IRANIANS: Please turn your cell phones off on the street!

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by azadiiniran, Jun 17, 2009.

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    Bluetooth and GSM

    I am not sure that changing SIM cards will help. GSM Cell phones have an electronic serial number (independent of the SIM card, it's in the phone itself) and it might be possible to track that number when the phone is used. Anyone know whether that serial number is transmitted over the network? If you have friends that you trust that have technical knowledge about cell phones ask them for advice on how to stay anonymous. Please do not underestimate the vulnerability of things like Cell Networks, Wireless Access points (WIFI) to listening and tracking location.

    Sometimes it might be unavoidable to use Cell or WIFI. Try to "spread" your activity over many locations if possible. Try to avoid sending pictures/videos/twitters/emails from the same location over and over again. If you're sending with a laptop or phone using WIFI hotspots at places like internet cafes and bookstores with free internet access try to alternate these loactions and spread them across a large area; it might prevent you from being tracked, and if you are already being tracked it might throw them off.

    Consider having multiple phones with their own phone numbers if possible.

    Bluetooth phones can also be tracked when the bluetooth is enabled. Every bluetooth device has a unique hardware address which can be monitored, although bluetooth range is only a few meters. Many phones let you enable and disable bluetooth capability; most often it is found in the phones "preferences" or "settings", etc. menu. If you have Bluetooth on your phone and never use it and you do not ever plan to use it then disable it, it it will save battery life too.

    Be especially careful if you connect to the internet using WIFI (wireless routers at home, coffee shops, internet cafes). I have first hand experience cracking WIFI access points and I can tell you that it is very easy to monitor internet traffic over WIFI using free software. See Try to connect to the internet with a "wired" connection whenever possible, including when you are home. Even encrypted WIFI connections can be monitored with ease from the office/house/apartment/store next door. Wired internet connections are an inconvenience but it is important to know that it is very easy to intercept information passing over WIFI, especially in urban environments where it is easy to observe without being observed. Prefer "wired" over "wireless", it removes one layer of exposure.

    Consider using Bluetooth to upload to a computer or another phone if your phone is unable to upload and then upload from that other phone or computer. This can be usefull if you have information on the phone but cannot send it by the Cell network for some reason. Seek out friends with technical knowledge, they can figure out the process on your particular phone and show you how to do it. You can enable bluetooth, send, and then disable it if you are going to a public place and suspect that they are "snooping"
  2. Yea, let's shut down the only source of news getting to the rest of the world.
    Nice try government agents. People, don't fall for these traps.
  3. Thanks for trying to divide the people in here, but that won't work, troll.

    It is important that cellphones be turned off and their batteries taken out after recording vids.
  4. If anyone's up for some research, it would be extremely helpful to know which companies are reported as having supplied Iran with Telecoms/Security/Analysis/Data-mining software.

    If anyone can supply (referenced) dox on this, I can put together some fairly well-informed estimates as to their likely telecoms surveillance capabilities, together with specific countermeasures that can be employed.

    Arms control/Human Rights charities may hold such info, but if not, they'd be a good point of contact for finding out where to look.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can spend a bit of time on this.

    EDIT: If anyone's got works access to Jane's, some of their assessments could be of real value.
  5. The app in the Youtube video need be installed..Not installed then no spying.

    Power off if no airplane mode. But remember that phone photos are how you are reaching us in the west. Do your best not to be too frightened by the goons trolling here.

    You can complain that it is easy for me, outside, but it is your country that you give the goons if you do not successfully find a way to tell the world & resist them.
  6. Agree with your other points, but "power off" is not enough. The battery really does need to be removed.

    Airplane mode should be fine however, unless a lot of people do it, and then it's possible the Iranians might deploy a software hack, that would in fact leave the phone on for their purposes (though not for yours).
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    As surprising as it may seem, the CIA website produces an amazing amount of factual material for all countries. I say this because I remember one day I stumbled across a Cuban propaganda site which made the country look great and very caring of its citizens. Then finally I went back to the top of the page to start reading it all very carefully and take note of who wrote it -- "Huh? the CIA!!"

    So my (perceived) "Cuban propaganda" turned out to be factual after I checked on the details from other sources.

    After this I was wondering if the politicians ever spent much time reading CIA material, or whether they just read it and ignored it.
  8. I am assuming you are talking about IMEI. Yes IMEI is known to the operator...
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  10. advice 1:

    advice 2:

    advice 3:
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    So who is going to be filming on the 11th?

    If so drop me a line at - it is reasonable secure. Or email me on here.

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