.

    representations of tor or an onion and of twitter are extremely important. an onion, for example, might make an excellent 'ace' symbol. without these entities many of us would, quite literally, not be here. tor/vidalia is vitally important. is there a reason to limit your deck to only four suits? perhaps there is an extra suit, a game changing one. an optional one to be sure, but one i have not played without for many weeks now. just a thought. these are unusual times, would they benefit from an unusual symbol? many have said 'five' represents adversity. what has so often been born of adversity?

    thank you so very much for having mentioned me, but surely there are many who are more deserving: PersianKiwi, OxfordGirl, IranBaan, Iraniscc, IranProxy or even RT Iran, Bistoon, onlyMehdi, Mousavi1388, Shariatmadari, IranRiggedElect, DefendYourVote, CBN2, revMagdelen (both of whom occasionally made me laugh genuine belly laughs, perhaps you cannot understand how rare this is right now, or how important (pls see my note to NiteOwl in the latest GB)) MikVerbrugge, MitraJoon (a personal friend, she has been missing since just after her cousin was released from Evin some weeks ago. i fear the worst.) i would include so many more, but my twitter account is again suspended and i am unable to access my only sure (and certainly habitual) means of mass and private communication

    i would like to include a special card to represent people who simply volunteer their time to pass important information, articles, and videos through the twitterverse. their countless hours of RTing endlessly have kept #IranElection trending for weeks- through the deaths of icons like Michael Jackson, or the Main Stream Media. :)

    they have retained focus on us, while retraining journalists, researchers, and other information gatherers.

    maybe 'RT Iran' will serve as ace of clubs to commemorate all the many hundreds who are helping redefine what it means to be a revolutionary.
  33. a desert Member

    Facts, straight up, are symbols are better than words. A lot of people are going to take one look at the Farsi and be confused, and then wander off. The cards are meant to educate and grab attention; this is why symbols are much better, because images grab the mind and burn there, whereas written words in a language other than your own tend to be boring and confusing by turns. Think of it this way: lets say one of them was made into a poster. You post it. Average person sees weird script, wanders off. Average person sees a symbol they recognise and it piques their curiosity. There's going to be very limited text on the cards. Additionally, less fine print = better detail.

    As for the Neda poster, I'm concentrating on the faces of the cards. I'll look at the back after I'm finished with preliminary sketches and basic colouring of a few.

    I'm staying as close to an original pack of cards as possible, so we're sticking with the main suits. The more a person recognises them, the more it will mean to them. So Hearts, Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, everyone. The onions were a cute and good idea, but let's keep to the original four.

    Also, what photoshop? Most of them is going to be hand-drawn, then coloured in afterwards.

    Jokers, for the moment, remain Anonymous, since that's what we do. It's unlikely that the second Joker, should it arise, will be anything but a duplicate of the first.

    The cards will be as follows- 2-10 will be more symbolic, keep with the numbers (for example, a three has two people holding up a third protester who's been hurt, five is five rotating arms holding cell phones). Royal suits will be bigger names, like NiteOwl, Mousavi and Neda. Jokers I've already stated about. As I told Visionary, some unfinished version will be left so that people can add in names, dates, etc. Others have significant white space so that a name can be added.
  34. a desert Member

    I'm glad you like the idea, sp4rrowh4wk. :)

    I am trying to keep writing to a minimum on the cards, but perhaps we can find a healthy compromise. An alternate card that will have the twitter name and 'follow me on Twitter' and a saying beneath it (will get more opinions on that later) so people know how to follow.

    I've attached an extremely rough copy of the idea. Pardon the utter shittiness; this was a five minute job on psp to give a general idea, NOT remotely close to what the cards will actually look like. I promise I'm a lot better than that. ;)

    Attached Files:

  35. Visionary Member

    Are you drawing all these yourself? I'm amazed and impressed, if so!
  36. a desert Member

    Yep. Originally I was just going to do some sketch, some photo, but the decision to represent Neda being happy made me decide that mebbe hand-drawing is the way to go. It will take longer, but it's a labour of love, in my case. Plus we won't have any butthurt photogs crying about stealing their work.
  37. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    hi Landers,

    i think keeping the writing to a minimum is an excellent idea. symbols are very important, powerful, and are not dependent on language to supply meaning. someone mentioned tarot cards. these have been around for centuries and have endured in part because of their reliance on symbols.

    i do like the rough draft card you have created. the idea of cards one may personalize is truly remarkable. (pun intended) i did not mean there should necessarily be a lot of writing on cards, only that there should be a card to commemorate the actual tweeple who watch for us and make sure the information is disseminated.

    thank you again. i look forward to seeing the results of your excellent work.
  38. Ray Murphy Member

    A nice balance of colour in that image, although I asked myself if the shape of the diagonal ribbon had meaning, or whether it could somehow be made to look more like a draped ribbon - either in that position or further away. I'm absolutely useless at drawing but had a few decades in reproducing everything in print before PC's pinched all the work.
  39. a desert Member

    The ribbon is supposed to be the green scroll; unfortunately it doesn't seem to translate well and I may end up dropping it or using it as a single image on another card.

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