Iranian Playing Cards

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by a desert, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Ray Murphy Member

    A straight green line might work somewhere. It might also be a good idea to try and find the most popular/accurate green colours - expressed as Pantone colour numbers.

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  2. Hey we should get a Farsi calligraphy of Azadi for Ace of Hearts ;)

    Maybe we could get one of our Iranian friends here to design this one for us. That could be really cool because then the deck will not be complete until Freedom is in fact won in Iran...
    The Unregistered
  3. Oh, Maxoud just came in with a list of pics of those who have been arrested and/or killed in case you want to draw any of these on your cards.

    Here it is.
  4. a desert Member

    I'm not opposed to having farsi on the cards (and perhaps justifying all the time spent learning calligraphy ;) ) so long as it's understood that it won't be the main thing on the card.

    Ray, that's a good idea. I'll probably be working with several shades of green. ATM it's leaning closer to green with a blue tint but subject to change.

    Bugs thanks for the list.
  5. Ray Murphy Member

    It might also pay to keep in mind the possible reproduction methods:
    (1) Tiff (CMYK) format would be required for proper printing presses.
    (2) JPG or GIF for internet display

    Most people use Jpg on the net but Gif is often far superior and smaller in memory size and they NEVER have that awful mottling effect - but there are 2 kinds of GIF - the original one from Compuserv (as found in Photoshop) - which is perfect, and the el-cheapo non-licensed one which is slightly fuzzy.

    Then there's the PC- Mac issue. Both systems have a different colour palette for Gifs, which means a colour can occasionally look considerably different on one or the other.

    What I'm driving at here - is to figure out if the cards could be commercially printed at some stage, and if so, get the colours right for CMYK Tiffs and then have a look at the images in Compuserv Gif format to see how they look with FAR fewer colours being used. Just "Save As Gif" in Photoshop or some other decent program that uses compuserv Gifs.

    If by chance Gifs didn't give a good enough colour range, then JPG would be the way to display them on the net (in one compression or another).

    This is just a suggestion. If you don't already know this, you don't really need to absorb it all, but it might just make things a bit easier or prevent some back-tracking afterwards.
  6. a desert Member

    No, good advice is always good advice.

    My goal here is to use bright, bold colours. Minimal shading as needed. Things that are going to translate cross-border (or rather cross-OS).

    Most of my work is saved as .png files, which admittedly can be quite big but the quality is fairly decent. Plus it offers the ability for transparent backgrounds and such. It's lossless compression as well, and better than JPG for text and line work, which means any print- English, Farsi, or otherwise- is going to come out sharper.

    As for commercial cards- I've already looked into them and I'd like to do it, but it is cost-prohibitive, since it's all original work and we're not just slapping a logo on. Most of the prices I see are around 49.99 per deck- absolutely ridiculous. Some are cheaper but charge by the colour and could become a problem. Short of asking for donations personally- which I refuse to do- the only other options is to shell out the money myself, which I'm willing to do but could only do a few decks at a time- or have different groups come together and do it. I'm in the Baltimore/DC area and could get in touch with Anon DC but that wouldn't help other groups who might want it. I said before that I'd be releasing this, either as copyleft or Creative Commons, so people could also print out personal decks.

    If it is at all possible, what I would like to do is see if a few of my fellow Anons are willing to spend a little time and ink printing out the images from various printers and looking at them from different OS's.
  7. Ray Murphy Member

    Ordinary printing houses don't usually get involved in the production of high quality playing cards, but if a second rate job was ok, then any company with offset presses that can handle sheet sizes say 600 x 550mm could print all of them in one hit on one sheet of card (6 across x 88mm and 9 down x 63mm) - perhaps with a "double cut" of a few mm between each card to allow for precision guillotining at the end.

    The whole job after drawing and scanning would ideally be assembled in Quark XPress or perhaps Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Freehand as two images for 54 fronts and 54 backs - 52 cards plus 2 blanks.

    After printing and varnishing (the transparent ink for protection) and then guillotining, the round corners can be cut with a simple drill-type vertical cutting tool which many printers have or can access.

    Printing cardboard containers could be too expensive, so clear plastic playing-card boxes would be fine.
  8. a desert Member

    Hmmm. TBH I've been mostly looking at online places which may account for prices. I know little of printing (unless I'm doing it myself), and I'd want to see the actual quality beforehand. I wouldn't expect miracles... I don't want something that feels like I'm holding flan, either, you know?

    And Maryland/DC/Eastern PA/Northern VA Anons know of a place that can do this? If someone could find a Baltimore one I'll love you forever.
  9. Ray Murphy Member

    It's quite possible that online places are very good and have good prices, but for something like this it would be extremely risky to NOT be closely involved with those who produce the cards.

    You need to stand behind the person who assembles your images on his or her Mac (or PC if you must) so you know how it's going to look. Then you need to select the right type of card and feel it at the approx finished size and be satisfied that it feels something like a playing card.

    Then you need to find a respectable printer who will answer your questions fully. Perhaps a local graphic artist, typesetter or small printing shop can recommend one.

    It wouldn't hurt either to actually get your own large negative films made by a local "Output Bureau" so you can be assured your negatives are perfect. They make the negatives from your memory stick or CD into the 4 separate colours CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) - that's black negative film with clear areas for the image areas. They use a million dollar "imagesetter" which shines light on the film one dot at a time at a resolution of 2540 dpi or higher.
    These dots are so small you cannot see them even with a strong magnifying glass, but they shouldn't be confused with the "halftone dots" which actually make up the continuous tone images. They would be about 200 per inch.

    They can also provide an extremely high quality colour print of the complete image - front and back. These are made from your negatives. They are expensive, so probably not worth getting in this case.

    So if you followed that path you would OWN the negatives and wouldn't be arguing with your printer about ownership.

    Once you've got your negatives, 4 plates have to be made for the CMYK on the front and perhaps 2 plates for the back - Red and Black? - or CMYK if there is more than those 2 colours. The plates are made of aluminium 0.9mm thick, but the printer would make them or get them made to fit his machine.
    You can get them back after printing (for possible future use) but you need to specify that beforehand to save arguments.

    If you got your own negatives made it makes the quoting for the actual printing very much easier.

    There are several other ways to go - including using smaller sized digital-image plates, but the above description refers to proper offset printing.
  10. Visionary Member

    I live in Montgomery County MD myself, a little closer to DC, but I have no idea about printing places other than staples and kinkos, lol.

    Hmm, here's a couple of searches for printing places in Baltimore, not sure if this helps or just makes it more confusing though.

    printing companies in baltimore - Google Maps

    Baltimore Printing Services | Printing Companies in Baltimore, MD

    I suppose I could ask around or maybe mention it on facebook.
    But I'm not entirely certain what kind of printing you're in need of.
    And what exactly do you need them to do?
  11. a desert Member

    I think Ray is trying to break my brain. :(

    I will have to putz around. Visionary, if you could ask around that'd be great. I'm going to do the same thing, but I live in Howard County and even if they have a printing place here, HC is outrageously expensive. I can check around BC during lunch too but I have the feeling this might turn into needle/haystack, and not the good kind.

    As for what we need them to do, I think Ray might be of more assistance. I think the bottomline would be, however, a place that can print and punch out custom playing cards with a relatively decent amount of quality. That won't destroy my wallet or bank account, lol.
  12. Ray Murphy Member

    There's all sorts of desktop printers available and quite a few commercial colour laser printers at copy shops that do much better work and with much tougher images that won't easily rub off.

    When it comes to seeing how images will look on Macs and PC's you don't need to print anything - just look at a good monitor on each system to see if there's much difference. Sometimes of course a monitor can be out-of-whack and not display the colours [that exist on your disk] well enough. This is something that is best done at a professional place in 5 minutes - perhaps where they have Macs and PC's.

    One important thing about printing on home printers - or indeed any printers, is that you have to calibrate every printer for the monitor if you want teh printer to print what you see on the monitor. This is done by getting your image just right on your monitor and then printing it.

    After you've done that and discovered that the cheap printer has not reproduced the colours well enough - you go back to your monitor and change your RGB settings by turning the thumbscrews until your monitor image looks just as bad as your print!.

    Then you adjust your image colours in Photoshop etc until it looks right

    Then you print again and bingo! - you get a good image.
  13. Ray Murphy Member

    Yes, it's a lot to take in, but I have simplified it so you can sort of get your foot in the door. As I mentioned earlier, there are many paths that can be taken. I'm very familiar with every stage of nearly all of them, so yell out if you have any specific questions as you go along.
  14. a desert Member

    LOL I know and I really appreciate it, Ray, it does make sense and I'd rather go in knowing what to expect.

    PM me if you want to share more ideas about the printing and whatnot. :)
  15. Ray Murphy Member

    Ok, I'll do that unless there's something that needs an answer on the forum.
  16. Could not the other joker just be a picture of the massive rally as these are the masses of anon.
    and maybe say:
    But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.
  17. a desert Member

    A massive rally would work if I used a picture of a rally, so perhaps. However, as I said before, I'm limiting text. That many words on a playing card really isn't going to work too well.

    Maybe just 'How do you like our proxies?', but that would be a special card.
  18. eyeoniran Member

    Will the king of diamonds have on green briefs? :D
  19. Ray Murphy Member

    What - on the outside of his tights like Batman and Robin?
  20. a desert Member

    Thanks for the disturbing mental images, guys, srsly. :rolleyes:
  21. JohnDoe Moderator

    Landers your design is amazing. This is going to be a fantastic project:D
    From I could see I really like the green scroll running on the background.

    (I've not heard a cheep from Twitter, about using their bird other than have my own account suspended!!!! But I do hope they let you use it, it's so important to the whole cause - no twitter no revolution!)
  22. a desert Member

    Well if they're going to asses about using the bird (or just not reply) it's still do-able. I'll find something else.
  23. eyeoniran Member

    :D Yep, sort of what I was thinking!
  24. Hechicera Member

    How about a white dove in flight. I've seen that used by a few Iranians. It has a nice double meaning.
  25. a desert Member

    Hadn't thought of that, it'd be perfect.
  26. JohnDoe Moderator

    This journalist was on my facebook earlier - Masih Alinejad an Iranian woman.

    Leaving Facebook... | Facebook.

    Seems to be popular among the diaspora. Queen in her suite?
  27. Janette Member

    Hi, I love the idea of using the protests.. what about the image of millions of people demanding their freedom crammed into Azadi Square?

    Also me and many of my friend would like these cards.. will we be able to get them to Australia somehow?? or maybe print them here? I think there will be other people countries that will be interested too. Postage from the Us will make it v. costly I think..

    I liked your draft I'm excited to see them

    Thankyou for all you hard work :)
  28. a desert Member

    Millions of people... ooof, my poor hand. ;)

    I will be releasing pictures here, Janette (hopefully a few by this weekend) that should be hi-res and ready to download. You'll be more than welcome to print out and share as you see fit. :)
  29. JohnDoe Moderator

    Landers just do what Amamadman's press office does - photoshop them in! ;)
  30. Janette Member

    Thanks Landers your awesome!! Its a really nice idea to make these.. I found out about it from following Sp4rrowh4rk's thread (I followed him from twitter cause I hadn't seen him for a while.) Don't stress yourself out doing this... I wasn't thinking of your poor hand!! lol perharps you could use a "sea of green" representing the protesters.. you could use silhouttes or something.. it would be easy to print with block colour etc.. just an idea..
  31. Visionary Member

    Any updates on the cards. Just curious. :)
  32. a desert Member

    Yus, but epic failure of scanner is... well, rather infuriating. Pics soon! :)
  33. Visionary Member

    Cool, I look forward to seeing them!
  34. Visionary Member

    Any updates on this front?
    (Haven't seen Landers around in a while, although she's not the only one who's been gone for weeks.)
  35. panasonic Member

  36. Blah I want %100 baddies on my deck. Khamenei is my three of clubs, because three greeners will softball bats are going to whop his evil ass.
    Ahmedinejad is my ace of hearts cuz he only has one supporter- his own self.
    Your kings and jacks might turn out to be the "other" gangs he funds: The Tally Ban and their "network" of terror aka Al Quaeda in Arabic.
    Osally Bin Lafen starring as Jack of Spades.

    You might even be able to leave out your Basijis, since they are cowards and lemmings at taking orders, although they have bitchin hats that makes em stand out in a crowd.

  37. word word word. Print the cards with mufun red velvet backs. Etch Allah Akbar on the back.

  38. if you had protestors and reformers on the cards, you'de be violating the Islamic law prohibiting human images. Plus, the bad guys would then have a list of people an faces to go off.

    Reformers aren't in it for the fame.

  39. Pacificshores Member

    yes, I agree also-playing cards are a great idea-looking forward to seeing them-a good way to inform people-

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