Iranian TV Station says Neda's video is fake

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Google Translate

    Can anyone confirm this?

    The translation is a little bad, its from a Chilean website, translated by Google.
  2. Who gives a fuck what any Iranian (thus, government) TV station says? They spew their bile straight out of the ayatollah's ass. Their words are shit. They probably charged Neda's family all they have for the cost of making the fake story.
  3. Since when did Iranians speak Spanish ?
  4. RadioFreeGab Member

    Exactly. They're just lies, rumors and propaganda thrown at us by the government in order to distract us. Any human being wouldn't bare thinking that Neda's death was faked.
  5. shervin Member

    Yes, they said that.
    My English is too poor to explain the situation in Iran and what Iranian state TV did in last few days.
    They deny everything, almost everything that happened after Khamenei's speech in Friday.
    Everything that happened in streets and all of the protesters that killed in streets.
  6. Your English is fine :) Thanks for confirming.
  7. baghalizer Member

    They didn't say it's fake, they said terrorists killed her, they said they know who did it.
    "They used a special type of bullet, and They had ready cameras to film her from different positions" TV said.
  8. We do not forget.

    We do not forgive.
  9. a desert Member

    Absolutely fucking unbelievable. They have to know that thousands, if not millions, have seen this video and watched Neda bleed out and die painfully in the streets. How the hell do they think they're going to fool?

    There's no forgiveness for this sort of thing. To deny Neda's death as anything other than blatant murder by despotic forces... no, no forgiveness at all.
  10. Post edited because it is off topic. Start a new thread in a different forum if you want to spew this bile.
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  13. a desert Member

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  14. Hesperornis Member

    Post edited because it is off topic
  15. +9000 empathy for Landers! :D
  16. I confirm this.
    they said terrorists had a plan for that and cameras to filming and i am agree with them.
    because the knew if they shoot to someone in crowd somebody will take picture and its not good for them.
  17. someone said me that this guy killed her
  18. India

    Any body knows who is him ?
  19. from-iran Member


    no , he s not the killer
    as u see the background shows people hav rocks , means that gun is fake or a toy , or this pic is fake n done by photoshop
  20. hello why nobody talking ... plz tell me about last newz?
  21. from-iran Member


    i heard about 2maro baharestan , n other places ,it was somting on Karubi face,book ,mention about 2maro bt it s removed
  22. I think he is one of the protestors who has come by the riot police's gun or a fake gun. That's all... and now they want to blame him for it. Because I saw his picture on an gov site with many more pics from protestors that the gov is looking for at this site if it's still up that is:

    As you can see his back is to the protestors.
  23. from-iran Member


    bt Thur. is confirmed , Karubi n Musavi related sites mentioned it , they r some suggested spots bt still waing for confirmation
  24. lol @ no u.

    back on topic, the iran gov. has done so much to cover up the neda video. if they blame it on protestors, then why would they claim its fake? they are using every excuse in the book and changing their position every couple of days. all this effort they are making to hide the truth is just making everyone more suspicious and watch the video more. these very obvious lies have seriously damaged any credibility they have left around the world.
  25. neda vid + doctor in london vid combo ftw
  26. do they even have H&K arms in IRAN?
  27. Oh lord, The Iranian government is so full of shit. First they blamed her death on an "israeli assasin", then they said that she was mistook for the sister of a known terrorist and NOW the video is fake!

    What bull shit. If they are going to make up such crap then they need to pick one story and stick with it! All they are doing is hurting their own credibility.

    They are wasting their time coming up with such crap stories because no body believes them. They mistake their own people and the rest of the world for morons of they think we will buy anything but the truth.

    The TRUTH is she was murdered by her own government because she was an easy target. The truth is they did not think she would come to play as big a part in all this as she has. The truth is that Neda is not the only one the Government there has killed.

    The truth is that these protests are the start of a revolution. The truth is that this revolution is no longer about just the election, but about the injustice and corruption in the system. The truth is that this revolution will not stop untill the government is taken down and changed.

    Power to the people!
  28. i think it is indeed fake since the zionist pigs do have some power in iran...
  29. Kruge Moderator

    And here is what I think of your statement:


    Shall we call for a vote who of us is more likely to be right?

    Or will you just crawl back into the festering mud-hole your mum shat you into on your own?
  30. Frylock-IRAN Member

    Sure... My vote is as such

    A: Michael the German is right.

    B: Start crawling.

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