Iranian Web Site Identifies Protesters

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Uhm, here is an Iranian web site that is pulling Western photos of the protests and is asking Iranian citizens to identify them presumably for their arrest. This is deplorable. If any one can stop this it could help save lives!

    (Shortened link with Google Farsi to English page)
    Google Translate

    (Original Farsi link)
    ?????????? ?? ??????? ????
  2. people have been trying and were successful for a time being although the site has come back online again... the tools used are no longer working... also I notice some photos missing from that page that were there before, I hope that doesn't mean they were captured...
  3. we could send them bad leads--fake personal information that send them nowhere. if we knew the geography of tehran better, we could send addresses that don't exist but would send them on wild goose chases.
  4. Runa Member

    This. We could ask an iranian forum member to write for us "I think I know XXX, his/her name is"- or some variation of the sentence in farsi. An a list of names of people in farsi and a list of non-existent adresses, that we could attach to a generic picture and send it in.
  5. better yet, someone could throw together a "random fake Tehran resident generator." All an English speaker would have to do is copy and paste the result into whatever submission form the Iranian website has.
  6. I'm copying and pasting in bits from the farsi wikipedia:
    ?????? - ?????????

    just go to random articles, copy and paste text. it's not perfect, but better than nothing.
  7. Hell yea! I got banned:
    403: Access forbidden! :) :)
  8. I liked the idea of sending them on a wild goose chase, so I filled out the form on the bottom of their page using Farsi. I used google translate (Google Translate) for Farsi (aka Persian Alpha) to copy paste "I know the person in picture 18" which translates "من می دانم که شخص را در عکس 18 ". I also used this site: Iranian Boy Names to look up common Iranian names and used google translate for those names as well so was consistent in speaking in Farsi when I filled out my fake name. I suppose I could have also made up a name for the guy in picture 18....
  9. I cannot access the site, i speak Persian if you guys need help i'll help you.
  10. Can't access it from here either in the US either, tried from a few proxies, definitely offline/slow for whatever reason. pehraps someone decided to attack the site hard or the tools are working again.
  11. ElNath Member

    Sorry to repost this here but the other thread got no activity in 17 hours. I'm fed up seeing active while it should be "easy" to take it down.

    BTW it seems gerdab blocked gmail. I spammed the shit out of them last afternoon/night but when I tried this morning with new adresses, always got a "mail not delivered" message from gerdab.
  12. That's the address for LeaseWeb - someone calling?

    +31 20 3162880

    T [NL] +31 (0)20 3162880
    T [US] +1 (0)212 6600141
    F [NL] +31 (0)20 3162890

    Report abuse

    Report abuse
    Online Acceptable Use Policy

    Part of the LeaseWeb Policy:
    Acceptable Use Policy

    1. Master Agreement
    LEASEWEB and CUSTOMER have executed an Inter Master Agreement of the Master Agreement govern this ANNEX. In the event of any conflict between the terms of the ANNEX and the Master Agreement, the Master Agreement shall control. Capitalized terms used in this ANNEX shall have the same meaning as in the Master Agreement and vice versa unless otherwise defined herein.

    2. Use of Services

    2.1 CUSTOMER agrees to use LEASEWEB's Services only for lawful purposes, in compliance with all applicable laws. 2.2 Specific Activities that are prohibited include, but are not limited to: Threatening harm to persons or property or otherwise harassing behaviour. Violating Dutch export control laws for software or technical information. Fraudulently representing products/services using your account. Facilitating, aiding, or encouraging any of the above activities Spamming, hacking, Dos attacks.

    2.3 Additional Activities are prohibited that appear in further sections of this AUP, including section 3 (Use of Material) and 4 (System Security).

    2.4 LEASEWEB reserves the right to investigate suspected violations of this AUP. When LEASEWEB becomes aware of possible violations, LEASEWEB may initiate an investigation that may include gathering information from CUSTOMER involved and the complaining party.

    I think the service is not ok to the Acceptable Use Policy - what do you think?
  13. ElNath Member

    Yep, files under "Threatening harm to persons or property or otherwise harassing behaviour" I guess.

    I'll send an e-mail. Would be cool If someone feels like writing down a model for everyone to use.
  14. This is a screen shot of the page - just in case that someone would like to translate it better than Google, but doesn't have access.

    I'm no Muslim, and no Christian either. I don't speak Arabic languages, and I'm not much of a hacker. I live far and away, in a peaceful country, and don't even know much about that cruel genocide. But after seeing Neda dying, I can't just stay aside. How can I help you save those people from the pictures? I have no problem accessing the Gerdab page (what does it mean, btw?), what can I do further? I've read somewhere that a page could be blocked by constantly refreshing it - is that true? I'll try to send them an e-mail from my Gmail account - to see if it works.

    See ya. I'm with you, people!
  15. Well, I've written a msg to Gerdab - just typed characters, meaning nothing, and it was successfully sent. It should have been successfully delivered too, it seems.
  16. <quote>I've read somewhere that a page could be blocked by constantly refreshing it - is that true?</quote>

    Yes and no, I think a lot of people tried this the last days but the only thing has been that the side has been a little slower than normal and sometimes maybe offline - but this only last a short time.
  17. Azrael Member

    im in holland, anything i can do?
  18. ElNath Member

    Call the local medias and told them there's a dutch ISP (indirectly) helping the Iranian government suppression of freedom fighters :cool:

    Naw, seriously, except emailling the host and DDoSing the sh1t out of kodkar (since the "No DDoS" rules doesn't apply outside Iran, does it ?), I don't know what you could do.

    EDIT. And by DDoS I mean something stronger than pagereboot
  19. ill join get me a link to a orbital cannon without viruses
  20. ElNath Member

    Take a look at partyvan, search for DOS. There are plenty of (reasonably) sure links

    EDIT there also is a big thread on the same subject here

    Could mods please merge all threads on those kind of websites ?
    It's hard to follow x threads dealing with the same topic.

    What happens to you when the regime falls? We have your photos. We see you shooting and beating unarmed students, women and old men. Lay down your arms. Choose freedom instead of murdering your own people.

    Even some of your Generals are refusing orders. I ask again, what happens to you when the new regime takes over? CHOOSE FREEDOM.
  22. I've sent an e-mail to LeaseWeb and they replied immediately. Before quoting their answer, could you please explain me whether this site:
    ?????????? ?? ??????? ????
    is hosted by LeaseWeb?

    And also - where exactly on this site:
    are the pictures of hunted protestors? It IS hosted by them, isn't it? Or not?

    Sorry for the stupid questions - I'm a newbie that cannot read Arabic... but please answer.
  23. ارتش

    به شما چه اتفاقی می افتد هنگامی که رژیم می افتد؟ ما عکس شما را. میبینیم ضرب و شتم و به شما تیراندازی غیر مسلح و دانشجویان ، زنان و مردان قدیمی. وضع کردن اسلحه خود را. آزادی را انتخاب کنید به جای قتل مردم خود.

    و حتی برخی از ژنرالها شما امتناع سفارشات. سوال من دوباره ، چه رخ می دهد تا زمانی که شما بیش از Rafsani طول می کشد؟ ما عکس شما را به شما خواهد شد و تقاضا برای قتل و ضرب و شتم مردم حساب شما. آزادی را انتخاب کنید.


    What happens to you when the regime falls? We have your photos. We see you shooting and beating unarmed students, women and old men. Lay down your arms. Choose freedom instead of murdering your own people.

    Even some of your Generals are refusing orders. I ask again, what happens to you when Rafsani takes over? We have your photos and will demand you account for killing and beating your people. CHOOSE FREEDOM.
  24. ElNath Member

    No, gerdab is hosted in Iran

    I don't know why but the URL is fucked up here while (I also posted it on another site and it works perfectly) :(

    EDIT correct URL :

    Well, speaking Arabic wouldn't really help since Iranians speak Farsi ;)
  25. I'm trying to register in order to send you PM, but I cannot - why? After clicking "Register", I can't see any form to fill in - pls help. 10x.
  26. donetsk regulations

    A rumour, but I wouldn't be surprised:

    "Start Calling the White House AND UN TO ASK FOR HELP FOR THE PEOPLE OF IRAN. White house (202) 456-1111, UN (202) 963-1234. 12026475291 this is Hilary Clinton 's phone number! PLEASE call and take action. Iran has announced the mass execution of all those who were arrested this past week in the protests for democracy... this is murder! there's over 450 people! HELP! call hilary 12026475291"

    So this is very serious, these people's lives are really on the line! :(
  27. Eowin Member

    Well, those people are real heroes, fighting for their freedom. I don't know why, but the West hasn't responded adequately so far... And they begun to lose courage - just look at that:

    You just read it all. We must help them in any way we can.
  28. These are programs that spam w/ false reports. - free dereferer service - free dereferer service

    anyway we've been trying to DOS the site w/o using up bandwidth. Iran's cyber security relies on their lack of bandwidth. They know that we cannot knock out the gov sites w/ botnets because we would inadvertently knock out the twitters. The site has been going on and off...but its a cycle that depends on our enthusiasm. It's hard to keep hundreds of people on the attack for this long. People have jobs..people sleep..
  29. Eowin Member

    Wow! After I wrote to gerdab yesterday, I received earlier today the following notice:

    It seems, they have really blocked Gmail...
  30. skollie-IRAN Member

    It could be a number of things.

  31. russel elapses

    we need to do this. alot.
  32. why is the site still up, ffs save lives of the people in those pictures
  33. I have the same question. I am on this page now :( Why does is this page still up! Change it add facial hair make them all look like the frito bandito to make it fun if you need to! Add pictures of there Gov. WE have people on this forum that can do this! So i see no reason why this is still even visable. I have no idea how to do this or i would nor do i know anyone that can now all my lil hat wearing friends have gone to rl or club fed ...
    Please :(
    Dont add fake pictures and names many in Iran have names that are alike in some ways and it would be a tragity if you listed a name that was real trying to help them.

  34. I just talked to the iWeb f-ckwits who host the pages, they threatened me with lawsuit, they are tracking all the pinging back to the ISPs of the people launching DoSs. It is a shame on the Canadians @iWeb who perpetrate this monstrosity of a website...
  35. Please be careful, you do not want an innocent person to be arrested. How will you make sure this is a fake address, a name no one has on that block? Just wondering?

  36. Are you serious! They should be exposed and flooded with complaints, what they told you should be sent to the PM of Canada. Shame on them for not taking this site down themselves! I wonder why they would not???
  37. Fake pictures

    Somebody with the skills could use photoshop or whatever to copy heads of the militia
    members and paste to replace heads in crowd scenes. Then post where "they" would find it.
  38. Primroses Member

    I have just spent close to an hour on the phone with iweb. Here is what needs to be done. Everyone that reads this posts needs to go to iweb and make a complaint about this site! Tell them that this page is being used to kill people in Iran. I am sad to say that they will not pull this page at this time. They also stated it can be up to 24 hours till they do pull it. I have the info on an RSP called MihanNIC... Get Real Time Services + 44.5117688642 They are the RSP they are also using in this page.
    the person that took this page out is in Tabriz,e, IR...
    Though i have his home or buisness into and phone i am not comfy posting this info here.
    I hope that others are also calling and e mailing about this site to iweb. I have a feeling that the RSP will not care i think it is in Iran.
    I hope this helps!

  39. Here is the thing!
    There is a Refresh software found here: Download Refresher - Freeware Software - Tucows . Install it and make it refreshed every 3 seconds. It's a little bit slow, but it works. If know a better software then use it.

    If at least 150 people do it in the same time it might work. You guys there must know this things better than me.

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